23Jul 2016

increase retail sales

Three Incredibly Simple Ways To Increase Retail Sales Without Spending More Money!Part Two

So you definitely wanna do whatever you can afford to do, in order to increase retail sales,correct?

But here’s the thing, (entrepreneur), unless, or until, you bother to acquire, some basic, fundamental marketing skills, you may in fact have a business, and or some type of service,.

But unfortunately, the vast majority of your extremely valuable, (not to mention), irreplaceable time, and extremely limited tangible (and non tangible) resources, will be devoted to working in your business and not on it!

Which in all likelihood, will either lead to burnout, financial complications, damaged personal and professional relationships! Or all of the above, to some degree or another!

Which is why, you’d better dedicate at least some of your time and money, developing some bankable marketing skills! Continue reading

22Jul 2016

blogger outreach

Why So Many Extremely Savvy Marketers Are Good At Blogger Outreach!

(And Why You Should Be Too!)

So what exactly are you (consistently) doing these days, to drive targeted traffic to your WordPress  website and or blog? And more importantly, is it working?

(Important note: Entrepreneur the password is “blogger outreach!”

Does it need any strategic tweaking? Is it the type of process, you can readily scale up, for even greater, (bankable) results?

Or, (like a lot) of other, aspiring bloggers, are you totally frustrated, up to this point?Or do you fall somewhere between the two major extremes?

Whatever the case may be, would you like to emulate, the proven targeted traffic generating strategies, (and power network) building methods, some of the top bloggers, walking the planet, currently use! If so, you are definitely talking about using some form of blogger outreach.

Because, as you’re about to discover, blogger outreach, is definitely, one of the proven methods of choice, by some of the blogospheres, top bloggers in the world! Continue reading

21Jul 2016

small business

Why Every Serious Small Business Owner Should Learn How To Make Money Giving Away Free Stuff!

(And How Can You Do It Too!)

You do know and realize, some severely cash strapped small business owners, and or service providers, operate on margins so razor thin, that even the slightest interruption in their already suspect cash flow, might cause them not to be able to meet that weeks payroll and or, temporarily prevent them from paying one or several of their vendors!

And believe it, once that potentially fatal pattern starts, it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, going forward,to get that particular vendor to ever extend future credit beyond 10 days or so.(If at all!)

Because truth told, they need yours or my payments, in order for them to meet their weekly and monthly obligations too!

They’ve got valued employees, associates, vendors, suppliers, Insurance companies, home and business mortgages, leases, equipment,ongoing fees,various taxes, bonuses, variable and other fixed monthly costs, just like every body else!

So it’s no wonder, the moment (it’s) suggested they actually attempt to give away anything of value away for free! For any extended period of time, that request will almost certainly fall on some extremely deaf ears!

But (dear profit seeking) entrepreneur, what if there was and is a way, for your severely cash strapped small business to give away something of value, for free indefinitely, and it’s not digital, but an actual, physical good, that’s extremely high in demand, and it wouldn’t put any burden on your business finances, whatsoever!

You’d at least want to know about it, before any of your major competitors did! Is that a yes, or a yes? Continue reading

20Jul 2016

What Do Savvy Entrepreneurs Know About Effective Lead Generation Their Major Competitors Don’t? Part Two

So did you happen to notice in part one, some of today’s savviest,(not to mention) creative entrepreneursmanage to not only dramatically lower, their traditional upfront out of pocket, traditional lead generation cost, on both the front and back end of their sales funnels.

But they also, strategically leverage other successful vendors various assets of all kinds.Because sadly,far too many otherwise extremely accomplished entrepreneurs, often either overlook and or ignore altogether, the opportunity to dramatically move their businesses, and or services forward in a big way!

Simply by strategically leveraging assets, it has taken other successful vendors, tons of their extremely valuable resources, and (not to mention) time to acquire, generate and or create!

And now, another astute marketer, can dramatically lower their ongoing cost and time investment, to gain access to these same extremely valuable assets!

