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25Aug 2017
retail selling tips

Retail Selling Tips: How Small Business Owners Become Big Business Owners!Part Two

   (And How You And I Can Definitely Do It Too!)

So hopefully as you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, there really are, some brain dead simple, retail selling tips, you and I, can implement, to help take our business and or service, to the very next level, agreed?

And with a few simple tweaks here and there, a rather modestly performing business, can and most definitely will, be transformed, and be able to make it to the very next level or two, correct?

And these rather simple tweaks, literally require no more physical effort and typically, very little investment capital, in order to at least be initially tested, correct?

Part two will (hopefully) expose you to even more proven ways, to implement, some proven retail selling tips and or tactics. Sound good? Continue reading

16Aug 2017


entrepreneurial ideas

How To Really Kick Your Entrepreneurial Ideas Up A Notch Or Two!Part Two

As you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, being an entrepreneur, en tales facing and overcoming many challenges and or obstacles, does it not?

And the flip side of the coin is, there is also the very real possibility, you can and definitely should, constantly be on the lookout, for some market tested ways, of perpetually kicking your entrepreneurial ideas, up a notch or two. Would you not agree?

And the best part is, you don’t literally have to start from scratch and try and re-invent the entrepreneurial wheel each time. Instead, you creatively leverage, the current situations you’re in, to maximize your overall earning potential. Does this sound like a do-able plan or what? Continue reading

07Aug 2017

How Savvy Entrepreneurs Help Struggling Entrepreneurs Become Profitable!

Have you ever noticed how, some extremely hard working entrepreneurs, the moment the cash flow of their business starts to sputter and or hiccup, they attempt to secure some type of relatively expensive, traditional bridge loan (of some kind), in order to help them get over the hump?

Have you noticed this hopelessly flawed strategy as well?

For some odd reason(s), they’re totally convinced, a successful lender, will put their depositors hard earned money at risk, over a business/service, which is clearly having more than it’s fair share of reliable cash flow issues.

Word to the wise, forget about it.However, this is not to say, (and or suggest)the windows of long term opportunity and profitability, are not in the position to open extremely wide.Because they most certainly are, as you’re about to discover. Continue reading

04Aug 2017


online marketing strategies

How Techno Phobic Service Providers Benefit From Online Marketing Strategies!Part Two

After reading part one of this ongoing series, hopefully, now you appreciate, how and why, even the most techno phobic service providers (of any kind!)

Can and definitely should, be continuously benefiting from some proven online marketing strategies.

After all, if (as you) previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, you definitely don’t need a traditional WordPress website, and or blog, in order to benefit from a strategic online presence.

Don’t you agree? Granted, being on the (so called) worldwide web, (www), may not necessarily help your local, single location landscaping and or tattoo parlor service etc.

On the other hand, purchasing a domain name, which preferably ends with a dot com extension.

And creating two sided fliers and purchasing one thousand, (two sided) business cards, which strategically promote your monthly free drawing, via your paid email service providers, self hosted sign up/lead capture page form.

And now, instead of paying for an expensive, traditional website/blog, plus a self hosted plan of some kind,instead, you only pay your paid email service providers, monthly service fee, to host your various sign up forms.(And you pay no additional costs whatsoever, in order for them to host your sign up form.) Continue reading

22Jul 2017
entrepreneurial ideas

How To Really Kick Your Entrepreneurial Ideas Up A Notch Or Two!

   (Without Necessarily Having To Spend More Money In Order To Do So!)

So you’re definitely committed to growing your small business and or service, correct? Congratulations, me too. 😎

Here’s the main rub, you’re not totally sure, if your current entrepreneurial ideas will take you where you wanna go or not, correct?

Of course you’re totally dedicated to seeing your ideas through, correct?

Your ultimate challenge is, (just like) the vast majority of your major competitors, you don’t have unlimited cash flow, to keep throwing away tons of your hard earned money, on dismally performing and outrageously expensive, traditional ad/promotional campaigns, right?

Guest What, by strategically using various forms of marketing leverage, you don’t or won’t have to. Continue reading