27May 2017

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Really Big Money From Their List! Part Two

 ( And How You Can Too!)

Picking up where you left of in Part One. Your business can and will be light years ahead of your major competitors when you start strategically doing two things.

And rest assured,by systematically implementing these two critically important components, is what continues to separate, most extremely savvy entrepreneurs, from their would be competitors.

And it’s also, how they consistently go about, making a really big splash, in their chosen niche, even if they don’t initially have deep corporate pockets to begin with.

1.) Start systematically building your very own in house list opt in email/mobile marketing list.Or if you primarily market offline, you should definitely start systematically building your offline database.

If you’re temporarily short on creative marketing ideas, then by all means, sponsor a periodic, (weekly or monthly) free drawing of some kind.

Choose your 1st grand prize winner, and immediately notify your other 99% of the runner ups, of their extremely valuable secondary prizes, valued at x. Continue reading

26May 2017

small business

How Savvy Small Business Owners Compete Even With Really Tiny Ad Budgets!

 (And How You Can Too!)

Have you noticed, practically above all of the other factors, almost to the point, the one main thing and recurring theme, most small business owners, service providers, and or enthusiastic start ups, all seem to have in common, especially in their extremely humble cash flow challenged beginnings.

They all lack for readily available cash or reliable business. Have you noticed this all too common theme, as well? Or is it just me?

And often times especially if they’re attempting to market their extremely valuable,products, and or services online, (to any extent), they often lack, basic online marketing knowledge and skills. Would you not agree?

But whether a brand new start up, initially wants to market on or offline, if they’re trying to advertise and or successfully promote themselves, using the outrageously expensive, traditional methods, they quickly realize, their limited access to cash and or reasonable credit terms, puts a major cramp in their style, to say the least, correct?

But who says, just because your start up and or service business doesn’t have huge corporate backing, you can’t successfully compete? Continue reading

25May 2017
email marketing

How This Misinterpreted Stat In Email Marketing Is About To Cause You Some Major Frustration!Part Two

Hopefully after reading part one of this ongoing series, you realize and much better appreciate, your own personal email marketing stats, (especially) in the beginning of your online entrepreneurial journey.

They aren’t supposed to come anywhere near, those of a seasoned, experienced online marketer, who currently routinely earns, six, seven or eight figures a year, correct?

After all, as you discovered in part one, not only do they generally have, a bevy of a far more response opt in email/mobile marketing lists to begin with.

But they have also carefully cultivated over the years,some invaluable joint venture and or cross promotional partners, whom (unlike you), they can call upon, practically any time they wish, and put together the type of potential long term money making arrangements, most aspiring online newbie marketers, can only dream of, and  fantasize about, correct? Continue reading

24May 2017
small business

How Savvy Small Business Owners Make Shaky Advertising Campaigns Profitable!

   (And How You Can Too!)

Wanna take a wild guess, how many semi cash strapped and or resourced challenged small business owners, and or service providers, initially spend a ton of money, trying to advertise and or promote themselves just like the deep pocket fortune 100-500 businesses do?

Meaning, they are somehow led to believe, they can consistently run these glitzy,non committal type of traditional ad campaigns.

And just because they periodically get their name in front of the general public, somehow, magically, this will eventually translate into some bankable income.At some point.

News flash, if anything, this type of outrageously expensive, image advertising and or promotional tactic, usually results in very little gross front and or back end profits, for the cash strapped small business owner(s), entrepreneurs and or service providers, who try it.

Now granted, if your company routinely has direct, and or indirect access to fortune 500 type of ad budgets, and you can afford to literally drill your companies image into the general public-s head.Maybe over time,this approach might possibly work.

But if your cash and other resources are somewhat limited, it’s best you seek some viable marketing and promotional alternatives, don’t you agree? Continue reading

23May 2017
how to increase retail sales

How To Increase Retail Sales Even With A Razor Thin Budget!

  (Introducing Three Brain Dead Simple Ways To Consistently Generate More Income!)

