How Savvy Retail Appliance Entrepreneurs Can Literally Mop The Floor With Their Nearest Competitors!

  (And How You Can Too!)

So have you noticed how many extremely successful, retail appliance centers, (just seem) to take for granted, the fact they need to constantly spend huge amounts of money, on dismally performing advertising campaigns?

On the other hand, savvy retail appliance entrepreneurs are only too content, to constantly develop some battlefield tested ways, of strategically lowering their overall cost per lead!

Surely, some of these directors of marketing, must realize (deep down) those glitzy  award winning ad campaigns, while flashy and slick, are literally draining their bank accounts, because they have to run them over and over,(in all types of traditional mediums) before they cause that all important  first time customer, (to either) come through their door, and or purchase something at their state of the WordPress website and or blog.

Let’s take a closer look at how an alternative marketing strategy or two, can ultimately lead to rapidly building a much bigger, far more responsive opt in email list, and cheaper costs per leads to boot!

So how Can These Savvy Appliance Center Entrepreneurs Literally Mop The Floor With Their Major Competitors?

So let’s set the stage (already), by profiling two major retail appliance centers, located in a city with a major population of 100,000 or more.And one of them (literally) thrives on spending a lot of money (every single) month, on dismally effective, advertising/promotional campaigns,that definitely keeps their companies name in front of the general public, but does very little, to actually motivate their ideal first time customers, to choose them over the other retail appliance choices.

On the other hand, (retail appliance) center number two, is definitely a part of the new breed of entrepreneurs, so they have absolutely no problem, constantly looking for some proven, low cost ways, to dramatically lower their front end lead (and first time customer acquisition) cost, while simultaneously increasing their long term gross profits too.

And with just a little strategic tested,tweaking and implementation, they will quickly discover how to consistently generate high quality leads, that ultimately convert into long term paying customers and repeat customers, for a fraction of the typical cost!

And the (really) best part is, their major competitors, won’t have a clue, how they’re consistently doing it!

With Really Effective Lead Generation Skills You Can Literally Run Rings Around Your Less Strategic Major Competitors!

Every now and again, it certainly doesn’t hurt your long term profit making potential, to base your marketing strategies and or tactics, off the physical geographic s of a segment of your ideal customer base. Case in point; on the nicer side of town (or the city) where, lets face it already, the men & women of every background, educational and income levels, work and play.

Having identified their specific target market, (within this larger niche),this extremely savvy appliance center entrepreneur, systematically starts contacting some of the major apartment building owners, in those areas, that currently owns units of 15 or more.

Plus they regularly attend, some of the monthly real estate association meetings, in order to quickly develop some potential strategic alliances, with some of the major real estate developers, and owners of the upscale multi unit apartment buildings, and or townhouse units etc.

And let’s say after several months of strategic networking, and a few power lunches, (on their dime) of course, they finally located a like minded, (entrepreneurial couple), that’s initially open to their (potential) strategic alliance arrangement.

Here’s what these extremely savvy retail appliance entrepreneurs do first! They allow the couple to purchase up to $4,500 dollars worth of any state of the art appliances, of their choice!

Provided, they agree to periodically allow the savvy appliance retailer, to insert some of their best marketed tested flyers, inside the apartment building owners mail to their tenants, offering them (anywhere) from 25-40% off their purchases, provided the tenant meet two conditions!

1.) Condition # one: The tenants have to be active opt in email (and or) mobile database subscribers, at the time of any and all their purchases! 2.) Condition # two: They only get the higher end of the sliding scales savings, whenever they bring a first time (potential) new customer with them, whose 18 and over!

Effective Lead Generation Strategies Can Be Monetized In A Lot Of Creative Ways!

Let’s state the obvious! Of course, one of those periodic inserts, will direct those upscale tenants to enter the appliance dealers monthly free drawing, for a chance to win a $5,000 dollar, (state of the art) home entertainment center!

But here’s two other (rather creative ways) this extremely savvy appliance dealer, will help generate some positive word of mouth and mouse, (local) publicity, for the upscale apartment/townhouse owner(s.)

First of all, since the savvy appliance dealer has already run, (and re-run) just to be darn sure, what their total lifetime customer value numbers are, they already (recognize) and fully appreciate, just how much, (over time) one paying -upscale customer- and their immediate social and professional network is really worth to their bottom line.