Like for instance, another successful vendors customer/client base and or their target audience! Continue reading

19Jul 2016
small business

What Struggling Small Business Owners Can Do When Their Paid Ad Campaigns Fail!

So have you noticed “what” happens practically every time, a severely cash strapped small business, local newspaper publishers reps, fails to sell a certain amount of paid advertising spots in their publication.

They face in situation described as “going black.” Which is just  fancy way of saying, they didn’t sell their particular ad spot(s), and in order to avoid having a blank space in their publication, radio or TV slots.

Or not having to run multiple, (non revenue) generating public service ads, to cover those non ad sold spots.

Ladies & gentlemen, believe it not, this recurring situation, is a long term potential money maker, for the smaller, independently owned, local radio, TV an or newspapers.It just may not seem like it,at first blush! Continue reading

18Jul 2016
small business

How Savvy Small Business Owners Profit From Ebooks They Don’t Write!

   (And How You Can Too!)

So do you currently have any type of ebooks, and or PDF file special reports, working for you?

(Like my free nine page special report opt in, you’re highly encouraged to download and start applying it’s proven contents asap!)

Because you know, you can (either) use them to help build your opt in email list, or to sell them, to generate some type of ongoing, passive income, correct?

And over the years, you’ve (no doubt) seen a ton of extremely savvy small business owners, (entrepreneurs)and or service providers, use one of the aforementioned strategies, to grow their lists and or generate some type of passive income as well, correct?

So you already know first hand, it’s a proven business model, that definitely has some real world (money making) potential, correct?

Great.Let’s take an even closer look, at “how” some extremely marketing savvy small business owners, service providers and or extremely savvy entrepreneurs, can actually, routinely profit, from some type of ebook, even though they didn’t personally write it!

Nor did they have it ghost written either! Entrepreneur, is that not interesting? Continue reading

16Jul 2016



Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Should Treat Their Business Like A TV Series Not The Movies!

So like many of today’s extremely savvy entrepreneurs, you probably love to catch a really good feature film, every now again.Correct? Absolutely! Me too!

But do you also (occasionally) prefer, a well done, low budget independent film? Again, me too.

And have ever  seriously stopped to consider, just “how” many incredibly parallel lessons and comparisons, there are to be made, between successful, on and offline marketing, and the movie business? Huh?

Nod your head cadets, because it’s true.Case in point: take a closer look at the following three situations, and see if you don’t agree, you can learn an awful lot, about successful marketing in general, and online marketing in particular, simply by studying the movie industry. Continue reading

15Jul 2016



Five Simple Things A Really Close Friendship Can Teach You About Successful Blogging!

So do you currently have, (at least) a static website? Or maybe you have a static website, with an active blog component included with it.Or do you have a state of the art, mobile responsive WordPress blog?

And have you been actively blogging for any meaningful length of time?

And can you see and hopefully appreciate, what an extremely powerful, low cost, valuable marketing tool, your blog can potentially be?

And do you currently have, a really close friend? Or maybe a (hands down) best friend!

Okay, if you do, let’s see how much, having a really close, (and or) very best friend, can and should teach you about successful blogging!

See if you agree with these five rather simple, yet hopefully, extremely helpful insights,as they relate to friendship and blogging. Continue reading

14Jul 2016


advertisingideas  Most small business owners and or service providers, initially start out, by using, more like, heavily relying on, some type of paid advertising.Do they not?

And for better or for worse, or at least until they can find some type of extremely viable marketing alternatives, to supplement, if not replace their current form of advertising.

But sadly, (in the beginning anyway), most small business owners and or service providers, throw a ton of money at some outrageously expensive, traditional advertising mediums, trying to build their business and or service.

And often times, while they do gain some first time customers and or clients in the process, they often spend far more money than they actually need to, and therefore, usually net a whole lot less gross profit, on the initial front end of their sales funnel.

But rest assured, there are most definitely, some extremely viable marketing alternatives, that are available to them.The ultimate purpose of this post, is to make you aware of them.

Continue reading