28Oct 2016
being an entrepreneur

Being An Entrepreneur: Means Taking Advantage Of Power Marketing Leverage Opportunities!Part Two

So as you recall from part one of this ongoing series, about why being an entrepreneur, definitely means, you have to strategically maximize, your various marketing leverage opportunities. When and wherever you can. Do you not agree?

So whether it means, leveraging various tools, like social media platforms.

Or your leveraging your paid email marketing providers various free services, like directly accessing their customer service experts, M-F, 8 am to 8 pm, and on the weekends,they’re also available via email or live chat !

Or if you’re leveraging the paid advice of one of your expert coaches and or mentors etc.And you definitely should be doing that, as much and often as possible!Entrepreneur, you’ve gotta strategic leverage those types opportunities.Don’t you agree?

That said, watch how much (untapped) potential marketing leverage there truly is, buried just below the surface, in some of the most unexpected promotional situations. Continue reading

27Oct 2016
small business

How A Green As Grass Small Business Newbie Marketing Consultant Created Six Figure Business From Scratch!

  (And Nothing He Did Was Out Of The Ordinary!)

Ladies & gentlemen, have you ever heard (or personally) witnessed, or somehow been a part of a powerful and incredibly inspiring true story, that just flat out makes you believe in the infinite possibilities?

You know what I’m taking about here,right? I just recently heard an incredibly powerful testimonial type talk, from a gentlemen, who when he and his wife initially started, were literally,  green as grass, commissioned only mortgage brokersdirect response marketing consultants.

Who parlayed their single, initial client into a middle level six figure, commissioned only mortgage brokering/ consulting business.

Even though, when they initially started their commissioned only mortgage/consulting business, they literally had no idea, what they were doing!

But because they were, (and continue to be) extremely astute marketers, they definitely knew how, and where to get some much needed answers!

Entrepreneur, I think and sincerely hope, you’ll totally enjoy discovering this type of “deep” think outside the box entrepreneurial, problem solving marketing approach! Continue reading

26Oct 2016



Even Though This Powerful Marketing Strategy Is Right Under Their Nose How Come It Gets Ignored?Part two

Entrepreneur, did you happen to notice in part one of this series, about how even though this one potentially profitable marketing strategy, is right under their nose.

Far too many otherwise extremely savvy entrepreneurs, (for whatever reasons) readily choose to either overlook and or ignore this potential marketing opportunity altogether.

Perhaps it’s because, they haven’t actually taken the time to fully run the (front and back end) numbers, in a much needed side by side comparison.

Because if they did, they might discover, far too many cash strapped small business owners and or service providers, are attempting to advertise, (not strategically market) their businesses and or services, as if they are a deep pocketed, fortune 500 type of company!

When clearly, they are not!But in spite of this glaringly obvious fact, they are content to spend a fortune on outrageously expensive traditional advertising mediums, such as local TV, radio and or costly newspaper ads etc.

When there is a much simpler and far less expensive alternative, quietly begging to be utilized! Continue reading

25Oct 2016
being an entrepreneur

Being An Entrepreneur: Means Leveraging Your Current Skills For Maximum Profits!

So have you noticed, being an entrepreneur means, you definitely have to constantly leverage, practically any and every situation, as it relates to strategically growing your business and or service?Right?

Especially when it comes to investing your hard earned money.

Case in point; in the beginning, no severely cash strapped solo- entrepreneur/ start up business owner (s), can afford to settle for a typical one to one return, on their extremely limited capital.

The way a much better funded, deep pocket corporation can, agreed?

So almost instinctively, you will find some creative ways, to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your severely limited cash, no matter what.Right?

Absolutely.And by the very same token, any and all (extremely marketable) skills you may already posses, or are in the process of developing and refining, you will leverage to the absolute hilt.As well you should.And the following example, is certainly no exception. Continue reading

24Oct 2016

Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Just Market Their Businesses They Leverage Their Efforts!Part Three

Okay, to this point, that being part three of this ongoing series,(hopefully) you’ve seen, that even an up and coming comic, that hasn’t necessarily hit the really commercially successful big time just yet.

(But because they’re armed with a practical vision of what can be),they can still strategically market themselves, just like any other extremely savvy, initially cash strapped, (self employed) small business owner and or service provider would, correct?

And in the process, not only create, some incredibly lucrative, long term, passive back end income producing opportunities and possibilities, but they can also create some incredibly, potentially profitable strategic alliances along the way as well!

(You’ll see just “how” potentially lucrative just ahead!So please stay tuned!)

And all because, they decided to finally treat their, (at times completely unpredictable) comic career just like any other serious, (self employed) service provider would!

