17Jan 2017


So How Do Savvy Entrepreneurs Consistently Spot Those Seemingly Hidden Opportunities? Part Three

So How Do Savvy Entrepreneurs Consistently Spot Those Seemingly Hidden Opportunities? Part Three

Hopefully as you previously discovered in the first two installments of this ongoing series about “how”some extremely savvy  -think outside the box- entrepreneurs (from all walks of life) mind you!

Consistently go about approaching (in reality processing) seemingly everyday occurrences, and (still) somehow manage to spot those previously hidden -short and long term- potential money making opportunities.

Which for whatever reasons, the rest of us just seem to zip right past and neglect, and or overlook altogether!

But that’s so not the case with our (hypothetical stock broker ) example Mary.

Mary as you’re hopefully starting to become fully aware, is most definitely one of the true entrepreneurial minds in the stock brokering industry.

And after studying more intermediate and some advanced marketing principles, strategies and tactics, her natural creative guerrilla marketing instincts have really begun to (not only) surface, but to take hold  in a really big way as well.

And since Mary was already earning a nice mid six figure a year income, now that she’s really starting to fully embrace and trust her natural (God given) think outside the box marketing instincts, she’s conceivably on track to potentially double her income, (and join) the ranks of the prestigious “Million Dollar” a year gross income club!(You go girl!)

And this is the type of honor her firm annually bestows upon some of the firms top income earners. And some of the perks include fabulous free company paid 14 day vacations,(and luxury cruises!) at some of the world’s most exotic locations, (which also include four or five star) luxury hotel accommodations of course!

Plus, Mary (and the other) recipients will have absolutely no problem routinely cashing those nice five figure company performance bonus checks!

Plus, it also doesn’t hurt Mary (or your) profile to be prominently featured in the company’s International acclaimed monthly magazine, and be guest featured on nationally syndicated radio programs, and not to mention frequent quest appearances, on local radio & TV programming as well.

And all of this added exposure has really helped explode Mary’s naturally creative marketing instincts! That said:

Watch how Mary plans on systematically doubling her income in the next 24  months or less!….. Continue reading

16Jan 2017

Why Being An Entrepreneur And The How To Information Business Model Pays So Well!Part Two

So did you notice in part one, it’s vitally critical, to becoming and or developing into a successful entrepreneuryou’ve got to be careful how you habitually think.

Would you not agree? And habitually thinking like a success minded entrepreneur, can and definitely will, help (you and I),literally take giants steps, toward consistently accomplishing your short and long term goals, right?

Absolutely. On the other hand, even if, or when you’re exposed to some of the most creative, (and or) innovative, cutting edge marketing strategies and or tactics etc.

Unless you’ve developed and truly cultivated the entrepreneurial mindset, at best, you’ll be moderately successful.

Since your entrepreneurial mindset is not a problem, (thank goodness!) Let’s take a look at a few more potentially profitable marketing strategies, and or tactics, which are simply made to order, for those who habitually think,  like a successful  entrepreneur. Continue reading

14Jan 2017

Why Being An Entrepreneur And The How To Information Business Model Pays So Well!

Do you agree, being an entrepreneur, in terms of the way you habitually think, is definitely far more important, than how many thousands, and or hundreds of thousands of dollars, you currently have in your business and or personal bank account?

I totally agree! Because habitually thinking like an entrepreneur, can help you massively scale your business and or, enhance your overall productivity, to heights you probably would have never even previously considered remotely possible, were the possibilities strictly based on the available amounts of money and or available credit you currently have access to alone.

And one mega proven way of letting your entrepreneurial light shine as brightly as possible, is by becoming an extremely active participant, in the ever expanding, multi billion dollar a year, how to problem solving information industry!

Let’s take a look at some of the truly amazing, long term (marketing) possibilities, that are simply waiting to happen!Provided, you’re actually willing to do what it (most definitely) takes, in order for it to become a reality! Continue reading

13Jan 2017

The Powerful Success Secret The Cyclops Can Teach All Aspiring Entrepreneurs!Part Five

Going head long into part five, you’re now, no longer viewing the one eyed cyclops, as totally useless, correct? In fact, since you’re definitely extremely dedicated to your craft, (right?)

Which means you definitely recognize, the incredibly powerful and universal principles, for generating long term success, which all aspiring entrepreneurscan and must learn, from the (much maligned) one eyed cyclops!

And simply by doing so, you may have just opened yourself up to a brand new, previously untapped, potentially profitable income generating opportunity or two.Just depending on how much actual time and effort, you’d like to dedicate to properly developing it.Or them.

And if it makes economic sense to do so.Let closely examine an instance or two, where it definitely makes sense to pursue it. Continue reading

12Jan 2017

The Powerful Success Secret The Cyclops Can Teach All Aspiring Entrepreneurs!Part Four

So going in to part four, ( hopefully with a huge head of mental and or emotional steam at your back!)

