Cross Promotions- Your Ticket To Low Cost New Long Term Growth!

16Dec 2017

How To Use Your Inventory Closeouts For More Than Just A Quick Buck!Part Two

So it definitely was, pretty much established in part one, of this ongoing series, practically no one, can resist, a bargain basement, “Everything must go by midnight!” sales extravaganza type of event, right?  😀

Sometimes, these major retailers, turn their annual closeouts, into must attend events, correct?  😀

Because on top of their prices being lowered, to bare bones minimum, they also go overboard, when it comes to the actual events themselves, right?

For instance, outside, during the summer, they may hire some of the top end, local entertainment, like popular clowns for the kids, or they’ll serve, some really great tasting barbecue, or great tasting pastries free of charge etc.

And maybe, at least one, extremely popular, local radio and or TV personality, will be on hand,to help cheer lead the event as well. And you walk away, with the types of bargains, which definitely cause your social media platforms to blow up, correct?

And retailers love it as well. These are the types of long term benefits, which make your closeouts, potentially profitable, for years and years to come… Continue reading

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14Dec 2017


cross promotions

So How Much Longer Are You To Wait To Start Using Cross Promotions?

So let’s be brutally honest hear, have you ever had to actually suspend and or discontinue altogether, a paid ad campaign, simply because it wasn’t cost effective?

Or have you ever stopped a campaign mid-way, because, once again, it simply wasn’t paying for itself on the front end, and at the time, your sales funnel, literally had no reliable back end marketing process set up.

Does any this, sound all too familiar? If so, it probably means, you definitely, need to establish (asap!), some extremely reliable, cross promotions, with other, relevant, yet not directly competing vendors.

Because simply by doing so, you can literally stretch, not only your marketing reach, but you lead generate, for literally pennies on the dollar. Let’s have a closer look, at an instance or two.. Continue reading

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13Dec 2017
how to increase sales revenue

How To Increase Sales Revenue Practically On Autopilot!

 (Just Like The Big Boys And Girls Do!)

So when you’re trying to systematically increase sales revenue, do you automatically spend a ton of your extremely hard earned money, on dismally performing, traditional advertising methods and or campaigns?

Because it’s pretty simple to do so, is it not? You simply write checks, knowing, going in, your projected (ROI), Return On investment, will probably fall way short of your projections, correct?

Especially if you’re currently spending money on, outrageously expensive, local newspaper, billboards, prime time radio and or TV spots etc.

For one thing, if you decide on running, 30-60 second, local TV and or radio spots, (entrepreneur), you’d better be financially prepared, to spend a small or large fortune. 😀

Because before the general public even notices your ads, (let alone!), start responding to them.You’re gonna need to spend a fortune trying to stand above all the marketing clutter.

So rather than go down that all too familiar, unproductive road. Let’s explore some creative, (albeit) rather basic, proven marketing alternatives. Whatdaya say?… Continue reading

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06Dec 2017
advantages of strategic alliances

Advantages Of Strategic Alliances: And How To Make Them Work For You!Part Two

As you (hopefully) discovered in part one of this ongoing series, there are most certainly, some potential profits to be made, simply by understanding the advantages of strategic alliances.

Would you not agree? Absolutely. As as you also discovered in part one, your business and or service, doesn’t have be as large as Federal Express and or Kinkos, in order to benefit, from these potentially profitable arrangements.

However, what probably isn’t as obvious just yet, is just how versatile and potentially profitable, on many levels, these bank account filling arrangements can be.

As you’re about to discover… Continue reading

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05Aug 2017
online marketing strategies

How Techno Phobic Service Providers Benefit From Online Marketing Strategies!Part Three

While a whole lot of service providers work incredibly hard in their businesses.

When it comes to generating some serious marketing leverage, by working on their businesses.

They tend to fall a little short. Have you noticed this as well?

And one of the primary reasons is, when it comes to strategically leveraging their businesses various,potential online assets, they tend to be extreme techo phobics, who just cannot grasp, how some proven online marketing strategies, can and definitely will help them.

And as a direct result of this extremely limited thinking on their part, they tend to avoid any and all types of potential money making online marketing strategies, which involve some type of online marketing tactics.

And by doing so, they are not able to effectively capitalize, off the Internets tremendous money making leverage and long term potential.Oh how sad. Continue reading

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