Cross Promotions- Your Ticket To Low Cost New Long Term Growth!

20Mar 2017


small business

So How Many Small Business Owners Constantly Miss Out Because They Don’t Do This?

Be honest, you’re definitely, a rather savvy, small business owner, service provider, and or startup entrepreneur, correct?

Which means, you’re definitely open to maximizing, (both) your short and long term, profit making possibilities, are you not? That’s really good to hear.

Because (sadly), even though 1,000 out of 1,000 surveyed small business owners and or service providers, will definitely answer that same series of questions, with a resounding yes.

The dreadful truth of the matter is,not one in every 250 or so, are actively implementing, testing and or readily tweaking, the mega proven marketing strategy, you’re about to be exposed to! Yet again!

Only this time, instead of the normal 30,000 foot view, you’ll get invited under the hood, so you can really explore, the endless marketing possibilities and or untapped marketing opportunities. Continue reading

19Nov 2016
being an entrepreneur

Being An Entrepreneur: Means Seeing The Big Picture Not Just The Snap Shots!Part Two

As you discovered in part one of this ongoing series, being an entrepreneur offers a ton of potential untapped marketing opportunities and or possibilities. Would you not agree?

On the other hand, practically anyone trying to run a business, can and sadly, far too many often do, spend a ton of money, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising and or promotional campaigns.

Part two of this series, will delve even deeper into the untapped marketing possibilities, which are always just below the surface of possibilities.

It’s all just a matter of developing the right marketing perspective.Let’s take a look under the hood for more evidence. Continue reading

10Nov 2016

So How Do You Still Make Money With Practically Little Or No Workable Marketing Budget?

You think there are any other extremely talented, (not to mention) extremely dedicated and tireless working entrepreneurs, (such as yourself), that struggled endlessly, especially in the beginning,primarily because they had little or no conventional marketing budget to begin with?

You’d be very wise if you said yes.However, (thank goodness) there is a flip side entrepreneur.

Because (extremely) hard and tireless working entrepreneurs, have been and will most definitely continue to be able to compete with the best of the best.(In most cases!)

Simply because “what” they may lack in so called upfront capital allocation, they more than compensate for it by applying some serious, (take no prisoners) type of sweat equity!And never ending, over the top, go the extra mile customer service!

Which is definitely one of their staple components and should be one of yours/ours as well! Continue reading

01Oct 2016
cross promotions

So Who Else Is Constantly Losing Big Money Because You’re Not Effectively Using Cross Promotions!

So have noticed “how” some of the biggest names in corporate America, are strategically teaming up and sharing their enormous marketing/advertising resources?

You’ve got Kinkos and Fedex (Federal Express), in certain strategic locations, literally sharing the same commercial office space.

Then you look around and see KFC and Taco Bell, sharing the same facilities.

At first glance, these mega giants, may not appear to be using strategic cross promotions, but rest assured, they most certainly are.

So the question begs asking entrepreneur, (if) strategic cross promotions are good enough for FEdex and Kinkos, why in the world, aren’t they good enough for you?

Besides the fact, they are a proven way to leverage your extremely limited resources, plus it allows you, (and or) your major competitors to  rapidly expand your reach, irregardless of your current size and or capacity!

But enough about the big boys and girl, let see how your typical small business owner, and or service provider, cashes in using this battlefield tested marketing strategy. Continue reading

06Sep 2016

Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Rely Heavily On Marketing Leverage Not Cash!


(And Why You Definitely Should Too!)

Did you happen to read, the recent post, (and watch) the really cool “how to” video, by one of my expert coaches Gail Gardner,(of fame) explaining, why and how, you and I, definitely need to be registered members of

Anyway, Gail’s excellent video, (which) originally appeared on her youtube channel BTW, takes you through, how and why, savvy entrepreneurs (such as yourself) definitely need to be active (registered) members of

I in turn featured Gail’s video on one of my recent blog post, where she took you through the process, step by step.

And who’s to say, the countless other, of Gail’s customers, clients and social media followers, who have done the same! And also, because I’m one of Gail’s students, and paid consulting customers.

I also added her video to my autoresponder (follow up) sequence, in order to help my VIP subscriber base as well!The main point being, look at all the potential long term, free viral marketing leverageshe’s continuously receiving, just by making one extremely helpful, “how to” video! Continue reading