24Feb 2017

Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Make You Money!Part Four

So are you finally ready, after three installments of potentially profitable examples.Are you finally ready, to start thinking and acting, like a profit seeking entrepreneur?

And have you also noticed to this point, when and wherever you, (and or) your major competitors, have highly honed and developed skills, and or specialized knowledge of any kind, you (or they!) have -both- the ability and opportunity, to create various multiple steams of income.

Is that starting to become more and more evident to you? Great! That’s really good to hear. In part four, let’s go even further inland, in order to discover even more, currently untapped, potential marketing opportunities and or possibilities.

And virtually none of these potentially untapped opportunities, will  ever be discovered and or uncovered, by your all too typical, small business owner/service provider, and or startup entrepreneur, who only sees the trees, not the overall forest of marketing possibilities. Continue reading

23Feb 2017



Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Make You Money!Part Three

So did you (happen) to notice, in the first two installments, of this ongoing series, those who think and (far more importantly), act like a profit seeking entrepreneurjust seem to do better over time.

Would you not agree? In part three (entrepreneur)you are about to discover, even more proven ways, thinking and acting like an entrepreneur, can and definitely will, help you make more money faster.

And in the process, you’ll probably save more money, because, somewhere along the way you’ll gradually start to become way more efficient along the way.

And that’s always a nice little side benefit, is it not? One of the main (potential) door opening benefits, to thinking and acting, like a profit seeking entrepreneur does.

You start to systematically attract, (on the regular) the key people, resources and the right situations, just start to become more readily available to you.You’ll see what I mean in just a little bit, so please stay tuned. Continue reading

22Feb 2017

Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Make You Money!Part Two

So did you notice in part one of this ongoing series, thinking like an entrepreneurnot only helps you make a whole lot more money, but you can also save a bundle as well.

Did you also happen to take note of that potential benefit as well?

Because, typically, whenever a conventional type of thinker, starts any type of brand new venture, be it on or offline, they usually go into it, thinking they need a ton of start up capital, correct?

And hey, (truth told), in a whole lot of cases, that type of straight forward conventional style of thinking, would be spot on.

However, (ladies & gentlemen), in case you really haven’t taken notice just yet.When it comes to successfully marketing, your extremely valuable products, and or services online, you have tons of potential tools and or -proven- avenues, to create, some bankable marketing leverage. Don’t you agree?

In the remainder of this post, you’ll not only discover, the two remaining, critically important components, from part one, but you’ll also discover, how and why, thinking and acting like an entrepreneur, can be so potentially profitable. Continue reading

21Feb 2017
small business

How This Major Marketing Mistake Constantly Hurts Small Business Owners!Part Two

Remember in part one of this ongoing series, you discovered, (unfortunately), how far too many, aspiring, and far too often, semi to severely cash strapped small business owners and or service providers, even though they desperately want to grow their businesses.

For any number of reasons, they simply haven’t fully grasped, the proven basics of doing so. And as a direct result, more times than not, they struggle, far more than they actually need to.

Sure, they constantly invest their hard earned money,(and sadly) even some investors money, in various forms of outrageously expensive,traditional advertising mediums.

Only to be sorely disappointed over and over again.

Primarily because of the predictably miserable results. Entrepreneur, there’s no need to keep beating, an outrageously expensive dead horse.Don’t you agree? Continue reading

20Feb 2017

How Sometimes Even Smart Entrepreneurs Miss The Mark With Their Online Marketing!Part Two

So did you notice in part one, of this ongoing series,how (unfortunately), an awful lot extremely talented, hard working, and extremely dedicated entrepreneurs, (just like youstill seems to miss the mark, by a lot, when it comes to successfully marketing online.

Have you noticed this all too common trend as well? Let’s face it, they are definitely trying to make a (big) and eventually profitable splash online, it’s just, their approach, definitely needs a few adjustments, right?

For sure. Because nobody, invests an outrageous sum of money, on a glorified online, static brochure, masquerading as a website correct?

So without a doubt, these extremely driven, profit seeking entrepreneurs, definitely set out to make a profit online, they just don’t seem to have a proven online blueprint to pattern their strategies after.

Hopefully, this two part series, will go a long way towards changing that. Continue reading

18Feb 2017
small business

Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The information Business? Part Five

So here in part five, of this ongoing series, you’re about to (hopefully) discover, even more tangible proof, that  some of today’s, savviest -albeit-, non traditional, small business service providers, can and definitely are cashing in big time.

Simply by using, the tried and true, ‘how to’ problem solving, information industry business model, as their primary vehicle of doing so.

And again, when all is said and done, you (and or) your major competitors, will discover, they can and are doing so, (literally everyday), for pennies on the dollar. And you can learn to do so as well.

And even though you’re not investing a lot of money upfront, the way traditional advertising/marketing wisdom, would strongly suggest you’d have to, in order to have any type of real chance at long term success.

You’re still able to compete, and be moderately successful.

Continue reading

17Feb 2017


small business

Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The information Business? Part Four

Ladies & gentlemen, (and) fellow profit seeking entrepreneurs, here in installment number four, hopefully, you do realize and appreciate, whether your small business(is what’s) often referred to as, a non traditional service provider or not.

You can, and definitely should, be getting your fair share, of the (ever growing), multi billion dollar a year, how to, problem solving, information business pie. Would you not agree? Great.

That’s the point of this ongoing series,to help you figure out, (not only) where you potentially fit into it, but why you need to carve out your very own customized niche, and start servicing the day lights out of your particular target market.

Entrepreneur, does that sound like a plan you, (not only can live with), but potentially profit from as well? Great!

Let’s delve even further into it, so you don’t ultimately miss out, because you think, this mega proven marketing approach, somehow, doesn’t apply to you! Because to draw such an erroneous conclusion, would truly be a shame. Continue reading

16Feb 2017


small business

Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The information Business? Part Three

So as you previously discovered in parts one & two, some of today-s savviest, unconventional small business service providers, of all kinds.

Be they semi cash strapped startups and or aggressive solo-preneur types, are starting to turn to the Internet, in order to strategically leverage, its enormous marketing potential.

And do so, for relatively low start up cost, correct? Which means ladies & gentlemen, if they can, so can you.

Are you finally starting to come to that realization? Great. Because there is definitely nothing special about them, and or their particular offers.

Other than, ‘how’ they’re going about, strategically positioning themselves against their nearest competitors.And while it may be hard for some of you to believe,they are consistently generating quality leads online, using relatively low cost, (PPC (Pay Per Click) ad campaigns, for as little as ten dollars a day or less.

Even your current ad budget, could probably afford to initially get your feet wet, for such as a relatively small amount, correct? Provided -of course- you’re being guided by a qualified source. Continue reading

15Feb 2017
email marketing

How This Major Email Marketing Mistake Is Potentially Costing You A Fortune!

So you are serious, (and totally) dedicated to succeeding online,correct? That’s good to hear entrepreneur. Having said that, are you currently building, your very own, opt in email list?

Because my friend, if some type of strategic email marketing strategies, are not a pro-active part, of your ongoing online marketing efforts.

Your realistic chances, of truly succeeding online, are practically non existent.

And the vast majority of the money, and other extremely valuable resources, you’ve invested in your online venture (to this point), are pretty much guaranteed, to not amount to much.Ouch!

Who would have initially thought, lowly email marketing, can and does play such a major role,right? Well it most certainly does.And, if you happen to be making, this all too common, major email marketing mistake, your online venture, could potentially be at risk! Continue reading