IntroducingThe Mega Power of Using And Cashing In With Joint Ventures!

22Jul 2017
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How To Really Kick Your Entrepreneurial Ideas Up A Notch Or Two!

   (Without Necessarily Having To Spend More Money In Order To Do So!)

So you’re definitely committed to growing your small business and or service, correct? Congratulations, me too. 😎

Here’s the main rub, you’re not totally sure, if your current entrepreneurial ideas will take you where you wanna go or not, correct?

Of course you’re totally dedicated to seeing your ideas through, correct?

Your ultimate challenge is, (just like) the vast majority of your major competitors, you don’t have unlimited cash flow, to keep throwing away tons of your hard earned money, on dismally performing and outrageously expensive, traditional ad/promotional campaigns, right?

Guest What, by strategically using various forms of marketing leverage, you don’t or won’t have to. Continue reading

11Jul 2017

Introducing The Not So Secret Strategy Entrepreneurs Use To Get The Word Out

   (Especially When They’re Initially Working With An Extremely Tight Budget!)

Have you noticed, practically any reputable business related publication you read, will carefully detail, the gazillion and one reasons why, of the 500,000 brand new, on and offline businesses, started each month, within two years or less.

Anywhere from 60-85% of them, cease to exist any longer. Have you noticed how fast they come and go as well? And usually, when you boil down all the extremely valid reasons why this keeps occurring, over and over again.

One all too common theme (reason), is practically always, somewhere in the real top ten reasons why far too many businesses and or aspiring entrepreneurs inevitably fail.They simply don’t have enough cash flow,reasonable business credit and or cash flow reserves, to whether those ebb and flows of being your own boss.

This with standing, there is one evergreen marketing strategy,which is versatile enough, to help practically any small business owner, service provider and or start up entrepreneurs, whether those inevitable peaks and valleys. Continue reading

30Jun 2017

Introducing The Not So Secret Strategy Entrepreneurs Use To Get The Word Out!Part Two!

As you previously discovered in part one, some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, of all shapes and sizes, often rely on well implemented, joint ventures (aka) strategic alliances, in order to fund some of their non conventional marketing strategies, correct?

And by the same token, often times, non directly competing vendors, can and do form various types of strategic alliances, in order to keep their traditional promotional costs down, while simultaneously, get the word out, about their extremely valuable products, and or services.

While other extremely dedicated small business owners, and or start up entrepreneurs, continuously fall b the waist side. For any number of, previously mentioned reasons!

But as you discovered in part one, this definitely does not have to be the case, correct? Continue reading

14Jun 2017


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How Savvy Small Business Owners Compete Even With Really Tiny Ad Budgets!Part Two

So as you recall from part one of this ongoing series, there simply is no shortage, (not in the for see able) future anyway, of severely cash strapped, and or resourced challenged, small business owners, service providers and or start up entrepreneurs, correct?

In fact, it’s almost a given isn’t it, most small business owners, are a little short of readily available cash, or credit, right?

Thank goodness, the really good news is, just because you don’t currently have access to fortune 100-500, corporate style backing.

You can, with a few battlefield tested marketing adjusts, make your extremely limited ad budget, maximize your long term profit potential.

Does this sound like something, you’d at least like to know and hear more of? Great, because you’re definitely in the right place. Continue reading

27May 2017

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Really Big Money From Their List! Part Two

 ( And How You Can Too!)

Picking up where you left of in Part One. Your business can and will be light years ahead of your major competitors when you start strategically doing two things.

And rest assured,by systematically implementing these two critically important components, is what continues to separate, most extremely savvy entrepreneurs, from their would be competitors.

And it’s also, how they consistently go about, making a really big splash, in their chosen niche, even if they don’t initially have deep corporate pockets to begin with.

1.) Start systematically building your very own in house list opt in email/mobile marketing list.Or if you primarily market offline, you should definitely start systematically building your offline database.

If you’re temporarily short on creative marketing ideas, then by all means, sponsor a periodic, (weekly or monthly) free drawing of some kind.

Choose your 1st grand prize winner, and immediately notify your other 99% of the runner ups, of their extremely valuable secondary prizes, valued at x. Continue reading