25Jul 2017
retail selling tips

Retail Selling Tips: Introducing Three Simple Ways To Make Your Explode!

Every physical encounter with your current, potential first time customer(s), and or ex customers, is yet another opportunity, for you and I to successfully implement some proven retail selling tips.

Because consistently doing so, helps build even more trust among your clientele, plus gradually (over time) helps separate you from your major competitors. Far too many of whom, simply take these finer point details for granted.

And while they constantly go for the home runs, you’ll be constantly racking up those much easier to hit singles. And remember in baseball terms, a hitter who amasses 3,000 hits over the course of their entire career, they usually whined up being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

So please don’t discount the long term impact, of constantly experiencing a series of little wins. Because over time, they definitely add up.Don’t you agree? Continue reading

24Jul 2017
free resources

Introducing Five Potentially Profitable Free Resources For Aspiring Online Marketers!

Does your business and or service, consistently make maximum use of any type of free resources? If not, you definitely should.

Granted, there is more than enough truth, in the all too common phrase, “you get what you pay for.”

However, this train of thought withstanding. Every now and again, there are simply some totally fabulous, free resources, which, if properly utilized can and definitely will, help take your semi resourced challenged small business and or service, to the very next level or two.

Of course, you and I, definitely need to make (real) ongoing time and monetary investments in our enterprises.

But don’t discount and or potentially ignore, benefits available to you, simply because they didn’t happen to come about, as the direct result of using paid resources. Continue reading

22Jul 2017
entrepreneurial ideas

How To Really Kick Your Entrepreneurial Ideas Up A Notch Or Two!

   (Without Necessarily Having To Spend More Money In Order To Do So!)

So you’re definitely committed to growing your small business and or service, correct? Congratulations, me too. 😎

Here’s the main rub, you’re not totally sure, if your current entrepreneurial ideas will take you where you wanna go or not, correct?

Of course you’re totally dedicated to seeing your ideas through, correct?

Your ultimate challenge is, (just like) the vast majority of your major competitors, you don’t have unlimited cash flow, to keep throwing away tons of your hard earned money, on dismally performing and outrageously expensive, traditional ad/promotional campaigns, right?

Guest What, by strategically using various forms of marketing leverage, you don’t or won’t have to. Continue reading

21Jul 2017

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate Massive Profits From Used Merchandise!Part Two

As you previously discovered in part one, of this ongoing series, about how even some semi cash strapped entrepreneurs, in the retail business, can systematically convert, their used clothing inventory and or accessories, into some massive, front and back end profits.

All the while, creating an underground type of non conventional sales funnel, which will pay them on many different levels, for years and years to come. Is this not interesting?   🙂

because remember, in the retail clothing business game, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ you and or your major competitors, will-at some point- have used inventory.

It’s more a matter of when and how much. Continue reading

20Jul 2017
small business

Why Knowing What A Qualified Lead Is Truly Worth Is Gold To Your Small Business!

So does your semi cash strapped small business and or service, continuously struggle with any type of  lead generating methods?

Or are you one of those aspiring entrepreneurs, whose simply content to waste tons of your extremely limited financial resources, on outrageously expensive (albeit), dismally performing, bank account draining, image advertising campaigns of some kind?

Hopefully you do know and are starting to appreciate, why knowing what a semi qualified lead, is truly worth to your cash semi strapped small business and or service, is worthwhile, correct?

Because as you become more aware of the long term residual value of each semi qualified lead, the marketing doors of previously untapped opportunities and or possibilities, start to open wider and wider.

And this is definitely a good thing, is it not? Continue reading

19Jul 2017
small business

How And Why A Little Strategic Charity Can Help Your Small Business Prosper!Part Two

So (hopefully) as you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, your resourced challenged small business or service, definitely needs to add a little strategic charity, coupled with some battlefield tested cross promotional strategies.Don’t you agree?

In part two (and beyond), you’re about to discover, how these type of under utilized marketing strategies, will definitely help you take your semi cash strapped small business and or service, to the very next level or two.

And do so, without your all too typical hit & miss type of bank account draining results, which ultimately cripple, if not bankrupt, far too many aspiring entrepreneurs.This doesn’t have to be the case for you, don’t you agree? Continue reading

18Jul 2017



How Blogging Can Help Your Business And Or Service Grow!

Hopefully, you’re not still at the point in your online marketing career, where you’re actually wondering, how blogging can help your business and or service grow, are you?

I sincerely hope not, because strategic blogging, provided it’s done consistently, at least once a week or more, can and does provide, several extremely viable opportunities, for you and I to monetize our efforts.

On both the front and back end of our customize able sales funnel. How’s that for potentially profitable marketing flexibility?

At this point, it’s no longer a matter of if blogging, and or some type of,market tested lead generating based article marketing/blogging works.It’s more a question of  how much so, correct?

You will no doubt have all or most of your answers to this eternal burning questions, by or before you’re finished reading, this particular blog post. Sound good? Continue reading

17Jul 2017

How Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Still Miss The Boat With Their Ad Dollars!Part Two

As you previously discovered in part one, of this ongoing series, (unfortunately), there are an awful lot of extremely hard working, dedicated entrepreneurswho work way too hard in their businesses, instead of on them.

Would you not agree? And as a direct result, the Luke warm results they (far too) often, tend to receive on their outrageously expensive, traditional advertising/promotional campaigns, does very little, to relieve their ongoing stress levels.

Sadly, far too many aspiring entrepreneurs, don’t equate -constantly- growing, and reoccurring stress levels with struggling and or failing business ventures.

The two definitely go hand in hand.In the remainder of this post, (hopefully) you’re about to discover, exactly how, you can work smarter on your business, not just harder in your business.Sound good? Continue reading

15Jul 2017
time management activities

Why Successful Entrepreneurs Focus So Much Energy On Time Management Activities!

(And Why You And I Definitely Should Too!)

Will you be brutally honest for just a second?

If you were to actually document, (almost 95%), or most of what you do, on a daily basis, (including weekends BTW), to successfully market, advertise and or promote, you business, products and or services etc.

At the end of ,(let-s say) one full seven day period.

Would you have any major, and or lingering issues (of any kind!), with regards, to dramatically improving, your time management activities? Are you sure?

Because, more than likely, once you have to accurately, and honestly account for your time, you’ll probably discover, you may not actually need more time to successfully implement, strategies and or tactics, A,B C and D.

Instead, like most of us, you just may need to tweak, your current, time management techniques. because doing so, may be the final push, (to either) propel you to the very next level or two.

And or, (if nothing else), start you on your journey. Continue reading