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Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Fully Embrace Some Type Of Digital Marketing Strategies!

   (And Why You Definitely Should Too!)

Ever notice, how some extremely smart, (not to mention), incredibly dedicated and savvy entrepreneurs, are barely scratching the surface, of marketing possibilities, when it comes to effectively utilizing, any type of, potentially profitable digital marketing strategies?

For some odd reasons, when it comes to throwing good money after bad, as it relates to, buying outrageously expensive, traditional advertising campaigns.

Far too many aspiring entrepreneurs, simply do not and or will not, readily seize, the countless, untapped marketing possibilities, various types of digital marketing strategies, which are readily available to them. Hopefully, this isn’t the case for you….

Ever Wonder Why So Many Aspiring Entrepreneurs Don’t Readily Embrace The Countless Untapped Digital Marketing Possibilities?

Case in point, take the average, semi technologically sophisticated, (grossly) under employed college graduate.

And let’s say, they have a degree in  computer science, and they’re absolute whizzes at math.

Especially the mind bending stuff. You the type of math I’m referring to, right? Anyway, even though, they currently wait tables part time. And or they work 28 hours per week, (on a really good week!) at the local Mom & Pop owned pizza parlor.

Guest what, they know how to, (either) set up a free account, in order to receive payments, via and or

And they also know how to set up a free skype account. And since skype allows up to ten people, to simultaneously to be online at once.

The math wizards, with the advanced degrees in computer science, can teach,up to nine students at once. And charge them group rates, of $75 dollars each. Instead their normal retail rates of $150 dollars per hour per person.

So in 90 minutes of group teaching/coaching, they can gross a cool $675 dollars, on top of their gross weekly income, from their part time pizza parlor job.The power of the net, in full view.

They do this once a week or four times a month, and they gross an additional $2,700 dollars per month! ($675 x 4 = $2,700 dollars.And it’s an extra $3,375 in a five week month!)

There Are Countless Proven Ways To Market Your Business And Or Service!

Now closer to home, let’s say you’re an extremely savvy, online marketer, who provides, (take your pick!) Perhaps you provide copy writing, email marketing, social media marketing, and or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), one on one WordPress training  services etc.

In any event, you start periodically, hosting (either) daily or weekly, Facebook live and or Google Hangouts etc.

Of course you record them and post them or your self hosted WordPress blog and or website.And you also, upload them to your youtube channel. Your Google Hangouts will automatically be uploaded to your youtube channel BTW.

In Many Ways Your Online Lead Generation Strategies Are Far Less Expensive! (And Potentially Far More Profitable In The Long Run!)

Even though this battlefield tested approach, (on the surface), seems rather simplistic.

Take a closer look, at the potential, for pronged marketing possibilities it provides.

 1.) Potential marketing strategy # one: They consistently generate leads from their youtube channel, because their Google Hangout and or Face Book Live session, gets recorded and uploaded to their youtube channel. And hopefully, continues to rise in the youtube rankings, for their chosen long tail keyword phrases.

2.) Potential marketing strategy # two: Next, they continuously receive semi targeted traffic, because they also, periodically embed the video on their WordPress blog post from time to time.

 3.) Potential marketing strategy # three: And they can also send the recordings, (and or portions thereof) to their VIP, opt in email subscribers.

The Right Small Business Marketing Plan Just Might Be A Potential Goldmine!

4.) Potential marketing strategy # four: And if need be in order to continuously generate semi targeted traffic. They can create, (either) slideshare and or Power Point presentations, and simply embed the videos in their presentations.

Of course, any and all of these potential marketing strategies are time consuming, if they’re gonna be done right. But if need be, you can outsource the geek side of these projects, and your local, tech savvy, Jr. college student, can handle the tech side of things for you, at extremely reasonable rates.

The main point being, there are a ton, of proven ways, for you and I, to create some sort of potentially profitable, digital marketing strategy. Without having to constantly spend outrageous sums of money, on dismally performing, traditional advertising mediums and or methods.Don’t you agree?

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