27Aug 2016

Why Waste A Ton Of Money On Expensive Advertising When You Can Power Market Instead!Part Three

Doesn’t it seem kinda of odd, so many incredibly talented, extremely dedicated, hard working entrepreneurs, small business owners, and or service providers, are initially contempt to waste a ton of money, and other extremely valuable resources, on dismally performing, conventional advertising methods?

It’s almost some type of magnetic trance, they can’t escape, with regards, to trying to make outrageously expensive, billboards, local newspaper, radio and or (non) prime time TV spots work!

In spite of the fact, they see one semi cash strapped small business owner after another, attempt and fail, with this costly form of promotion.

Undeterred, it’s as if, their enormous ego kicks in, and they erroneously conclude, they’ll be the exception, to these (all too common) dismal results!when more than likely, the exact opposite is true.So once again, let’s take a much closer look, at a few, potentially viable, creative marketing alternatives, shall we? Continue reading

26Aug 2016


small business

How Really Savvy Small Business Owners Jump Start Their Profits From Scratch!

Do you think, most small business owners, and or service providers, really give much thought, to all of the untapped resources, they technically have access to, and or control of?

For ex: how many of them, do you think, have ever seriously considered, just how valuable, their goodwill is, towards their customers, patients and or clients etc.

And sadly, most of them focus, 80% or more of their readily available assets and or resources, on constantly paying retail, to generate those all important, brand new, first time customers and or clients.

Meaning; they’re quick to allocate their cash, to initially generate brand new first time customers, when they could (instead) initially barter and or leverage, some other equally valuable assets first!

Watch how this extremely marketing savvy CPA firm, might leverage their current customer/client base, to help further build their practice. Continue reading

25Aug 2016


marketing ideas

How To Consistently Generate Magnetic Content Marketing Ideas!Part Two

So (hopefully) after reading part one of this ongoing series, and watching the excellent ‘how to” video as well.

You’ve sort of come to the accurate conclusion, you  are definitely coming in contact, (on a daily basis), with more than enough real world situations, to help you consistently generate, more extremely viable content marketing ideas and concepts, than you can possibly ever handle!Correct?

Well, that was the idea intended anyway.But all is not lost, I’m quite certain, after you’ve watched and re-watched, WordPress expert instructor, Christina Hills awesome instructional video (below), at least two or three times, your creative and inspirational -content marketing- juices, will finally begin to kick in, on some level or another.

Plus, as an additional, creative kick in the (you know what), you’re about to be exposed, to at least five more, potential real life situations, that should give you more than enough creative content marketing generations ideas, to at least start you on your way!(And then some!) Continue reading

24Aug 2016


marketing lessons

Three Simple Marketing Lessons You Can And Must Learn From A Complete Stranger!

So have you ever been at any type of (professional), and or private social function of some kind, and you meet this particular stranger, and strike up mildly engaging conversation, (initially) about nothing in particular.

But as the conversation proceeds along, you find it engaging enough, you don’t mind seeing it through.

Does the start of this particular scenario, sound (st least) mildly familiar?

Entrepreneur, at this point, it may not seem to obvious, but believe it or not, there at least three potentially profitable marketing lessons, you can and definitely should learn, about successful online marketing, from a complete stranger!

(But getting back to our story).. as the conversation is about to draw to a close, you decide to at least get some contact information, just in case you decide to invite to, (either) invite them to your weekly bowling league game, weekly card game and or basketball game, or to your (monthly) real estate and stock market invest club meeting etc.

But it’s what they do next, which definitely gives cause for (some) real concern. Continue reading

23Aug 2016

Five Potentially Profitable Reasons Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Should Be Blogging!Part Two

So as you previously discovered in part one, of this ongoing series, (unfortunately) there are a ton of incredibly smart, (not to mention) extremely hard working entrepreneurs, (such as yourself), but for whatever reasons.

Simply refuses to take full advantage, of one particular, battlefield tested marketing strategy, which consistently, produces 500 to 700% better returns on the money & effort invested! Sounds unbelievable, but sadly it’s not!