First of all, the really good news is, you and I both know and fully realize, there are obviously, tons of little known, proven ways, to consistently generate more front and back end income, for your business and or service, then most savvy entrepreneurs, even begin to take advantage of, correct? Most definitely agreed.

So when you initially read a laser focused headline, which says how to increase retail sales,you realize it’s not literal in nature, right? Just conceptually speaking.

That said, when you implement these three separate  marketing strategies, individually, and or in conjunction with one another, that’s when the potential profit gates, tend to swing wide open. Or at least, they open a whole lot more than they currently do.

In any event, does this sound like the type of subject, you’d like to know more about? Is that a resounding yes, or yes? Continue reading

22May 2017
small business

How Your Cash Strapped Small Business Generates More Customers For Less Money!Part Three

So now, after reading parts one and two of this ongoing series,hopefully you are starting to become more receptive, to how your resourced challenged small business and or service, can consistently generate more and more first time, and repeat customers, for less, right?

And strategically using some proven form of ‘triangulation’, definitely enhances your chances of making it happen.

It can make growing your business/service far more practical, less expensive, and predictable.

Provided of course, you consistently implement a proven game plan and tweak and monitor your progress as you grow. It’s not hard, but let’s face it, it isn’t exactly easy either.

But implementing a proven triangulation type of marketing plan, will definitely give your business and or service, a shot of marketing creativity, it desperately probably needs. And in the process, you’ll surely reap the much anticipated results. Continue reading

20May 2017
lead magnets

Why Your Best Lead Magnets Don’t Have To Be Expensive To Really Effective!

Does your resourced challenged small business and or service, currently utilize and benefit from,any market tested leads magnets?

In fact, if you’re anything like most, cash starved entrepreneurs, who read that last sentence, as soon as you read the term lead magnetyou probably, starting thinking about, some sort of free digital giveaway, which came, either in the form of an MP3 recording, ebook, PDF file and or popular webinar recording, correct?

And why not, because any and all of those proven forms of list building lead magnets, have definitely proven to be effective, but it’s certainly not limited to the aforementioned formats.

For example, almost all of you, have heard of, and or may have already purchased some type of personal development products or services, from international known, mega personality, ‘Tony Robbins,”correct?

But how many of you have ever thought of ‘Tony Robbins,’ as a proven lead magnet? Say what? That’s correct.. Continue reading

19May 2017

Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Big Ad Budgets To Make Big Money!Part Three

So why is it, some extremely savvy entrepreneurssimply do not have to rely on, outrageously large, traditional ad budgets? While others, simply can’t make a go of it, without one?

While I can’t personally say why this may or may not be the case.One thing is definitely for sure, if your entrepreneurial venture, has to constantly be fueled by extremely large, conventional advertising, and or promotional budgets of any kind.

My friend, you’re constantly skating on very thin ice. For one thing, the type of glitzy, and outrageously expensive, traditional ad campaigns, most resourced challenged small business owners, and or service providers try and use, in order to continuously get the word out.

Really offers, virtually no long term residual benefits of any kind.Ouch.

Yet, those types of extremely popular campaigns, eat up large chunks of your readily available capital.

So for those primary reasons, and so many others, some extremely viable,profit producing marketing alternatives, have got to be implemented asap.Would you not agree? Continue reading

18May 2017

Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Big Ad Budgets To Make Big Money!Part Two

Hopefully after reading part one of this ongoing series, you have definitely come to appreciate, even your resourced challenged small business, can strategically compete, with some of the sharpest entrepreneurs, even if you’re starting out, with an extremely limited, conventional advertising budget, right?

Because after reading part one, you’re now in a much better position, to understand how to gain maximum profitability, from your extremely limited capital, correct?

That’s really good to hear, because sadly, far too many extremely dedicated entrepreneurs, seem to get lost in the sauce, because they try and advertise, and or promote their extremely valuable products, or services, like their deep pocket, corporate 500 types.

And obviously, since they aren’t, they quickly have to change their advertising/promotional ways, or risk going out of business altogether. It happens all the time.

The remainder of this particular post, is dedicated to hopefully preventing such a fate, from ever happening to you. Continue reading