26Sep 2016

Coaching: Three Potentially Profitable Reasons You Might Benefit From Some!

  (And Take A Giant Step Toward Your Written Goals!)

So how long have you been trying to reach your various (written) goals?

And to date, how many o them have you been able to accomplish, without eventually investing in some form of coaching?

Have you noticed, whenever you invest in some qualified coaching, your goals seem to become a lot more achievable, a whole lot faster?

It’s just something about, taking the advice of individuals, who’ve been there and done that, which saves a lot of time and drastically reduces your frustration levels as well!

Don’t you agree? So this post will focus on three primary reasons, if you haven’t already done so, you probably should, invest in some form of expert coaching/mentoring, on some level or another.

That is, if you truly valued your time and you’re serious about accomplishing your write (short and long term) goals.Otherwise, you might just continue to spin your wills and wallow in frustration. Continue reading

24Sep 2016
email marketing


email marketing

Email Marketing: Makes Even More Sense When The Recession Hits!

Practically no one, especially the higher end- hired gunned-consultants, (such as ) yours truly, likes to hear there’s a recession of any type going on!

Certainly you can understand and appreciate why, correct?  (And rest assured, when the infamous “R” word rears it’s ugly head!

Strategic email marketing strategies and or tactics, are not far behind.) Or at least, they shouldn’t be!

On the other hand, since (any good consultant) worth their salt, can always switch over, to the more pro-active, underutilized,compensation based on performance business model.

Which is just a fancy way of suggesting, they (meaning) the consultants firm, gets paid a certain percent of the gross profits they generate.Over and above, an agreed upon, starting base line point.

Typically, you’ll see fairly standard arrangements, such as, the consultant’s firm receives 25% of every new dollar of gross profit they produce, and (if ) you really wanna get fancy,X% of any additional stock value (equity) they can document, they helped produce as well!

For now, let’s just stick to the basics shall we? In any event, (my friend) when the inevitable recession hits, (no matter) how severe and or mild it may be, that’s why and when, strategic email marketing makes even more sense! Continue reading

23Sep 2016

(And How You Can Too!)

small business

Three Ways Savvy Small Business Owners Out Perform Their Major Competitors!

So what should you do entrepreneur,double down on your latest “ad buys”, or maybe finally get (even) more serious, about your Facebook ad campaign?

After all, FB ads, are all the latest rage, for today’s savvy small business owners, and or service providers, right?

Or better yet, why not take advantage, of that extremely time sensitive email offer you got a while back, which is just about to expire this midnight, for one of those “solo ad” mega blast campaigns!

One things definitely for sure ladies & gentlemen, if you’re not careful, and you don’t start eliminating, (asap) what’s clearly not working!(And isn’t gonna work anytime soon!)

You will quickly find yourself, not just a dollar short,(again!) But you’ll also discover, why so many extremely bright entrepreneurs, simply don’t make it!

Especially online! And your dream, will suddenly become, just another tragic statistic!Nod your heads cadets, because it’s true!

So let’s see where and how, your semi cash strapped, small business and or service, can consistently out perform, some of your major competitors!Without trying to go head to head with them!Sound good? Continue reading

22Sep 2016


email marketing

Email Marketing: Five Proven Strategies To Give Your Campaigns Some Much Needed Zip!Part Two

So in part one of this ongoing series, ‘how” many of the five proven, email marketing strategies, are you currently using? And if not, how soon before you plan on taking advantage of them?

That’s good to hear, because, simply by implementing, as many of these “battlefield tested” strategies as possible, you are systematically lowering your risk, with each market tested improvement.

And of course, the flip side is, since the vast majority of your major competitors, have no real clue about implementing any type of proven, email marketing strategies, and or tactics etc.

The moment you start inexpensively testing them, you’ll start to distant your business, products, and or services, and earn more money for doing so.Who else is up for that? Continue reading

21Sep 2016



How To Leverage Your Real World Experiences Into Some Extremely Valuable Content!

So how many times, have you wracked your brain, desperately trying to find, some motivation, for some extremely valuable content for your readers?

So you go round robin, you can’t seem to get your fingers to press the keys!So called “writers block” grips you to no end,right?

But ladies & gentlemen, here’s the thing. You (literally) have more, extremely relevant, real world experiences, both good & bad!

Which you can and definitely should, be routinely converting, into some incredibly valuable content, for your target  audience!

