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5 Proven Ways To Improve Your Best Email Marketing Campaigns!

Does your business and or service, have a problem with not only consistently lowering your upfront, out of pocket cost?

But simultaneously increasing your profits as well?

Seriously. If this is true, why in the world, doesn’t your business and or service, have some type of ongoing email marketing campaigns?

For a moment,forget about all those incredibly lofty numbers, you often seen thrown around like tabloid rumors.

You know what I mean. You hear figures like, email marketing returns $44 dollars, for every dollar you invest.

If only,right? Okay,maybe some of the top, fortune 500 companies and the top 3% of Internet marketers routinely achieve the impossible. 😀 But for the rest of us, mere mortals, this is clearly not the case.

Still in all, your well implemented email marketing campaigns, can and definitely will, have a positive impact on your bottom line. Especially, when you incorporate, the following, five proven strategies and or tactics.

So What Are These Five Proven Ways To Improve Some Of Your Very Best Email Marketing Campaigns?

First of all, any successful email marketing campaign, and or direct marketing campaign, starts with targeting the right audience.

Meaning, don’t try and market and promote, a vegan diet to a staunch meat eater. And vice versa.So you and I, attract our ideal customers, patients and or clients, not pursue them. 😀

And one of the most efficient ways of doing so, is by offering, free problem solving, ‘how to’ content, as free list building bait.

In other words, make sure your lead magnet(s), address some of your target markets, main issues and or concerns.

And they’ll consistently join your various opt in email/mobile marketing list,in order to solve their problem(s.)

Introducing Five Proven Ways To Gradually Improve The Results Of Some Of Your Very Best Email Marketing Campaigns!

1.) Potential proven strategy #one: Entrepreneur, before your email marketing campaigns can be successful. They’ve got to get opened first, correct?

So be sure your email/mobile text ‘subject lines’ utilize, customer centered curiosity.In other words, use customer/client centered, problem solving and curiosity rousing subject lines, which  pique your subscribers interest, so they almost have to open it, in order to discover, what the deal is.

And how the deal will benefit them, period!

Your Very Best Online Marketing Strategies Have To Involve  Some Type Of Email Marketing Strategies!

2.) Potential proven strategy #two:Next, ask prov-active questions in your email subject lines too. Get your subscriber salivating in baited anticipation.

BTW, these exact same proven strategies, work equally as well, when it comes writing, “what’s in it for me?” type of, main power headlines, sales letters,post cards, display and or classified ads etc.

3.) Potential proven strategy #three: Don’t try and manipulate your subscribers into opening your emails, with bogus, and totally misleading, bait and switch tactics.

Don’t use click bait, in order to get them to open your emails, only to discover, the main body copy of your email message, has absolutely nothing to do, with your totally misleading ‘subject line.’

If You’re Not Carefully Low Cost Email Marketing Campaigns Can Occasionally Do More Harm Than Good!

4.) Potential proven strategy #four: Pre -made templates are definitely cool. But before you send them to your subscribers, be sure you send a test to yourself first.(You simply gotta trust me on this one! 😀 )

Just so you can be sure, they not only load correctly, but it doesn’t take too long for them to load as well.Because nothing will cause your subscribers to get off your list faster, than an incredibly slow loading template, or templates which don’t load properly and are practically impossible to see.

Simple Email Marketing Tips And Strategies Can And Definitely Will Have A Huge Impact On Your Bottom Line!

 5.) Potential proven strategy #five: And finally, you have to avoid using potential red flag type words, which more times than not, cause your emails to whined up in their spam box.

Bonus: Here’s a very short list, of eleven, potential words, you definitely want to avoid using in your email marketing campaigns subject lines.

Unless your ultimate goal is to whined up in your subscribers spam box. 😀

Winner, free, debt, prize, miracle, credit, celebrity, finance, warranty, cash and promise.Obviously, it’s definitely okay, to use these attention getting words within the body copy of your email message. Just not in your initial subject lines.

These five, incredibly simple strategies, when consistently implemented, will definitely have a positive impact, on your email marketing campaigns bottom line. Don’t you agree?

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