Lead Generation Strategies

19Sep 2017
how to build a sales funnel

How To Build A Sales Funnel Starting From Scratch!

So the real problem (and or) challenge,is not actually, how to build a sales funnel, right?

The real challenge, is more along the lines of, how do you build a sales funnel, which consistently makes you money, right?

After all, you can design a customized marketing plan, which includes some form of on or offline, lead generation strategies.

And ethically bribe and or compel, a percentage of your ideal prospects, to join one of your opt in email/

mobile marketing list, right?

And start systematically emailing (and or text messaging) them, a combination of, pre written and or, unscheduled, extremely time sensitive ‘broadcast’ alert messages as well, correct?

But doing so, doesn’t necessarily mean, you’ll make any money, right? 😎 Clearly it’s a great start but, there’s a little more to this successful online marketing thing, then just consistently doing adhering to above mentioned strategies, correct? Continue reading

18Sep 2017


scale your business

How To Strategically Scale Your Business Just Like The Smart Marketers Do!

So when you initially hear the term scale your business you probably immediately think of, one of the fortune 500 mega conglomerates, acquiring everything in sight and initiating a massive, traditional ad campaign, correct?

And in lots of situations, your description would be spot on.

However, you and I can also strategically and systematically scale your business and or service, simply by becoming a more effective and efficient marketer.

Because doing so, allows you to consistently generate far more, bank account filling marketing leverage.

And what profit driven entrepreneur, can’t use more of that? Continue reading

30Aug 2017


lead generation strategies

Lead Generation Strategies: Why Your Most Effective Ones Can’t Be Ignored!

Most resourced challenged small business owners and or service providers, already have in place, some type of lead generation strategies and or processes, correct?

Their biggest challenges seems to be, do they currently have in place, the proven process and or systems, to effectively handle, any and all replies they ultimately receive.

The answer, sadly for far too many is, they simply do not. On the other hand, it’s equally important, to recognize, how not having any type of proven lead generation strategies in place, opens the door to long term possibilities.

This particular blog post, will try and expose you to several of those untapped possibilities. Continue reading

29Aug 2017
lead generation

Three Important Secrets You Definitely Need To About Your Lead Generation Strategies!Part Two

So as you previously discovered in part one, of this ongoing series, most resourced challenged, small business owners and or service providers, at least understand on the surface, they need to have some sort of ongoing lead generation process, in place at all times, correct?

Their primary challenge tends to be, what type of program to initially implement and to what degree do they commit to it, correct?

Solo-preneur service providers, know all too well, the moment their lead generation process slows down, and or stops altogether, they’re only a few missed payments away from bankruptcy, correct?

This is why, it’s so critically important, to the long term success of your venture, to have a well grounded understanding, of various forms, of bank account lead generation strategies and or tactics.Don’t you agree? Continue reading

28Aug 2017
lead generation

Three Important Secrets You Definitely Need To About Your Lead Generation Strategies!

Most resourced challenged small business owners and or service providers, are pretty good, at developing and or maintaining, some type of ongoing lead generation strategies, are they not?

This is not to say, nor suggest, they do as much as they could or should, regarding them. But at least, (initially) anyway.

Most small business owners or service providers, try to consistently implement some type of ongoing process, to generate potential first time customers, patients and or clients.Right?

And as a direct result, all of their ongoing efforts, often get lumped into one giant category, often referred to, simply as lead generation. Oh how convenient. Continue reading