25May 2016
small business

Introducing The Sneaky Little Way Savvy Small Business Owners Gain And Keep Their Competitive Edge!Part Two

So did you (happen) to notice in part one, how some incredibly savvy small business owners, can and do, consistently find some proven, (albeit) unconventional ways, to constantly grow their businesses, and increase their long term gross profits in the process?

Well, just in case you had any concerns, as to whether or not, some extremely creative service providers, might be able to use any of these proven methods as well!

Rest assured, they most certainly can!Hopefully the “battlefield tested” strategies you are about to discover in this particular post, will definitely put your mind at ease!

And by covering both ends of the spectrum, no (creative) stone of marketing possibilities, will be left unturned!

Because it’s really not a matter of “if” any one of these proven underground marketing strategies will work!It’s actually more a matter of, “how” fast you can creatively adapt and customize them to your given (your current and or future) situation(s)!

And if you need some paid help in doing so, hopefully you know “who” to call asap! Continue reading

24May 2016
lead generation

Who Says Effective Lead Generation Strategies Can’t Involve A Really Great Tasting Dinner?

So ladies & gentlemen, do you currently have a favorite restaurant in your local area? Or a favorite place you like to go because (when it comes to great tasting gourmet deserts), this particular place stands head & shoulders above the rest.

And while you’re racking your brain pondering that thought, consider this thought as well.

Did you ever seriously think, you’d be exposed to any type of legitimate and effective lead generation strategies of any kind, that would somehow involve any type of great tasting dinner and or deserts?

On the surface, (you gotta admit), it does seem highly improbable and or highly unlikely at best. Does it not? So it would seem.But the truth is, effective lead generation, can and definitely does, constantly take on new, creative twists and turns.

But, (ultimately) why should it matter, as long as the bottom line is, the techniques and or strategies, consistently leads to higher gross profits, for less upfront, out of pocket cost!

Let (both) your critics and or major competitors call your proven methods highly unconventional! Your constantly increasing bank account, should more than justify your strategies.Let’s have a look an you decide. Continue reading

23May 2016

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Fuel Their Business Growth Utilizing Free Stuff!Part Three

So (hopefully) by now, there’s less genuine mystery as to “how” and why, some of today’s savviest entrepreneurs, like high powered (Wall Street) type of CPA/Law firms, and or major software and hardware distributors, routinely make it their business, to freely giveaway, two and three hour consulting packages, to both individuals and business owners, that have the real capacity, to become six, seven and eight figure a year consulting clients!Correct?

Why throw hundreds of thousands of dollars, or tens of millions of dollars annually, at incredibly wasteful, and at best “Luke” warm traditional advertising campaigns, when a highly targeted strategy, such as “gifting” some of their best potential clients, initial free consulting, always lands them some major players!

Now in part three, we’re going to (literally) turn the entrepreneurial tables, and let you see “how” this exact same marketing ploy, can and definitely will work in reverse!

Because (self made millionaire), and Internet marketing expert Russel Brunson, already has his very own high end consulting clients, that routinely pay his company six figures a year to consult with him!

Let’s see “how” Russel (and company) might strategically return the favor, to his high powered CPA six figure a year consulting clients! Continue reading

21May 2016
small business

Introducing The Sneaky Little Way Savvy Small Business Owners Gain And Keep Their Competitive Edge!

So have you noticed a certain marketing/promotional pattern, in the way, the vast majority of extremely cash strapped small business owners, and or service providers, consistently go about trying to (consistently) generate, those all important, first time customers, clients and or patients etc.

For some odd reason(s), they almost always literally seemed to be drawn to the most expensive, (and sadly) least effective forms of consistently generating sales.

Meaning; they typically opt for way too expensive mass advertising/promotional ad campaigns of some kind, that in the end, do little more than consistently pad the pockets, of the award driven advertising companies, that sell these (less than effective) traditional adverting platforms.

When often times, for the exact same outlay of upfront cash, (although) it’s not uncommon to pay far less,these exact same (cash strapped) small business owners, and or service providers, could effectively generate a ton more upfront, and long term repeat business, for a fraction of the traditional long term cost. Continue reading

20May 2016
small business

How Paying Really Close Attention To The Right Numbers Can Help Your Small Business Grow Really Fast!

So (entrepreneur) “how” long have you been passionately pursuing your entrepreneurial dream, of not only running your very own successful business and or service, but having the enormously gratifying pleasure, of watching your extremely hard work and dedication pay off?

There’s tons of practical automation tools and (on and offline) personal networking opportunities, plus you can always invest a few of your limited, but hard earned dollars to help you along as well, correct?

For sure, your cash starved small business and or service, has lots of practical tools and or marketing strategies and or tactics, to help you along your way, correct? For sure.

However, in far too many cases, far too many aspiring entrepreneurs, (especially in the beginning),often run right past, some of the most obvious ways and or proven methods, that take at least 95% of the (potentially fatal) guess work out of successfully running their own business or service!

