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22Mar 2017


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Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The Information Business? Part Seven

So as you’re being exposed to the first six previous installments,of this ongoing series.

Did you also happen to notice in part six specifically, how some of today-s savviest, non traditional small business service providers, can and are, pro-actively leveraging the power of the Internet.

Even though they may not have their state of the art, self hosted WordPress website and or blog setup, just yet.

Nevertheless, these marketing savvy entrepreneurs, use some inexpensive, albeit market tested lead generating strategies and or tactics, in order to help get their word out, about their brand new, resource challenged small businesses.

Which means, you definitely can and should too. Continue reading

17Mar 2017
small business

How Come So Many Smart Business Owners Neglect This Proven Marketing Strategy?

So do you happen to personally know, any small business owners, service providers, and or serial startup entrepreneurs?

And do they tend to work extremely hard? And put in lots of hours?

Especially during the early years of their venture,right?

And how many of them, do you think, are totally unaware, of how much potential, long term repeat business, they’re literally throwing away!

Simply because, they consistently, violate, neglect and or totally overlook, this one, mega proven marketing strategy.

And by doing so, unbeknownst to them, they literally have to work harder and harder, to try and compensate, for all the missed income producing opportunities, they’ve consistently overlooked and or neglected altogether. Continue reading

15Mar 2017
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What If Your Major Competitor Decides To Implement This Proven Marketing Strategy First!Part T Three

So did you notice in parts one and two, of this ongoing series,how the strategic use of the marketing strategy preeminence, can and does, give you and or your major competitors, a decided marketing advantage?

And hopefully you also discovered, ‘how’ you can gain preeminence within your particular niche, in many different ways,correct?

In part three, you are about to discover, at least three more potentially profitable reasons, for you and or your major competitors, to find some pro-active ways, of using the preeminence, as a long term marketing strategy.

Because doing so, can and definitely will, open the of marketing opportunities, and or possibilities, extremely wide. Continue reading

10Mar 2017

Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Make You Money!Part Five

What if you were to discover, after reading particular blog post, thinking and acting, like a profit seeking entrepreneur, can and will lead to, some major breakthroughs, with regards, to how you see the entire lead generating process, from this moment on.

Would that type of major shift in (both) your thinking and marketing strategies, be of any benefit to you whatsoever? Great!

Because you are about to discover, a whole new, potentially profitable way, of looking at the entire lead generation process, which in all likelihood, you’ve never-ever- seen,explained to you quite like this before now.

Because typically, the high priced gurus and guruettes, charge a pretty penny, to their big buck customers, clients and students, before they share this type of proven marketing gold with them! Continue reading

08Mar 2017
small business

How This Major Marketing Mistake Constantly Hurts Small Business Owners!Part Three

So did you notice in part one, of this ongoing series,how many incredibly dedicated, semi cash starved small business 

owners, and or service providers, constantly make the same major marketing mistake?

Which is, not knowing, and or having any realistic idea, ‘what’ their ideal customer, patient and or clients, total lifetime customer value is.

And therefore, their hands are sort or handcuffed. Because without this critically important information.

They (or you!) literally have no realistic idea,’how’ much money, you can or should, actually invest, in order to consistently generate, those all to important, first time customers, patients and or clients etc.

Nor do they (or you), have any realistic idea,’how’much you can comfortably and realistically afford, to pay your top or best performing affiliates, joint venture, (JV) and or cross promotional partners, on either the front or back end of your sales funnel. Continue reading