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Being An Entrepreneur: Means Taking Advantage Of Power Marketing Leverage Opportunities!

(Any And Every Time The Opportunity Presents Itself!)

Okay, so have you ever run a non successful Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaign?

Or what about an offline, non successful display or classified ad campaign.

Or maybe you tried outrageously expensive, (local) TV or radio advertising, (that is) until you finally came to your collectively senses and abandoned that totally sinking ship!

Before it caused your entrepreneurial Titanic to sink altogether!

Ever spent money on a (not exactly cheap), solo ad campaign, only to watch the ad not break even? Totally sucks, right? Tell me about it!

Or maybe, after reading a few blog posts or articles online, in some respected article directory, you finally decided to roll out your very own, (5,000) piece, direct snail mail, post card campaign, only to see it fail miserably!

If so, (allow one) with the many battle scars to prove it! To gladly advice,(cheer up my friend!) Say what?

Because that, along with a whole lot more (fun stuff) yet to come , is just part of being an entrepreneur! It’s not always peaches & cream! Especially, when (neither) the peaches nor the cream, was purchased at a discount!

So How Or Why Does Being An Entrepreneur Mean Taking Advantage Of Various Marketing Leverage Opportunities? (Any And Every Opportunity You Get!)

Case in point: how many times, have you heard (or read about) the Chiropractor (and or any other type of) extremely well paid professional of some kind.

On one of the hottest or coldest days of the year BTW, trying to (either) prune a large tree in their (or a sick) relatives yard!

Or they’re trying to shovel out from four feet of snow and,(in the process) of doing so, (either) injure their back or foot etc! Sound familiar?  And now, they ultimately wound up, having to go to the Doctor, and miss a few days from work!

So now, they miss the (real) opportunity, to earn their customary fee of (at least) $150 dollars per hour,(or more) times 16 hours!($150 dollars per hour x 16 hours of real lost revenue generating time = $2,400 in potential lost revenue!Ouch!)

So at a bare bones minimum, they lost a staggering $2,400 dollars or more, in real income! Get this, trying to save a lousy $40 to $75 dollars, to pay another qualified (local) professional, to handle the task for them!Ouch!

It happens all the time!

Becoming An Entrepreneur Means More Than Just Hanging Out Your Shingle!

(Ladies & gentlemen) I have seen this situation up close and personal! Case in point, (at various times) I’m contacted by different types of small business owners/ service provider entrepreneurs, of all kinds!

And they initially want inquire as to “what” it may potentially cost them, to engage two or three hours of my paid consulting time. And upon discovering, my current rates are just  (a modest)$250 dollars per hour, (with no) minimum hour purchase requirements! (Unlike many of my contemporaries!)

Meaning: they don’t have to commit to purchasing a bare bones minimum of three hours right out of the gate! Yet some of them still initially balk!

And (sadly) many of these same (well intention- ed) entrepreneurs, ultimately go on to, (first) purchase a minimum mailing lists of 5,000 local names of potential prospects/customers, at X!From some reputable list broker.

While truth told,they’ve just spent their companies hard earned money, on a list of (glorified strangers!)

(Important note: Who not only don’t know them them yet! But haven’t requested their unsolicited (snail) in essence (junk mail) either! So the nest result, far more times than not is, their initial mailing, (about) 99% of it or more, if that’s even conceivable, gets round filed!)

Then they proceed to pay for the (not exactly) inexpensive postage and type setting fees etc. Each and every time they do one of these, (mini massive) direct snail mail flops!)

And to top things off, (as if) enough marketing damage hasn’t been done already!  They send the mailing out with no, benefited orientated main power headline (or sub headline) on it! Say what? Because they don’t realize (all their) marketing materials,(on or offline) need some type of, -benefit orientated- main power headline!

A Successful Entrepreneur Takes Advantage Of Opportunity! (As Often As They Can!)

And of course, they also typically fail to include, either one of their best, market tested “Calls To Action” (CTA), and equally important, no market tested P.S. on the post card and or their enveloped letter either!

Translated: they’re contempt, (initially) anyway, to literally throw (anywhere from) $5,000$8,500 dollars down the drain! Three to four times a year mind you! (Because they repeat this disaster in waiting, about once a quarter (every 90 days or so!)

But the really good news is, they saved paying the outrageous consulting fee of just $250 dollars per hour! ( And no, unfortunately this is not a skit from comedy central!)

Now try this line of semi warped thinking,(unfortunately) far too many aspiring entrepreneurs, who seem to subscribe to it as well! The average (newbie) online marketer (openly) complains, when they discover, (many) of the, reputable, paid email service providers,including the one I currently use and highly recommend they start with as well!

As your opt in list grows with subscribers, your monthly rate increases as well!Bummer! But for just a second aspiring entrepreneur, (please) try and put things, (meaning investing) in your business, in the proper perspective!

A Successful Entrepreneur Definitely Understands You Have To Invest!