Ladies & gentlemen, has it not finally, (and or) is it slowly starting to dawn on you (big time!)

Just like the much maligned one eyed cyclops, you have some highly specialized knowledge and or skills, you’ve developed along the way, and or you’re currently working extremely hard in developing.

Those skills and or the highly specialized knowledge you currently already possess, can and definitely should be monetized in some meaningful way!

If not daily, then certainly on a weekly and or monthly basis! Because, (hopefully!) these first three previous installments, should have successfully demonstrated to you, (beyond any reasonable doubt!)

There are literally tons of aspiring entrepreneurs on all levels of development, (both) on and offline,which are more than happy to compensate you, (and or your major competitors!) in some form and or fashion, for sharing your proven expertise!

Is that not now abundantly evident and clear to you! Great! That being the case, please read on, to discover even more potentially beneficial strategies, you can and definitely should be, monetizing your (extremely valuable!) knowledge, skills and or abilities etc! Continue reading

11Jan 2017

The Powerful Success Secret The Cyclops Can Teach All Aspiring Entrepreneurs!Part Three

So in part three, are you now starting to realize and fully appreciate, that just like the one eyed cyclops, in the land of the totally blind, your current, specialized knowledge and or skill(s), has some sort of real monetary value?

A very good thing for all aspiring entrepreneurs to know, would you not agree?

Which ultimately means, you are the King and or Queen.Because rest assured my friend, in the land of the totally blind, the one eyed cyclops, truly is King or Queen!Right?

Because they can see more than the rest of us can, in some particular area! And there is absolutely no valid reason, whatsoever,why they, (and or you and I), shouldn’t be fairly compensated, in some form or fashion, for sharing our knowledge, skill and or expertise!

And just because you don’t currently have some (much deserved) degree, and or certificate of completion, hanging prominently from your wall, is not a valid excuse!Don’t you agree?

Your target market could care less! They just (desperately want!) relief from whatever plagues them!You provide relief, and you get fairly compensated for doing so! Sound like a plan or what? Continue reading

10Jan 2017

The Powerful Success Secret The Cyclops Can Teach All Aspiring Entrepreneurs!Part Two

So hopefully you discovered in part one of this ongoing series, how and why, the much maligned, one eyed cyclops, can teach all aspiring entrepreneurs, a thing or two about the ability and or -golden opportunity-, to provide some much needed value, to your particular place and or niche, correct?

I sincerely hope so!

Otherwise, ladies & gentlemen, (unfortunately!), not only are you working entirely too hard, but you’re constantly missing a golden, (tailor made) opportunity, to be fairly compensated for doing so!

In which case, perhaps someone with lesser skills, talents and or abilities than yours, will gladly step in to fill the void.

And all because, for whatever reasons, you’ve decided on your own, your knowledge and or skills, aren’t worthy enough, to be fairly compensated for!

The remainder of this post, and this entire multi part series, is aggressively focused and dedicated to proving you wrong! Continue reading

09Jan 2017

The Powerful Success Secret The Cyclops Can Teach All Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

So here you are, once again, looking for the all too elusive, secrets to success, correct?

And you’re wondering out loud, if like so many other, (and extremely dedicated), not to mention,aspiring entrepreneurs of all shapes & sizes, if you’ll ever, finally discover your particular, (and much deserved!) pot of gold,correct?

Fair enough. But here’s a quick question for you. Have you ever (really) stopped to consider, this vitally important, and all too often, ignored point of view.

What if the all encompassing answers, to your much sought after immediate success, you and countless others, so desperately seek, already lies within your own, current resources?


No matter how extremely limited, you may perceive them to be!

Would or does that answer totally surprise you? (Really Important hint: It shouldn’t!) And if it does, all the more reason, this particular post, is dedicated, and written specifically for you!Read on (hopefully) to discover why! Continue reading

07Jan 2017

small business

Where Even Your Small Business Can Find Wads Of Hidden Cash!

  (And How To Consistently Profit From It When You Do!)

So does your cash strapped small business and or service, currently use upsells, and or any type of proven, strategic add on sales strategies?(Why the heck not?)

Because if you’re not currently taking advantage, of your upsell /add on sales marketing opportunities, unfortunately, you’re leaving some readily available cash on the table, just waiting for your major competitors, to to swoop in and grab it.

Seriously, if you’re not currently using any type of proven, front or back end upsell/add on sales strategies, your business and or service, is not currently, running anywhere near it’s full earning capacity.

Sadly,however, we’re not to the bad part yet!Say what? That’s correct. Because (you see), entrepreneur, unfortunately, there is an even bigger, potential money suck, in the heart of your operation, which may not (initially)be quite as obvious to you as it should be! Continue reading