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Email Marketing Strategies: How To Profitably Use Them To Your Advantage!

Hopefully by now, it’s no longer a question, of whether or not, effective email marketing strategies really work, correct?

Instead, it’s more of a question, of how soon, you’ll be able to incorporate, as many of these proven email marketing strategies, into your current marketing mix, right?

And which paid email service provider, you should be-either- currently using, and or which paid email service provider, you should be switching over to.

Because let’s face it already, (say) you’ve got 1,500 mobile and or opt in subscribers on your main list.

You and or someone within your organization, writes an email, in ten minutes or less, and you hit the ‘send’ button.

And let’s say 25% of your subscribers (or) 375 subscribers open and read it. Entrepreneur, how could you (or anyone else!) possibly contact that many individuals, in the course of your normal business day? Forget about it!

So Who Else Wants To Know How To Profit From some Battlefield Tested Email Marketing Strategies!

Since you’re already aware, on average, about 75% of all consumers, revealed in a recent survey, actually prefer receiving, some type of permission based (opt in) email message(s.)

And a staggering 93% of them, have freely provided their valid (or primary) email address, in order to receive these various types of messages.

Including, unscheduled,extremely time sensitive, ‘broadcast’ email alert messages. But you already know this, correct? 😀 Absolutely.

But here’s where it potentially, gets very interesting, and perhaps profitable as well.

Who Says Successful Email Marketing Campaigns Have To Be Personally Written By You!

Let’s suppose, (strictly for) marketing illustration purposes only. You run an extremely popular bakery. And currently, you only have one location, which is located in an extremely popular strip mall.

And there are currently, seven other, non directly competing stores and or shops, within this mall.And at least four of them, would compliment your business, because you both share the same customer base, just for different reasons.

And those four non directly competing stores/shops, all currently utilize, some form of paid email service provider, while you currently do not.

Since you know, on average, once a first time customer, samples, either some of your, great tasting, gourmet coffees, teas and or lemonades etc. Or they sample some of your great tasting, gourmet bagels, donuts and or pastries etc.

They’re definitely gonna spread the word, both on and off social media,right? Plus, over 75% of them, will become extremely loyal, long term repeat customers.

So your math tells you, your ideal customer, has an extremely lucrative, total lifetime customer value metric.

Your Proven Entrepreneurial Ideas Can Help Make Up For Some Temporary Short Falls!

Take a look at the sample, extremely time sensitive coupon, your potential, joint venture (JV) and or cross promotional partners, can periodically send to their VIP subscribers.

Just because you’re not currently utilizing, any type of paid email service provide, doesn’t automatically mean, your business and or service, can’t benefit from some proven email marketing strategies! Right? 😀

So they send the following coupon to their subscribers.

email marketing strategies

Email Marketing Strategies: How To Profitably Use Them To Your Advantage!

Who Says Your Small Business And Or Service Can’t Leverage Technology You Don’t Personally Use!

And when these customers come into this vendors store, in order to redeem the extremely time sensitive discount coupon.You and or your highly trained professional staff, make darn sure, you do two things:

 1.) First: They’ll provide those, potential first time customers, with one of their best, market tested, two sided, index cards.

And side (A.) invites them to bring this card with them to your store/shop, where they automatically save, 50% off their next three purchases.

No minimum purchase requirements. And you’ll simply hole punch their card three times.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Are Always On The Lookout For Potential Marketing Openings!

2.) Second: And on side (B.), they are encouraged, to enter your monthly free drawing, where each month, you call that month’s grand prize winner, and they have 48 hours, to come to your store, and claim their two, ten lb. bags of gourmet coffee or tea of their choice.

Without a doubt, a certain percentage of those grand prize winners, will stick around and ultimately become, long term repeat customers.

As well as a certain percentage, of those second & third prize winners too. More on those proven concepts, in part two.

For now, are you starting to appreciate, how your small business and or service, can definitely benefit, from some proven, email marketing strategies! Even if you don’t currently use a paid email service provider.

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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