And instead, try to rely on their gut or (not yet) totally reliable instincts, in order to make sound decisions! And more times than not, (that is), until they get the proper seasoning, their gut and or instinct, leads them astray!Too bad! Continue reading

19May 2016


So How Do Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Constantly Turn Golfing On The Greens Into Major Pay Days?

  (And More Importantly How Can You Do It Too?)

So (ladies & gentlemen), do you happen to know anyone and or, are you related to anyone, that absolutely loves the game of golf? Any golfing fanatics in your immediate family?

Savvy entrepreneurs of all types, should be grateful such enthusiasts exist, because it’s a major, untapped marketing opportunity, just waiting to happen!

Golfing enthusiasts, typically go all in, do they not? Have you noticed that? Meaning, they will routinely buy every thing from, (rather pricey) private lessons, to (downright) expensive, golf balls, clubs, designer gloves, the fancy shoes, get numerous paid subscriptions to various golf digest (type of) publications etc.

And they also routinely purchase a ton of “how to” this or that DVD products to boot!

Look at all of those ongoing, front and back end, multiple income stream possibilities, just from this partial list alone!

So without a doubt, while there are literally millions of golfing enthusiasts worldwide, (that try as they may), are simply better off, not trying to make their living hitting that tiny little ball, and instead, should just continue to (enthusiastically) enjoy playing the game, merely as a rather expensive, but thoroughly enjoyable hobby!

Of which, the vast majority of them, have virtually little or no chance, of ever being able to make a living (actually) playing the game!

That said, the flip side of the coin is, there are literally tons of creative ways, extremely savvy entrepreneurs, can use this incredibly popular hobby, to create some major pay days for themselves!(As you’re are about to discover!) So let’s take a much closer look, at a few creative marketing instances or two!Shall we? Continue reading

18May 2016



So How Do Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Really Increase Retail Sales Even During A Nagging Recession?Part Two

So if you’re one of those extremely savvy entrepreneurs that was mentioned in part one of this ongoing series, you already know, it’s best to become extremely proficient, in the proven art of low cost, high powered lead generation strategies, and or tactics, correct?

Absolutely. Otherwise, before you realize it, you can and definitely will, spend a ton of money, over and over again, trying desperately, to find that all important, very next customer and or patient etc.

And believe it not, it’s this enormous ongoing,initial (front end) cost, that ultimately causes so many aspiring business owners/service providers, to ultimately  fail!

Granted, some type it’s simply a matter of an inferior product an or poorly planned and executed business plan!Those all too common occurrences notwithstanding!

In far too many cases though, the basic ongoing, and ever increasing costs to consistently produce healthy gross sales margins, choke off everything else.

That’s why the (hypothetical)strategies laid out in this particular post, are so extremely critical, especially in the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. Continue reading

17May 2016

So How Do Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Really Increase Retail Sales Even During A Nagging Recession?

So do you agree, entrepreneurs in any given industry and practically any worthwhile niche, have more than their fair share of extremely intense competition, and or daily challenges of all kinds, correct?

And there are tons of additional obstacles, they simply have (absolutely) little or  no control over whatsoever, right?

Things like, a severe and nagging local or national recession!There is absolutely no way to control any of  that, right?

Or what if some of their front end cost of doing business, even if they are fixed, (to a certain degree),still increase (unexpectedly) by an additional 10-15% or more!


There is simply no way to anticipate and or prevent that from occurring, now is there?

And (like it or not),they’ve still got to actively compete with their major competitors, do they not? And if their front end gross profit margins are razor thin to begin with, things can get awfully tense, really quick!Ever been there?

Don’t you agree? On the other hand, if you and or your major competitors, still have really nice, gross front end profit margins, even if there is a nagging (local), and or severe national recession raging on, you still have more than your fair share of extremely viable marketing options, correct? Continue reading

16May 2016

So How Do These Ultimate Insider Type Entrepreneurs Get Free Advertising Over And Over Again?

    (And More Importantly How Can You And I Get Some Of It too?)

Have you ever purchased any type (traditional) paid advertising of any kind? Be it on or offline.You know what I’m referring to, traditional advertising mediums like,online ezine ad campaigns, or offline classified and or display ads etc.

Or maybe you’ve tried your hand, and probably blew a big chunk of your formalized ad budget on glitzy (local) radio and or TV ad campaigns.Wanna know a little marketing secret, (that’s really) no secret at all!

Especially among the ultimate insider type of extremely savvy entrepreneurs,  (who) let’s face it already, they always seem to be the ones, that gladly pass this type of proven information around, to the rest of us.(But especially their students and or clients, right?) Absolutely!

And that’s why I pose the following question to you. Have you ever implemented, any type free and or paid advertising campaign of any kind, where the advertiser, made it crystal clear, you only need to pay once,(or not at all), but they’ll gladly repeat some of your very best marketing campaigns, over and over for free!It’s definitely a nice gig when you can get it, correct? Stick around, this little tid bit just might be worth your extremely valuable time…. Continue reading