How Three Really Simple Customer Service Tweaks Help Savvy Entrepreneurs Earn A Lot More Money!

  (And “How” They Can And Will Do The Exact Same Thing For You!)

Okay, let’s be brutally honest here. Not every one of us, myself included, can compete head  with the mega giants within our respective industries, correct? Nor should we try to!

However, quickly switching gears here, practically all the serious, profit seeking entrepreneurs you, can and should be using some type of incredibly simple, and in a ton of cases, extremely low or virtually no cost, “go the extra mile” customer service gestures!

Because consistently doing so, not only drives and compels, extremely profitable, positive word of mouth & mouse goodwill, but it makes consistently benefiting from high margin referral generated business, 300 to 500% easier!

(Important note: Please have a look at the testimonial style video that’s included in this post, for concrete social proof!)  And then you decide, if it honestly makes economic sense, for you to put the most pressing needs of your audience, potential prospects, customers, clients and or patients needs, wants and desires ahead of your own!

So What Are These Three So Called Universal Customer Service Like Tweaks That Practically All Profit Seeking Entrepreneurs Can And Definitely Should Embrace?

(Especially When The Vast Majority Of Them Cost Virtually Little Or No Additional Cost To Consistently Implement!)

Before diving head long in here, (entrepreneur) it’s totally understood from the outset, while not every profit seeking small business owner, and or service provider, has the financial capacity to write extremely large checks!

No matter where they, (and or) you or I happen to be in our current entrepreneurial journey, we still have the capacity, to consistently deliver “take no prisoners” type of customer service! Do we not? Agreed!

That said, let’s take a look at “how” three completely different industry service type providers, could offer over the top customer service engagement, type of marketing strategies, that will not only help improve their overall gross sales profit margins on the front end of their sales funnel.

But in all likelihood, will most certainly add a ton of long term additional, word of mouth & mouse sales on the back end part of their sales funnel as well! And that as you surely already know & recognize entrepreneur, is where the real long term gross profits are in your business and or service!Correct?

Who Says A Little Over The Top Customer Service Isn’t Worth It’s Weight In Gold For Your Severely Cash Challenged Small Business And Or Service!

Entrepreneur, as you read and (mentally soak) in these three incredibly simple examples of proven customer service dynamite!Try not to just see the specific examples, but see far past that, into “how” the overall concepts of consistently providing relatively speaking, low or virtually no cost, “over the top” customer service gestures, can and definitely will add nicely to your bank account, without busting the bank to do so! Case in point:

1.) Over the top customer service gesture # one: For this first “battlefield tested” example, of over the top, “take no prisoners” style of customer service gestures, that not only make an (extremely) positive word of mouth & mouse impression! But ultimately, (one way) or the other, ultimately leads to the extremely savvy service provider doing way more business, than a staggering 90% or more of their peers!

For a whole lot less upfront, out of pocket cost. (Witness) this all too uncommon marketing gem! Let’s take an upscale automobile dealer, that specializes in selling primarily, top of the line Mercedes Benz and extremely popular beamers etc.

The innovative dealer, (routinely) has his top sales agents call (current) past customers, that purchased a similar vehicle within the last 36 months, and the sales rep offers to treat them to lunch, at one of the most posh, upscale restaurants in the local area! On the dealers dime of course!

And the agent, offers to pick the customer up, at the customers earliest convenience!(Catch this) savvy marketing twist!Unbeknownst to the customer/prospect, the sales rep will drive over in the new upscale car they eventually hope to sell, (to either) the customer, and or one or several of their acquaintances!

So they hand the customer/ prospect the keys, and let them drive the two of them over to the extremely posh restaurant, using the cars state of the art GPS system!

And knowing they need to take the freeway in order to get there!So the prospect gets to see first hand, just how fluently that baby performs, both in the city and on the freeway!And once they get to the extremely popular restaurant, with confirmed reservations no less, and they eat a rather excellent meal!

Entrepreneur, do you really think that overall, two and a half hour personally engaging experience, can be replicated by an outrageously expensive, local newspaper, TV and or radio ad of some kind!Or by sending a series of post cards and or emails/ text messages etc!

Do you think they will mention this entire experience to more than a few friends, colleagues, relatives and or extremely close associates etc! Would you?

Entrepreneur Is It Too Much To Ask That Your Lead Generation Marketing Strategies Be Effective?

 2.) Over the top customer service gesture # two: Next, let’s suppose you own one of the top local, residential real estate brokerage firms in the are, and you specialize in selling upscale homes, townhouses and or condos, to the more affluent among us!

And your price typically range in the half a million and up, to about the million dollar range! And your top sales agent, have all been specifically trained, that whenever they show  house to prospective couple, (during) the winter months, they call & find out if either of the two drinks coffee and or tea!

If the answer is yes, they immediately enlist the services of one of the top gourmet coffee distributor businesses in the immediate area! And they make sure one of the most popular brand of java is brewing when the couple arrives, so the kitchen or living room area has the aroma filling the air!

If neither one is a coffee and or tea lover, they ask, (if) by chance, either likes to cook? If the answer is yes, they drop a few snippets of vanilla extract on the hot burning stove, so the kitchen gives off a really nice aroma!

And the agents also ask, if either one has a favorite desert? And (just for) the sake of example, let’s say at least one of the responds by saying, they absolutely love a creamy rich “cheesecake!”

Well, the expertly trained sales agent, makes double sure the one that loves cheesecake, opens the refrigerator, so they see one of your areas bakeries bet tasting cheesecakes neatly wrapped!

With a “thank you” for visiting our open house property note on it! The point is entrepreneur, do you think the prospective couple will spread the word, both on and offline, about this particular residential real estate brokers “open house” marketing practices? Would you?