Which means, they started to develop some rock solid marketing opportunities, so they’re not at the the mercy of the industry and it’s various power brokers!Let’s have a look under the hood, to see what they’ve come up with! Continue reading

22Oct 2016


How Savvy Entrepreneurs Effectively Use Email Marketing Even if You Totally Suck At Writing!

How Savvy Entrepreneurs Effectively Use Email Marketing Even if You Totally Suck At Writing!

So are you one of those extremely savvy entrepreneurs, that is practically fearless, until ( of course) it comes to effectively utilizing good old fashioned email marketing?

 Yea, that old thing again. Believe it or not, here’s an eye opening stat that will totally blow your mind.

An associate of mine that just happens to be in a business that deals with fancy graphic web design, for small business owners, service providers and or entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes etc.

And other extremely complex techie stuff, (not totally sure what!) Anyway, he’s also very familiar with top end (state of the art) paid email service providers, because his company also (in certain situations) provides that service to certain high end customers as well.

And he recently shared with me that (on average) a staggering 20-40% of their paid email service provider customers and clients (of all levels mind you!), haven’t even sent one follow up email message to their list, after sending them that very important “thank you” (and or) welcome message!

Say what? Nod your head cadets,because is it’s true! So the real purpose of this post, is to help you get over your (self inflicted) phobia of writing your all important follow up email marketing messages to your list, even if you totally suck (or think you suck) at writing in general!

Because this particular email marketing tactic (thank goodness), doesn’t involve the type of email marketing, you’re probably used to! Continue reading

21Oct 2016
email marketing

Email Marketing: How These Five Simple Changes Will Boost Your Results Fast!

So you may have noticed, lately, there have been, what appears to be, a ton of posts written on strategic email marketing strategies and or tactics etc.

And you may be wondering, “why” all the fuss about pro-active email marketing. Actually there are several incredibly valid reasons, but two in particular.

First, primarily –strategic- email marketing is one of your potentially most profitable, low cost income generating marketing activities.

And secondly, a highly responsive, (and hopefully) constantly growing opt in email/mobile marketing list, gives you, and or your major competitors, the relatively inexpensive option of, frequently communicating one on one, with your best prospects and customers, practically any time you want!

And you can do so over time, for literally pennies on the dollar! And unlike, your typical, outrageously expensive radio, TV and or newspaper or banner ad packages etc.

Your strategic email marketing campaigns, don’t directly compete with other advertisers, on a page or for radio or TV time etc.

Meaning, the company with the deepest corporate pockets, doesn’t automatically win, simply because they have the deepest pockets, to constantly run ads! Instead, the astute email marketer, can out promote their better financed competitors, simply by (first) learning these five proven email marketing secrets, you’re about to be exposed to!

And then systematically implementing it!Sound good? Continue reading

20Oct 2016
being an entrepreneur

Being An Entrepreneur: Means Taking Advantage Of Power Marketing Leverage Opportunities!

(Any And Every Time The Opportunity Presents Itself!)

Okay, so have you ever run a non successful Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaign?

Or what about an offline, non successful display or classified ad campaign.

Or maybe you tried outrageously expensive, (local) TV or radio advertising, (that is) until you finally came to your collectively senses and abandoned that totally sinking ship!

Before it caused your entrepreneurial Titanic to sink altogether!

Ever spent money on a (not exactly cheap), solo ad campaign, only to watch the ad not break even? Totally sucks, right? Tell me about it!

Or maybe, after reading a few blog posts or articles online, in some respected article directory, you finally decided to roll out your very own, (5,000) piece, direct snail mail, post card campaign, only to see it fail miserably!

If so, (allow one) with the many battle scars to prove it! To gladly advice,(cheer up my friend!) Say what?

Because that, along with a whole lot more (fun stuff) yet to come , is just part of being an entrepreneur! It’s not always peaches & cream! Especially, when (neither) the peaches nor the cream, was purchased at a discount! Continue reading

19Oct 2016


email marketing

Email Marketing: Why It Is The Real Workhorse Of Your Online Presence!

So (please) be extremely honest here! How many times, over the years, have you (unfortunately) seen, this all too familiar scenario play out(over and over) entrepreneur.

An already struggling, and semi to severely cash strapped, small business owner, and or service provider.

They are literally forced, to either decrease, or eliminate altogether, certain parts of their traditional advertising campaigns.

Simply because they were not profitable enough to continue paying for them! Probably a lot, correct? (I take it that was a begrudging yes!)

On the other hand, even if cash becomes extremely tight, with a proven, email marketing strategy in place, this can help them wither the temporary storm, as they and other local small business owners try to sustain themselves.

Don’t you agree? Good, because this particular post, (will hopefully) demonstrate to you.

How and why, strategic email marketing campaigns, without a doubt, are and definitely will continue to be, the real workhorse of your on and offline presence! Continue reading