IntroducingThe Mega Power of Using And Cashing In With Joint Ventures!

21Apr 2017
buying referrals

Buying Referrals: How Savvy Entrepreneurs Are Generating Them Without Asking!

  (And How You Can Too!)

So ‘what’ type of really bad word of mouth and or mouse, publicity, do you think, a locally based, high powered lending institution would generate.

If they literally threw a highly respected, elderly couple, (on a fixed income),who had lived in this particular town, for over 40 years.

Who have been extremely active, in various local charities and their particular church, out of their house, simply because, they were unable to repay a really small loan they had taken out on their home, less than ten years ago.

And because their health suddenly took a dramatic turn for the worse, and neither one could no longer work outside their home, and between their social security and disability payments, simply wasn’t enough to pay off this extremely small loan.

(Relatively speaking, versus the current value of their home, which they’ve lived in  close to 38 years!)

Can you imagine the avalanche of negative publicity, and non ending public outcry, (of unabashed greed a work!) when this story hits the national consciousness, and almost instantly goes viral all over social media?

Who wants that type of tsunami of negative publicity,hanging over, and or associated with their companies image, right?

On the other hand, what extremely savvy entrepreneur wouldn’t mind buying referrals, and or strategically generating waves of positive word of mouth and or mouse publicity, without ever having to directly ask their customers/clients and or patients for them! Is that not interesting? Continue reading

21Mar 2017
small business

So How Many Small Business Owners Constantly Miss Out Because They Don’t Do This? Part Two

So after reading (and hopefully) digesting part one, of this ongoing series, has or is, it starting to become crystal clear.

Why semi to severely cash strapped and or resource challenged, small business owners, service providers, and or startup entrepreneurs, of all shapes and sizes.

Definitely need to develop, (asap), some sort of reliable, back end sales funnel component to their businesses.

Are the potentially profitable reasons starting to make even more economic sense to you?

Especially, once you know or ‘discover’ your potential customer, client and or patients, true, total lifetime customer value metrics.

That’s when, the doors of previously untapped marketing opportunities, and or possibilities, really begin to swing wide open for you, and or your major competitors. Continue reading

30Nov 2016

Five Potential Problems Which Can Potentially Sabotage Even The Most Promising Partnerships!

Have you noticed how some of the biggest, most financially sound businesses in the corporate world, are finally (or wisely) teaming up, to form some potentially profitable partnerships?

Nod your heads cadets, because it’s most certainly true.

Case and point, you’ve got (or at least) you had until very recently, the strategic alliance (aka) joint venture partnerships between, Fedex (Federal Express) and Kinkos printing business.

You’ve got mega successful fast food giants Taco Bell & KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), not only combing their vast resources, but literally doing so out of the same physical location.

Talk about taking resource sharing to a whole other level.But let’s come back down to earth for a second, because in all likelihood, you and I are definitely not going to be forming any type mega, multi million dollar corporate partnerships with any fortune 500 companies, any time soon,correct?  Bummer!

But should you decide to, or if you’re already involved in some type of formal (meaning) legally recognized partnership of some kind, then you probably want to be acutely aware, of the five all too common ways, they often end up going astray and or falling apart altogether! Continue reading

18Nov 2016

Why Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Absolutely Love The Information Business!

  (And Why Probably Should Too!)

So have you noticed, (even) the information business, has a certain ebb and flow to it.

And since certain information niches, are so darn lucrative, their subject matter just remains evergreen in nature. Have you noticed that too?

And that’s one of the main reasons why, so many extremely savvy entrepreneurs, absolutely love the information marketing business.

And it’s why you should too.Because effective information marketing, (digital) or otherwise, (especially) when you start creating your very own information products and or services, it really puts you in the drivers seat. In terms of ultimate control.Would you not agree?

That said, let’s take a closer look at an instance or two, which is potentially, very very profitable. Continue reading

27Oct 2016
small business

How A Green As Grass Small Business Newbie Marketing Consultant Created Six Figure Business From Scratch!

  (And Nothing He Did Was Out Of The Ordinary!)

Ladies & gentlemen, have you ever heard (or personally) witnessed, or somehow been a part of a powerful and incredibly inspiring true story, that just flat out makes you believe in the infinite possibilities?

You know what I’m taking about here,right? I just recently heard an incredibly powerful testimonial type talk, from a gentlemen, who when he and his wife initially started, were literally,  green as grass, commissioned only mortgage brokersdirect response marketing consultants.

Who parlayed their single, initial client into a middle level six figure, commissioned only mortgage brokering/ consulting business.

Even though, when they initially started their commissioned only mortgage/consulting business, they literally had no idea, what they were doing!

But because they were, (and continue to be) extremely astute marketers, they definitely knew how, and where to get some much needed answers!

Entrepreneur, I think and sincerely hope, you’ll totally enjoy discovering this type of “deep” think outside the box entrepreneurial, problem solving marketing approach! Continue reading