Let’s skip far ahead (of your) ongoing online success.For just a second,and (let’s) say you currently have a highly respectable opt in list, (currently) being hosted by my paid email service provider of choice,

And your list consists of 2,501 (hopefully) highly responsive subscribers! Big congrats BTW!That being said, based on Aweber’s currently pricing (as of the publishing) of this particular blog post, your monthly rate would be just $49 dollars, unless of course, you decide to make a one time annual payment, and receive a modest discount for doing so.

On the other hand, once your opt in list (basically doubles), and you now have 5,001 highly responsive subscribers. Guess what cadets!

Old Aweber, (and lots) of their major competitors (I might add), are going to raise your monthly rate, yet again!Say what?

Being An Entrepreneur Means Thinking Like A Successful Entrepreneur Does!

Nod your head cadets, because it’s true. In this particular case, with Aweber, your new monthly rate, to access all their state of the art list building and list maintaining features, your newly monthly rate is just $69 dollars a month!

(Ladies & gentlemen)from this point on, please try and follow the bouncing ball from here on!Because I promise you, it’s a very powerful insight,into far too many aspiring entrepreneurs, rather short sighted mind set, when it comes to investing in their businesses!

Case in point: (entrepreneur) take a look at some of these names, of some very famous and extremely successful online marketers.

And please, don’t be offended, if you don’t see the name, of your favorite guru and or guruette!Okay!

Becoming An Entrepreneur Is An Ongoing Project!

But before doing that, please (seriously) consider the following, all too common scenario!Let’s say you just signed up for Aweber’s paid service, (hopefully) through my affiliate!  Thanks!

And because all this setting up opt in forms and creating “light box” stuff, is pretty much all new to you, the same way it was for me, back when I originally created my very first account with them.

So you call their direct toll free number, (if you’re located) within the US. (Or call their direct line, if you’re currently located outside the US.)

And let’s say you initially needed to call them, (at least) once a day, for 30 minutes worth of (free), one on one, expert consulting help, for the next 15 business days straight!As you gradually learn your way around their, state of the art user friendly system!

This additional one on one expert help, with real, qualified, professional and extremely courteous experts, not low paid,outsourced telephone reps, located somewhere in another part of the world! These experienced customer service specialist know the Aweber system inside and out!

Being A Successful Entrepreneur Definitely Means You Recognize A Real Bargain Of Any Kind When You See It!

So at the end of seven and a half hours worth of additional free, one on one expert consulting help, AWeber gladly provides!

Ladies & gentlemen, (and my fellow entrepreneurs!) I want you to take a (hard look) at just a small sample of some of the web’s most gifted, expert on and offline marketers in the world!

And you honestly tell me, “what” you think, or know it would cost you and I, to get seven and a half hours, of paid one on one, expert consulting time with them!

And then you tell me if if Aweber’s monthly cost to get 100% access to their qualified customer service expert’s, isn’t a super bargain!And again, please do not take offense, if you don’t see your particular guru and or guruettes name mentioned! Fair enough? Here we go!

Amy Porterfield, Ryan Deiss, Adam Urbanski,Vince Reed, Donna & David Merrill, Frank Kern,Lloyd Irving, Paul Counts, Jupiter Jim Landers, Dotty Scott, (My main Coach & Mentor Adrienne Smith), Don Purdom, Lee Mcintyre, Terry Dean, Maggie Linders, Adam Short,Eric Holmlund, Tom Antion, Larry Beacham, Kim Willis, Yaro Starak,Ben Settle,Enstine Muki, Ken McCarthy.

( My social media marketing coach Janice Wald), James McCallister, Dean Holland, (My main go to Coach for both social media and small business marketing strategies, Gail Gardner), Brad Callen,Brian Rooney,Tracey Walker, David Wood, Brian Fanale.

Mike Klingler, Mark Harbert, Bob Serling, Armand Morin,Fred Gleek, Sherman Smith, Christina Hills, Lon Naylor, Connie Ragen Green, Cedric Harris, Marsha Godwin,Chris Record, Sue Anne Dunlevie,Jon Morrow,Vanessa Duplessie,Jim Edwards,Jeff Herring,Peter Beckenham,David Frey, ( My go to video marketing coach Julie Weisharr, and a gazillion others!

You honestly think you can go one on one, with any of these proven heavyweights, for seven and a half dollars, for just $69 dollars a month, or less! So do you agree, being an entrepreneurdefinitely means, consistently taking advantage of various forms of marketing leverage! As often as you can!

Don’t you agree? Me too!Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business,product or service in the next 30 days or less!

As always, if you got any value out of this post, please Google Plus or tweet this.Thanks!

And be sure you grab your explosive free 22 step small business marketing idea kit series,
because it will help you increase your profits by as much as 25% in the next 90 days or less.

And help you master your effective communication in marketing skills.
(No matter what your particular niche market is.)It’s a $97 dollar value and it’s free!

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  1. The consulting opportunity is news to me, but I’ve been with Aweber since I started blogging. I’ve tried a couple of other services and never found anything that made me feel as confident as Aweber so there I’ll be staying. And there are quite a few of my favorite gurus on your list so guess I’m in good company. 🙂 Thanks Mark!
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  2. Hi Mark,
    I’ll be linking to you this Sunday. I stumbled your article.
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