They’re also more than willing, to strategically invest in helping the multi unit apartment owner, to keep all of their units filled,to capacity, as often as possible!

So here’s what else they’re (more than) willing to do. The appliance dealer will gladly give the owner (in essence) a $200 dollar (cash credit) at the end of every year, for any tenant, that pays their rent on time for the first eleven months of the year, the tenant(s) automatically gets to deduct $200 dollars, (or x) amount of dollars off their monthly rent and or lease payment, in month twelve (and or) December.

So in the case of the upscale apartment owner, that has 15 units, the appliance dealer will literally write a certified check for $3,000 dollars, ( or X) if all 15 tenants, pay their rent/leases on time for the first eleven months of the year!

Their (primary) reason being, the more those upscale units stay filled to capacity, the more likely it is, a certain percentage of those tenants, (and their) immediate personal and professional networks, make ideal customers for the appliance dealer!Bingo!

And more than likely, those individuals, know even more ideal potential first time customers as well!Makes sense, right? Absolutely! So my friend, can you now (at least) partially appreciate, “how” some of today’s savviest retail appliance entrepreneurs, can literally run rings around, and mop the floor with some of their major competitors!Say yes! Great!Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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12 Responses to How Savvy Retail Appliance Entrepreneurs Can Literally Mop The Floor With Their Nearest Competitors!
  1. Many Thanks for this strategies. These are really very effective. Your knowledge about marketing is just phenomenal.
    There are lot more to learn from you.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Sourav Saha would love for you to read..Best Horror Games for Android  – 2016My Profile

  2. These strategies are really very good and effective, I really admired your writings.
    Thanks for it. Very effective.
    Sourav would love for you to read..Sandeep Maheshwari BiographyMy Profile

  3. Hey Market,

    Target marketing is very valuable. Especially when your dealing with a city of over 100K people in it. You want to focus on those who will resonate the most to your offer.

    This took me a long time to learn and see the value of. I was marketing to everyone and was getting no one. But once I got hip to the game my popularity started going up. This is why knowing who to market to specifically is so vital to your success!

    Thanks for sharing Mark! Have a great weekend!
    Sherman Smith would love for you to read..Conquering The Fear Of Publishing Your New Blog PostMy Profile

  4. Hi Mark,

    Good to know you mentioned that good old “Target Market” That’s where it all begins. Once we are clear about that…we can then open some doors with these techniques.

    I don’t do much offline stuff, but it applies the same as online. The principles are so similar it is a great to learn them.

    When working with others, both “partners” need to be clear of the outcome. It can be selling the brand new TV or a digital product with affiliates. People have to be in it to win it!

    Donna Merrill would love for you to read..Getting To The Next LevelMy Profile

    • That’s so true Donna!

      And I love that your emphasizing these proven strategies work
      equally well, whether you primarily mark on or offline!

      However, it’s truly amazing that so many online marketers, still haven’t grasped
      the fact, that a ton of the proven online marketing strategies they rely on,literally
      originated offline first!

      And then were adapted to the online marketing world!and lots of today’s contemporary
      online gurus, learn a ton of their marketing secrets from the legendary offline marketers,
      and they just brought them, along with their adaptations, to a brand new online community!

      Thanks for connecting those dots Coach, because it’s an important connection to make!LOL!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..How Savvy Retail Appliance Entrepreneurs Can Literally Mop The Floor With Their Nearest Competitors!Part TwoMy Profile

  5. Hi Mark,

    I love to learn about these marketing/networking strategies. Very interesting and something I’m not knowledgeable in at all.

    I’m sure some strategy model we can all follow to some level to improve our clientele database.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise.

    Sylviane Nuccio would love for you to read..Are Blog Posts Useless Self-Promoting Content?My Profile

  6. Hi Mark

    An excellent example of how local networking can produce big results

    Yes, it takes time to build those crucial relationships that are the key to making this strategy work.

    But once trust has been established, the target will likely be quite amenable to an ‘offer he can’t refuse’. The foregoing is of course on the proviso that he understands the offer presented, and that the value to him is overwhelming.

    It always comes back to ‘what’s in it for me?’ doesn’t it? Fortunately, all of your creative ideas are entirely focused on win/win outcomes for the initiator and the target.

    Keep ’em coming, Mark

    Kim Willis would love for you to read..Susan Jeffers Says ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ (Is She Right?)My Profile


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