In the interest of space, let’s cover the remaining example of over the top customer service engagement gestures, in part three, okay? Until then, are you starting to appreciate, “how” some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, consistently use it to make  whole lot more money than their peers, without going broke trying to do so!

Great! See you in just a little bit in part two!(Be sure you check out the video for concrete social prof of “what” consistently putting others wants and needs, ahead of your own, can and will do for you!) Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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6 Responses to How Three Really Simple Customer Service Tweaks Help Savvy Entrepreneurs Earn A Lot More Money!
  1. Hi Mark

    What you’re writing about here is ‘how to create raving fans.’ We don’t just want satisfied customers; we want ecstatic clients and advocates because they’re the ones who tell their friends.

    Going the extra mile (or even the extra yard) is not that hard. I see you featured my friend, Peter Beckenham, here. His little video technique demonstrates a simple way to stand out from the pack. Brilliant.

    The reality is that behaving like a pack animal is not the way to grow a business. We have to push hard and challenge established norms, where appropriate. It’s the rebels, the recalcitrants and the mavericks that make the big bucks.

    Your ideas will stir up any marketplace and show people how to push beyond the predictable and the ho-hum.

    Thanks again, Mark

    Kim Willis would love for you to read..Business Posture: How to Play the Posture Game and Crush Your CompetitorsMy Profile

    • Thanks for your incredibly powerful words of praise Kim!

      And I love your phrase ecstatic clients and advocates!

      Because you’re absolutely right, they are the ones that will continually and
      inexpensively spread the word, both on and offline!

      And Peter totally rocks, does he not? I had no idea, merely
      consistently sharing his totally awesome content, would eventually
      lead to such a favorable and totally unexpected gesture on his part!

      I also like and definitely identify with your term maverick!

      Because sometimes, (as we’re) both well aware, you’ve got
      to shake things up, in a very positive way!

      Thanks for taking the time to share your incredibly valuable insights Kim!

      I truly appreciate it!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..How Three Really Simple Customer Service Tweaks Help Savvy Entrepreneurs Earn A Lot More Money!My Profile

  2. Hi Mark,

    Customer service has always been a fascination of mine and there are lots of examples of great businesses (both large and small) who go that “extra mile”

    Your awesome post highlighted some superb examples of how smart entrepreneurs can massivley improve their bottom line by simply “walking in the prospective customers shoes” – the car example was brilliant and I’ve never heard of the “drop of vanilla on the stove” strategy in a new home before.

    However, may I add one word of caution.

    Many entrepreneurs try to copy other successful customer service initiatives only to completely ruin their attmepts by sloppy implementation.

    I vividly recall when Toyota launched the Lexus luxury car. Their brilliant marketing including the sales person quietly conversing with the prospective owner about a range of things and not just about the vehicle. Included in the conversation was their tastes in music amongst other things. Then when the car was purchased the new owner was delighted (and completely surprised) to discover they had included a range of CD’s of their favourite music.

    These new car owners talked at length to their friends about their new car AND the surprise music package.

    Other car dealers saw the huge reactions to this simple offer of music and their sales force went about promising that IF the prospect purchased the car they would get a package of their favourite music CD’s thrown in.

    Oops the surprise factor was no longer in play and when many of these new car owners got delivery of their car they expressed disappointment as they already had some of the CD’s included.

    Its all a matter of presenting your customer service in a smart and unique marketing approach.

    Great post Mark as always

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

    Peter Beckenham would love for you to read..Get Started Online the Smart WayMy Profile

    • That’s was a brilliant, original strategy Peter!

      Thank so much for sharing it! And unfortunately for me,
      you’ve kinda stole my thunder for part two!LOL!

      But, some astute hotels use a similar marketing ploy, with much success, by
      discovering, (either) which movies or author’s their top end customers enjoy most!

      And often once their guests check into their suites, there is one of the author’s latest book or
      or DVD of one their favorite movies or a box of their favorite chocolates or candies etc!

      As you pointed out, simply by putting ourselves in our customers, clients and or patients shoes,
      can lead to awesome displays of, over the top, bank account filling customer service opportunities!

      So grateful you stopped by and shared some awesome, money making examples!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..How Three Really Simple Customer Service Tweaks Help Savvy Entrepreneurs Earn A Lot More Money!My Profile

  3. As always you leave me with my head spinning Mark. Where do you come up with all these ideas! I’m simple to please I guess because I’m just happy when I can connect with a live body at a company. Seriously, I really do like the idea of surprising potential – as well as current – clients with over the top service because it definitely builds loyalty. Thanks for the inspiration Mark, and have a great week!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..To Beat Stress Master Your TriggersMy Profile

    • As always thank you for your extremely kind words of encouragement M!

      They are always welcome and so greatly appreciated!LOL! And like
      you, I’ve got a ton of marketing materials I’ve downloaded and purchased, both on
      and offline over the years.(And I mean tons!LOL!)

      And like your book of at least a thousand awesome quotes, I literally still have
      marketing workshop recordings, from some legendary marketing gurus on cassette tapes!LOL!

      If you can believe that! And every now and then, as I listen to them and their
      past or current customers or clients relay some of their successful implementation of
      various, non conventional marketing ideas.

      I’ll get some marketing inspiration and blog or create “how to” videos about the general overall
      concepts, and just tweak it here and there, so it’s totally original content!LOL!

      I’m really just pretty good at spinning other outrageously creative marketers
      proven concepts!LOL!

      It’s far easier to spin, than constantly try and start from scratch and create!Right?

      Thanks for always being so inspirational! I can’t wait to read your latest post!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..How Three Really Simple Customer Service Tweaks Help Savvy Entrepreneurs Earn A Lot More Money!My Profile


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