In part one, yo discover five incredibly simple ways, they continuously do just that!Now in part two, you’re about to discover, at least two more extremely profitable ways, they do so!Let’s take a look, shall we? Continue reading

22Aug 2016


Five Potentially Profitable Reasons Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Should Be Blogging!

  (As Often As They Can!)

Don’t you find it just a little bit strange, how some incredibly savvy entrepreneurs, who definitely understand the in’s & outs of business and online commerce etc.

But for some odd reasons, when it comes to effectively and cost efficiently promoting/marketing their (problem ) solving products, and or services, they’re really kinda of clueless!

Have you noticed that too? Honestly. Notice “how”, some, certainly not all of them, are only so quick, to leap at the chance, to throw a ton of their hard earned cash away,trying to reach, (their so called) niche audience, using (highly) untargeted mass mediums, like local (or national) radio, TV and newspapers, in order to do so!Big mistake!

When clearly, there are some much more viable, (not to mention) affordable marketing/promotional options, readily available to them.

One of which, is extremely low cost, and relatively non time consuming, and offers potential (long term) returns, of 500 to 700% better results over time! Entrepreneur, how about we take a seriously look at this particular marketing option!Whatdayasay? Continue reading

20Aug 2016


small business

Why Every Serious Small Business Owner Should Learn How To Make Money Giving Away Free Stuff!Part Two

So did you happen to notice in part, that even extremely (marketing) savvy

small business owners, can and definitely should find some creative free, and or extremely low cost ways, of strategically giving away valuable free stuff, to their valued customer/client and or patients, in order to steadily grow their businesses.

For sure, it seems a lot more likely and practical, for major corporate types, with extremely deep pockets, to write outrageously big checks, and in essence buy their initial customer/clients etc.

But when you start examining (much closer),the razor thin profit margins, of the all too typical, severely cash strapped small business owner, there just doesn’t seem (or appear) to be nearly enough spread, in order to much of anything, correct?

Well, if you’re  going to try and approach things, strictly from a conventional marketing/promotional sense, perhaps you’re on to something. But who says, or where is it written, you or major competitors, have got to take the conventional marketing/promotional approach? Continue reading

19Aug 2016
how to improve retail sales

How To Improve Retail Sales Using Powerful Bounce Back Offers!Part Two

Wanna here something very strange? (Say yes!) Sadly, there are an awful lot of severely cash strapped small business owners, and service providers, that proclaim publicly, they are sincerely interested, in discovering how to improve retail sales,?

However, upon a much closer look at their entire sales processes, front to back, (typically) not all the time, but in at least 85% of the cases or more!

You will notice, a bare bones minimum of four potentially profitable, (and oh so crucial) marketing elements, clearly missing from their overall sales, revenue generating processes! (This is so not good!)

Which means (entrepreneur), they and unfortunately, maybe you too, are literally leaving a ton of untapped marketing gold on the table!

And sooner or later, one or more of your major competitors, is bound to take advantage of it!So let’s (immediately) plug those leaky holes in your operation right now! Whatdayasay? Continue reading

18Aug 2016



What Potentially Profitable Marketing Lessons Can Savvy Entrepreneurs Learn From The Music Industry?Part

Did you notice, and hopefully appreciate, as you went deeper and deeper into part one of this ongoing series, about how the music industry, can teach some of today’s savviest entrepreneurssome extremely profitable, yet equally painful marketing lessons?

Even though, for many an aspiring, (up and coming artist), unfortunately they had to learn and experience, some extremely painful emotional and financial lessons!

The all too brutal reality is, when you and I first enter, the often rough and tumble world of business, (whether) it be on or offline,sadly there are an equally number of extremely painful, (yet) super value character builder lessons to be learned in that journey as well.

Because sadly, in the beginning, (entrepreneur) you and I, (initially) just don’t know, what we don’t know! You know!And that leads to a lot of hit and miss, trial and (mega) error frustrations!Remember?

Part two of this post, will reveal “how” one of these, (now) extremely savvy, young up and coming recording artist, will now strategically use the tools and tendencies of the (big bad) music industry, to make a whole lot more money! Continue reading