30Jun 2016



Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Love The Multi Billion Dollar A Year Moving Industry!

Did you know, (as of) the publishing of this particular post, the moving industry, is a $12 billion dollar a year industry?

That’s an awful lot of commerce, is it not? Which typically means, there are a ton of untapped, creative entrepreneurial opportunities, just waiting to be explored and capitalized on.

And you’re about to discover, “how” some extremely marketing savvy entrepreneurs, mange to routinely cash in on it, even though their industry, is not directly connected to it.

So they’re able to serve and at the exact same time, cash in and get their part, of a $12 billion dollar  year industry.Which, (truth told), shows absolutely no signs of slowing down, and or going away altogether!And while far from 100% recession proof!

This incredibly lucrative industry, is actually a spring board into even greater profits, for the right type of marketing savvy entrepreneurs,as you’re about to discover. Continue reading

29Jun 2016
email marketing

Three Incredibly Simple Reasons Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Rely On Strategic Email Marketing!Part Two

How much better do you want it, and or expect it to get?

Meaning; (in part one), hopefully you discovered, that it’s not only possible, but highly probable, for your business and or service, to actually benefit from the strategic use of email marketingeven if you don’t, currently have a paid email service provider of your own!

Entrepreneur, is that encouraging or what? Granted, even if you don’t currently have your very, paid email service provider.

Part of your long term marketing plans, should definitely should including getting one asap.That way, in the very near future, you want have to rely on other non competing vendors, to send some of your best market tested offers to their lists.

Instead, any time you wish, you can send your very own, VIP opt in subscribers, any and all the various types of communications you want!Your main advantage being, now you are in far more control of your businesses ultimate destiny, than when you have to constantly rely on other non competing to promote your products, services and or various offers etc. Continue reading

28Jun 2016


small business

Introducing Three Proven Ways Small Business Owners Inexpensively Increase Their Profits!

So given the choice, (entrepreneur), do you (honestly) prefer, to work on, or in your business?

Sadly, far too many, aspiring entrepreneurs, and or profit seeking small business owners/service providers, work incredibly hard in their business.

And because they really aren’t that (creative) marketing astute just yet, they consistently do very little, in terms of working on strategically growing their business and or service.

And as a direct result, they rarely, if ever, come close to realizing their businesses full potential.Instead, they often rely on marketing strategies and or tactics, that offer very little leveraging opportunities.Unlike, the following three, “battlefield tested”, marketing strategies, you are about to discover. Continue reading

27Jun 2016

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Put Their Best Lead Generation Strategies On Steroids!Part Two

So after exploring just hand full of the “battlefield tested” marketing possibilities, and or opportunities in part one, do you now agree, that extremely marketing savvy entrepreneurshave a ton more underground ninja marketing opportunities, than readily meets the eye!

Agreed! Because with the other shoe dropping, you’re about to discover in part two.Not only do individuals that consistently earn high six and seven figure annual incomes, love to party with the best of them!

But they also love to roll out their check books to support all types of worthy, extremely reputable local and national causes! Have you noticed that too?

So in part two, you’re gong to discover at least three more proven ways, these marketing savvy entrepreneurs, literally put some of their very best market tested lead generation strategies on steroids!And how you can too!  Continue reading

25Jun 2016
email marketing

Three Incredibly Simple Reasons Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Rely On Strategic Email Marketing!

Can you use more gross sales, (minus) the typical 75% or more in traditional, upfront out of pocket cost? Yea, who couldn’t, right? Well, then the very next question, definitely begs asking!

Entrepreneur, as of today, what the heck are doing (right now) to work towards achieving that ultimate goal?

And by consistently doing so, would your dramatic decrease in your front end, initial customer/client acquisition cost, finally allow you to at least, explore other, potentially more viable marketing options?

Of course it would, correct? If so, ladies & gentlemen, you had better, get some type of proven,long term email marketing strategies in place asap.

Because the longer you delay doing so, (for whatever semi legit excuses your vivid imagination can conjure up.)

Entrepreneur,you’re literally forfeiting a certain percentage of your potential long term gross profits, to your major competitors, that are already effectively using, some type of paid email service provider.

