Lead Generation Strategies

19May 2017

Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Big Ad Budgets To Make Big Money!Part Three

So why is it, some extremely savvy entrepreneurssimply do not have to rely on, outrageously large, traditional ad budgets? While others, simply can’t make a go of it, without one?

While I can’t personally say why this may or may not be the case.One thing is definitely for sure, if your entrepreneurial venture, has to constantly be fueled by extremely large, conventional advertising, and or promotional budgets of any kind.

My friend, you’re constantly skating on very thin ice. For one thing, the type of glitzy, and outrageously expensive, traditional ad campaigns, most resourced challenged small business owners, and or service providers try and use, in order to continuously get the word out.

Really offers, virtually no long term residual benefits of any kind.Ouch.

Yet, those types of extremely popular campaigns, eat up large chunks of your readily available capital.

So for those primary reasons, and so many others, some extremely viable,profit producing marketing alternatives, have got to be implemented asap.Would you not agree? Continue reading

22Apr 2017
small business

Why Your Small Business Should Take Advantage Of Under Used And Or Dead Assets!Part Six

You probably think, your particular, resourced challenged small business and or service, is truly the exception, when it comes to effectively utilizing,your current under used and or dead assets, right? 

Meaning unfortunately, you think, you couldn’t possibly have and or be sitting on, potential long term gross profits, simply by pro-actively taking more advantage, of certain grossly under used, and or dead assets.

After all, who in their right -profit seeking- mind, would be that short sighted, correct? And while you say that with a straight face, you’d be totally shocked and amazed, as you’re about to discover. Continue reading

19Apr 2017
small business

How Your Small Business Can Definitely Profit From Working Smarter!

(Not Just Harder!)

So your resourced challenged and semi cash strapped small business and or service, has more than enough major competitors to worry about, right?

And unfortunately, some of them, are better financed than you currently are, correct?

Which also means, because their corporate pockets are a little deeper, and they also know and understand, ‘how to’ profit from both the front and back end of their particular sales funnels.

Primarily because they totally understand, their ideal customers, patients and or clients, total lifetime customer value metrics.

So maybe they’ll gladly settle for grossing a little, or a whole lot less on their front end, in order to set up grossing the lions share of their long term gross profits on the back end of their particular sales funnel.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time (nor the last), an extremely marketing savvy entrepreneur, profited from such an all too common marketing ploy.

And just doing that BTW, could constitute working smarter, and not necessarily harder. Continue reading

04Apr 2017

How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!Part Three

So after reading part one & two of this ongoing series, has it finally, (and or) is it slowly starting to dawn on you, some of today-s savviest entrepreneursare actually creating their very own unique money making opportunities, rather than waiting on them to somehow magically appear?

Has the thought crossed your mind yet? And did you also happen to notice, even if you are just starting out, semi to severely cash and resourced strapped, you can still leverage various assets, including your access to the Internet.

Just like the marketing savvy CPA and or CFP did, in parts one & two.

Part three will delve even further, into ‘how’ you can and definitely should, constantly be looking for some pro-active ways, of creating your very own money making opportunities, just like the service professionals (featured) in part one did.Sound good? Continue reading

01Apr 2017


How Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate A Ton Of Magnetic Ideas For Their Target Audience!

  (And How You Can Too!)

So can you think of any process in your business, which doesn’t benefit, from you becoming far more effective at targeted lead generation?

In fact, have noticed, how many of the extremely savvy entrepreneurs, make effective lead generation, one of their main priorities?

Lets face it (already), the more semi qualified, targeted leads, you can inexpensively generate and convert into paying customers, clients and or patients, the more profitable your business/service will be, correct?

By knowing and understanding, how to attract your ideal customers, this type of knowledge and or skill, can be sold to other non directly competing entrepreneurs, could it not? Absolutely.

And the practical marketing possibilities are wide open, don’t you agree? For ex; you can send a single email message, and or series of them, entirely based around various forms of effective lead generation strategies, right?

Or create free lead magnet giveaway ebooks, PDF files and or free lead bait podcasts, could you not? And on and on it goes… Continue reading