Because as you do, you’ll quickly discover, just how much your target (audience), not only relates to, but totally understands exactly where you’re coming as well!

The net result is, stop looking for outward inspiration, for your content, and instead, start sharing more (relevant) real life situations and encounters with your target audience and watch how positively they respond! Continue reading

20Sep 2016
email mail

Five Proven Things You Know About Successful Email Marketing Campaigns!Part Two

So after being exposed to part one, of this ongoing series.

(Ladies & gentlemen), can there really be any doubt, there are at least five major, potential money making things, you definitely know about successful email marketing strategies, and or tactics, your major competitors don’t?

For sure,and here in part two, you will discover at least three more (proven effective) email marketing strategies,you can and definitely should be using right now.

If you’re truly serious about increasing your bottom line.

And the best part is (entrepreneur), for the most part, your major competitors have little or no clue, these mega proven email marketing strategies, and or tactics are readily available to them! Continue reading

19Sep 2016


affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing: Five Things Serious Newbie Marketers Definitely Needs To Know!

So have you had the chance, to really venture into, any type of reputable affiliate marketing opportunities of any kind?

If so, you’ve already heard, (and or) semi experienced, many of the so called benefits of doing so, correct?

For ex; you already know, as a registered affiliate marketer, you don’t need (initially) anyway, to be concerned with trying to create any products or services of your own,in order to successfully market and or promote something to the online world.

Just think what a major relief and incredible time saver, and major stress reliever, being in that enviable position affords you.

On the other hand, as a registered affiliate of some reputable vendor/marketer, you also understand, you (or I) have virtually no legal or moral control, and or say so, over the commission percentage structure you will receive per sale!

(Or ongoing sales, as it relates to recurring monthly or quarterly income payments, received from an affiliate based continuity program of some kind.)

Nor do you and I have any control, over if and when a vendor, (product and or service owner) sometimes without any prior notice, will simply decide to pull the plug on any given product and or service!

But my friend,(as bad as those occurrences are), and as if those major issues aren’t enough to be concerned with! There is an even more sinister (recurring problem) which looms ever so large, over the entire affiliate marketing industry! Continue reading

17Sep 2016
email marketing

Five Proven Things You Know About Successful Email Marketing Campaigns!

   (Your Major Competitors Probably Don’t!)

So who’s gonna discount the importance, of consistently adhering to, proven email marketing strategies and or tactics, especially if they consistently improve your bottom line!

And often times, for literally pennies on the dollar! You gotta admit, with a potential return on investment ratio (ROI), possibly as high as 4,300%!

Ladies & gentlemen, can you really afford to be a snob,and turn your nose up to those types of potential returns! Especially, when all it takes, in order to start systematically cashing in, (as far as) your proven email marketing strategies, and or tactics are concerned.

Is for you, (and or) your major competitors, to start strategically A/B split testing your email marketing campaigns subject lines, or (testing) in order to discover, whether placing your WordPress blogs/websites opt in form, above or below the fold, (on your blogs) homepage consistently produces the most signups!

Honestly ladies & gentlemen, (how hard), and or time consuming is that? And if doing so, ultimately boost your overall email marketing campaigns, by a respectable 35% or more!You think you can finally pull yourself away from Facebook long enough, to implement these particular changes!

Besides, the vast majority of your major online competitors, thinks this sort of strategic market testing, is a total waste of their extremely valuable time!Here’s your chance to prove them wrong!(Over and over again!) Continue reading

16Sep 2016
email marketing
email mail

How To Really Give Your Email Marketing Campaigns The Ultimate Insiders Edge!Part Two

So did you notice in part one of this ongoing series, by consistently implementing proven email marketing  strategies, and or tactics etc.

They can and definitely will, give (you) and or your major competitors, the ultimate insiders edge.Don’t you agree?

In part two, you are about to discover, at least three more battlefield tested email marketing strategies, you can and should implement asap.

And by doing so, your small business, and or service can gradually move to the very next level or two.

Keep in mine entrepreneur, it’s not natural, nor is it  realistic, to expect your businesses gross profits to skyrocket, the moment you make (implement), small incremental changes.

However, given a reasonable amount time, testing, tracking and tweaking, your overall results, will most certainly improve.Which means, your bank accounts bottom line, will most definitely improve as well!

And that’s what we’re all striving for, correct? That said, let’s take a closer look at these three additional, (ninja) style marketing tips, (in order to) take your email marketing campaigns, to the very next level or two! Continue reading