10Dec 2016
Ways to increase profits

Three Ways To Increase Profits That Right Under Your Competitors Nose!Part Three

In the third installment of this ongoing series about strategically utilizing some non conventional  ways to increase profits, you are about to discover how savvy entrepreneurs leverage (both) the  high influence-rs within their offline local community, and those influence-rs enormously well  connected personal and professional networks too!

By systematically converting those high influence-rs (and their highly influential personal and  professional networks) into super “Evangelists!”

All for literally pennies on the dollar! And in the process get incredible long term (positive) word  of mouth and mouse buzz, for years and years to come!

And avoid the dreaded and outrageously expensive “one and done” advertising money pit, that  far too many cashed starved small business owners and or service providers, find themselves to often trapped in!

This post will demonstrate “how to” effectively tap into their sphere of influence and increase your bank account as you do so! Continue reading

09Dec 2016

Savvy Entrepreneurs Love The Information Business Because They Love Leverage!Part Two

So did you happen to notice in part one of this ongoing series, how some of today-s savviest entrepreneurs,can and do, creatively use how to problem solving the information business model, to consistently create various forms of multiple streams of income?

And the real beauty is, for practically any and every practical skill  you currently posses, there is a way to strategically monetize it, in lots of creative ways.

And in all likelihood, these proven ways, involve both on and offline opportunities.

Some of which are fairly obvious and many which aren’t. Part two of this ongoing series, hopefully will amply demonstrate, even more battlefield tested ways, for you and I to effectively monetize, the how to information business opportunity.

Which truth told, is only getting even more lucrative! Continue reading

08Dec 2016


How One Of The Biggest Email Marketing Myths Is Destroying Your Chances For Online Success!Part Four

How One Of The Biggest Email Marketing Myths Is Destroying Your Chances For Online Success!Part Four

Surely after the three previous ongoing installments on this particular subject.

You at least now semi appreciate the fact,  (or you’re starting to)  appreciate the fact, that you really do not have to have any sort  of pre -written, sequential follow email marketing messages of any kind.Unless you want to!

In order to be extremely successful with strategic email marketing.


And you can see and do at least partially know and understand that now, right?

Great! Because you know entrepreneur, as vitally important as it is, for you to consistently go about strategically building and constantly developing your very own (on or offline) database of some kind.

Unfortunately, there is another critically important element to your successful online marketing puzzle, that rarely gets mentioned.

At least it doesn’t get mentioned and stressed nearly enough,with regards to power list building 101! And without quickly developing some type of battlefield tested, on or offline  marketing strategy to effectively address it.Guess what?

Your entire list building efforts and long term online success ambitions, will become nothing more than wishful thinking. And an exercise in (long term) futility at best.

So “what” exactly is this so called “mystery” missing critical element, which the vast majority of free blog posts and or free “how to” information products and free boot camps etc, practically never ever cover? Or if they do, it’s only very briefly, broadly and way too generically, in order to be of any real benefit to you and I! Let’s find out! Continue reading

07Dec 2016


top ten popular books

How To Make Big Money With The Top Ten Popular Books In Your Particular Niche!Part Two

So as you read in part one, how with a properly executed marketing/promotional plan/strategy, it’s entirely possible, for you (and or) your major competitors, to consistently make money, by promoting the top ten popular books, CD’s and or DVD’s, within your particular niche.

Even though you didn’t write a single word yourself, and you’re not currently a registered affiliate of the any of these mega best selling authors, nor are you currently a registered affiliate of any of the publishers!

And you have absolutely no plans of becoming one, any time soon! Entrepreneur, is that not an interesting? Continue reading

06Dec 2016

This Is Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Love The How To Information Business!

Since you are one of today’s savviest entrepreneurs, you’re always open to discover some new, proven ways of creating multiple streams of income, correct? Good! So glad to hear that.

My friend, whether you realize it or not, one of the most potentially lucrative business models, you can get into, quite literally within the next 72 hours or less, (for some extremely low front end out of pocket cost.)

Why its none other than the potentially lucrative one on one, and or group coaching, consulting, how to information business.

Seriously, there are literally tons of potential prospects, world wide, via the internet, you and I, (and or) our major competitors, can attract and offer some form of personalized coaching/consulting to.

And they are more than willing to pay for it, via a one time payment for some type of course, and or ongoing, via a paid membership site platform of some kind.Or maybe, just to get (semi) direct access to you, by way of direct email contact, or via skype, and or the phone etc.

