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3 Primary Reasons Why Your Direct Marketing Campaigns Continuously Fail!

So have you ever invested in any type of ongoing, direct marketing campaigns?

And how well and or bad, did you ultimately do?

If your overall results, and or lack there of, is anything like most, semi cash strapped small business owners and or service providers.

You have barely recorded a one percent or less, response rate, correct?

And let’s face the hard cold reality. In at least 99% of the cases, an overall response rate of two percent or less, won’t or doesn’t even cover your initial, upfront out of pocket cost, does it?

And since it typically doesn’t, the net result is, most semi cash strapped entrepreneurs, who decide to use any type of direct marketing campaigns.

Usually can’t afford to attempt to do so, more than once or twice per year, because their campaigns are not paying for themselves,right?

There’s a very god chance they will, once you start consistently implementing, the following, three proven strategies.

So Who Else Wants To Discover The Three Primary Reasons Why Your Current Direct Marketing Campaigns Keep Constantly Failing!

First of all, have you noticed, whenever the subject of successful direct mail campaign comes up. Unlike successful email marketing strategies.

Yo never hear the direct mail gurus and or gurettes. Quoting figures like, for every dollar you invest in direct mail, you can typically expect to receive a (ROI), return on investment of $44 dollars.

Like they do, when it comes to strategic email marketing campaigns. There must a reason, correct? 😀

Sadly, most semi cash strapped, small business owners, service providers and or startup entrepreneurs, who attempt direct mail.

Often whined up losing money on the front end of their sales funnel.Especially, if they don’t implement, and or include, some type profit producing back end marketing component, to their direct mail campaigns.

And BTW, the exact same thinking and economical analysis, will an do apply, to your PPC (Pay Per Click) ad campaigns.

Meaning: If they’re not initially profitable on the front end, most entrepreneurs, will prematurely abandon them, before these campaigns, are properly tested, tweaked  and re-evaluated etc.

Marketing Your Small Business Using Direct Mail Doesn’t Have To Be A Roll Of The Dice!

Case in point; the following three reasons, are the primary causes, of why your current direct marketing campaigns, keep losing money. And definitely will continue to do so.

Until you start addressing these three primary missteps.

1.) Primary reason # one: Instead of marketing with a laser target focus, your average, direct marketing campaigns, are a collection of purchased lists.

And the recipient, is a complete stranger to the promoter. They did not request your ineffective bulk mail piece. And the odds are extremely good, not only do they not know you,your business, products and or services etc.

But you haven’t established if they want and or need your products or services etc.

Strategic Direct Marketing Campaigns Can And Definitely Should Be An Integral Part Of Your Long Term Small Business Marketing Strategies!

This next primary reason, is potentially huge. You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule,correct? Meaning, on average, 20% of the entire whole, generates 80% of the overall results.

2.) Primary reason # two: Far too aspiring startup entrepreneurs, and or small business owners, will mail, their bulky, and fairly expensive bulk mailer.

Typically once or twice a year.This is not necessarily the bad part. Here’s where they typically drop the ball.

Not only do the vendors not include one of their very best, marketed tested, extremely time sensitive discount coupon offers, with their bulk mailing, in order to ethically bribe, the recipients for placing some type of order.

But they fail to have some, (at least) semi trained staff and or professional, outsourcing company, follow up by phone, and or periodic text and or opt in email messages, with the bulk mailer recipients.

Because simply by systematically following up with their mailing recipients, a certain percentage of them, will make purchases more often.

Your Direct Marketing Campaigns Definitely Need A Laser Focus In Order To Be Successful!

3.) Primary reason # three: A final word of caution and advice. Do not attempt to sell,market and promote, a vegan based diet program to an avid meat eater and vice versa.Say what?

Meaning: Make darn sure, your direct marketing campaigns, specifically target, an audience, whose at least semi qualified financially, and has demonstrated, a previous desire for you specific products or services etc.

Otherwise, you’ll waste a ton of money, promoting to individuals, who simply have no interest whatsoever in your products or services etc.

And can’t afford them as well.Clearly, there are a ton of potential reasons why, you current, direct marketing campaigns have and will continue to fail.Unless or until, you address these three, primary issues. Don’t you agree?

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