Don’t you think it’s about time, you finally take the steps necessary, to change that particular situation? Continue reading

24Jun 2016
email marketing

Seven Incredibly Simple Reasons An Effective Email Marketing Strategy Makes Sense!Part Two

As if you needed to be convinced any further, but practically any business, (small) and or otherwise, and it also doesn’t matter, if you’re an extremely savvy service provider of some kind.

Whatever your particular case happens to be, proactive email marketingto some degree or another, should definitely be and or become an extremely active part, of your long term marketing plans.Don’t you agree? The long term savings notwithstanding.

Because remember, just from an organizational standpoint, a reputable, paid email mail service provider, allows you to systematically keep in touch, with your best potential customers, patients and or clients etc.(And of course, periodically communicate with your paying customers, patients and or clients as well.)

Because, just depending on where they are, (at any given time),in terms of your particular sales funnel, they will automatically receive, the right message, in precisely the right order, each and every time!

So there’s nothing for you to personally try and kick track of, because this fabulous piece of paid software, does it all for you! (For one low monthly price of X!)What a freaking relief! Continue reading

22Jun 2016


email mail

Five Incredibly Simple Ways Newbie Marketers Constantly Sabotage Their Email Marketing Campaigns!

You do know, appreciate and understand, “how” the strategic use of opt in email marketing , can and definitely will, systematically, and or dramatically lower, some of your traditional, upfront out of pocket cost, correct?

So there’s no reason to (continually) pound the drum, about that potential benefit, correct?

Because, given the choice, between sending your opt in email, (and or) mobile marketing list of 400 local subscribers, your not exactly, professionally copy written offer!

And or, first paying your local printer, for setup and typesetting, then the current postage charges. And finally, mailing your (direct) snail mail, post card offer to your subscribers, and waiting patiently anywhere from 3 to 10 days, for a possible response!

(That may or not even come!) Or, you (or someone else) within your organization, with very little bankable copy writing skills,could construct an equally dismal email/mobile marketing message, hit send, have your email offer bomb!

But, still pay the same monthly price of X, without the additional charges,  associated with direct snail mail!And bare in mind, each time you sen direct snail mail, those exact same setup, type setting and current postage charges will apply Entrepreneur, which choice do you prefer? Continue reading

21Jun 2016
cross promotions

So Why Aren’t You Strategically Using Low Cost High Powered Cross Promotions?

   (To Dramatically Lower Your Upfront Out Of Pocket Cost

And Increase Your Credibility!)

If, you could dramatically lower, the upfront out of pocket cost, on some of your current, advertising, and or promotional campaigns, by say 5075% or more, would your current advertising and or promotional campaigns, start generating an immediate front end profit?

What if, you could lower your upfront, traditional lead generation cost by even more than 75%, would you at least be breaking even on the front end of your sales funnel?

And just the for a moment, (entrepreneur), please suspend your natural tendencies toward overwhelming skepticism.

Because, if there is a rather simple, non techie way, for you to consistently accomplish such a goal, (that’s practically right under your nose),you’d definitely want to know about it!Would you not? My friend, welcome to the wonderful possibilities, of strategic cross promotions! Continue reading

20Jun 2016

Three Simple Ways Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Money While Their Competitors Struggle!

Have you noticed, some marketing savvy entrepreneurs, seem to consistently generate brand new first time customers, patients, and or clients etc.

Irregardless, of whether or not, their local economy is (either) rapidly expanding, and or slowly contracting. Have you noticed that as well.

And while some of their major competitors, are either (temporarily) experiencing hiring freezes, or worst yet, actually having to temporarily lay some of their extremely valuable staff off!

They on the other hand, are busy bringing on (both) full and part time employees/associates.Now, (at least) one of the main “burning questions” has got to be, “what’s their so called secret to success?” Correct?

And truth told, there is no “secret” per se. But without a doubt, they do understand, and often implement proven lead generation strategies and or tactics etc.

And they do understand “how to” effectively implement, various ongoing marketing strategies, for maximum long term bankable results.Let’s take a closer look, at three incredibly simple ways, they can not only, consistently generate some brand new first time customers, but do so for (literally) pennies on the dollar!All while their major competitors, continue to struggle!(And wonder “how the heck they’re consistently doing it!) Continue reading