And of course, there’s always the traditional way of creating some type of problem solving digital information and or service, right? Continue reading

05Dec 2016
small business

How This Major Marketing Mistake Constantly Hurts Small Business Owners!


(And What You Must Do To Avoid It Happening To You!)

So what exactly, or how does your -semi- to severely cash and resourced strapped small business and or service do, to go about systematically generating leads and brand new first time customers, patients and or clients etc.

And is your current process easily scale- able? And if it’s not, why bother implementing the strategy and or tactic in the first place?

For most semi to severely cash strapped small business owners and or service providers, the answer is pretty simple.

They really have a  sort of one track mind approach to initial lead generation and eventual conversion.

And it’s that particular type of tunnel vision, which potentially puts business/services at risk. Because the owners are not really aware of how their limited understanding of total lifetime customer value calculations, can and will help make their businesses far more profitable. Continue reading

03Dec 2016


Why Spend A Fortune On Wasteful Advertisements When A Little Strategic Marketing Will Do The Trick!

Why Spend A Fortune On Wasteful Advertisements When A Little Strategic Marketing Will Do The Trick!

So ladies & gentlemen, did  you happen to read any of the three previous installments I wrote earlier, about extremely wasteful advertisements?

If you haven’t yet, you definitely should. Because those three previous installments, will definitely tie into the pro-active, long term- non conventional- marketing approaches, that you’re about to be exposed to here! Quite nicely!

Because when it comes to extremely deep pocketed major corporations spending, (make that) wasting a proverbial fortune on outrageously expensive (traditional) forms of advertisements.

Can you think of any company more fitting of that extremely accurate description then (the once mighty) Kmart? Talk about falling on how hard times as of late! If you can call the last twenty five years or so, late!

Hey, (way, way) back in the day, they most certainly used to have it going on! Remember?

But then, a newer sleeker, more cost and efficiency conscious, updated and consumer “needs” driven major competitor emerged! And well… You know the rest! Right? King Walmart ascended to the throne, and doesn’t appear anywhere nears ready to relinquish it, any time soon!

That said: all is certainly not lost, yet. (Although, the clock is certainly ticking!)

That is unless Kmart wishes to continue on their downward spiral-into the retail abyss-  simply by refusing to aggressively adapt to the ever changing and fiercely competitive retail environment.

Of which they currently find themselves immersed in. So the main purpose of this post, is to share at least three sort of -think outside the box- long term, pro-active, non conventional marketing strategies, that given time and the proper testing and tweaking, (of course!) could most certainly help put them back on the fast track to long term viability and permanent solvency! Seriously!…. Continue reading

02Dec 2016
small business

How To Prevent Your Small Business From Losing 35% Or More Of It’s Profitably!

Does this make sense to you, your cash strapped small business and or service, is consistently losing, or at worst, under utilizing at least 35% or more of its full earning capacity?

Hopefully, no profit driven entity would purposely sabotage their businesses long term earning capacity, right?

You would think, but inadvertently, many do! (Myself included!). As you are about to discover.

But just to be clear, no one sets out to purposely suppress their business and or services capacity to grow, it’s just, during the course of running and fine tuning your on or offline business/service, you often get so caught up in to running and micro managing the day to day activities, sometimes the important minor details, constantly slip past you.

And once you add up all of those little minor situations, it sort of turns into a really big deal! As you are about to discover. Continue reading

01Dec 2016
How To Get Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Site Without Relying On Search Engine Optimization! Part Four

How To Get Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Site Without Relying On Search Engine Optimization!Part Four

So as you previously “discovered” through the first three installments in this ongoing series about,  “how” extremely savvy entrepreneurs (such as yourself), simply do not have to rely on search  engine optimization strategies and tactics, in order to consistently generate tons of highly targeted  traffic! Correct?

You got that right! Now in part four, ladies & gentlemen we are really going to dive deep into “how”   our (hypothetical) extremely savvy local appliance dealer can, (and should) systematically and  strategically go about building their business.

And -in the process- create multiple streams of income producing    opportunities,without having to rely on traditionally outrageously expensive on and offline ad campaigns, in order to do so!

And in the process they will cause an avalanche of positive “flap yo lips” (FYL) marketing conversations to  be constantly taking place in both social and business settings alike!

Plus, you’ll also discover “how” to consistently get other local business owners anxious (and practically  begging) to join your ever growing network as well!Sound good?

Continue reading