Cross Promotions- Your Ticket To Low Cost New Long Term Growth!

22May 2017
small business

How Your Cash Strapped Small Business Generates More Customers For Less Money!Part Three

So now, after reading parts one and two of this ongoing series,hopefully you are starting to become more receptive, to how your resourced challenged small business and or service, can consistently generate more and more first time, and repeat customers, for less, right?

And strategically using some proven form of ‘triangulation’, definitely enhances your chances of making it happen.

It can make growing your business/service far more practical, less expensive, and predictable.

Provided of course, you consistently implement a proven game plan and tweak and monitor your progress as you grow. It’s not hard, but let’s face it, it isn’t exactly easy either.

But implementing a proven triangulation type of marketing plan, will definitely give your business and or service, a shot of marketing creativity, it desperately probably needs. And in the process, you’ll surely reap the much anticipated results. Continue reading

20May 2017
lead magnets

Why Your Best Lead Magnets Don’t Have To Be Expensive To Really Effective!

Does your resourced challenged small business and or service, currently utilize and benefit from,any market tested leads magnets?

In fact, if you’re anything like most, cash starved entrepreneurs, who read that last sentence, as soon as you read the term lead magnetyou probably, starting thinking about, some sort of free digital giveaway, which came, either in the form of an MP3 recording, ebook, PDF file and or popular webinar recording, correct?

And why not, because any and all of those proven forms of list building lead magnets, have definitely proven to be effective, but it’s certainly not limited to the aforementioned formats.

For example, almost all of you, have heard of, and or may have already purchased some type of personal development products or services, from international known, mega personality, ‘Tony Robbins,”correct?

But how many of you have ever thought of ‘Tony Robbins,’ as a proven lead magnet? Say what? That’s correct.. Continue reading

18May 2017

Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Big Ad Budgets To Make Big Money!Part Two

Hopefully after reading part one of this ongoing series, you have definitely come to appreciate, even your resourced challenged small business, can strategically compete, with some of the sharpest entrepreneurs, even if you’re starting out, with an extremely limited, conventional advertising budget, right?

Because after reading part one, you’re now in a much better position, to understand how to gain maximum profitability, from your extremely limited capital, correct?

That’s really good to hear, because sadly, far too many extremely dedicated entrepreneurs, seem to get lost in the sauce, because they try and advertise, and or promote their extremely valuable products, or services, like their deep pocket, corporate 500 types.

And obviously, since they aren’t, they quickly have to change their advertising/promotional ways, or risk going out of business altogether. It happens all the time.

The remainder of this particular post, is dedicated to hopefully preventing such a fate, from ever happening to you. Continue reading

04May 2017


small business

How Your Cash Strapped Small Business Generates More Customers For Less Money!Part Two

As you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, your semi to severely cash starved, and or resourced challenged small business, can still consistently generate tons semi qualified first time customers, for literally pennies on the dollar, correct?

And even though you may have, tons of local major competitors, with much deeper corporate pockets, and therefore much larger, traditional type of advertising budgets.

You can still use, some little known, underground, ninja type of marketing strategies and or tactics etc.

And still out promote them, don’t you agree? Part two will delve even deeper into this ‘triangulation’, joint venture (JV) type of marketing arrangement, which you were initially introduced to in part one of this ongoing series. Sound good? Continue reading

20Mar 2017


small business

So How Many Small Business Owners Constantly Miss Out Because They Don’t Do This?

Be honest, you’re definitely, a rather savvy, small business owner, service provider, and or startup entrepreneur, correct?

Which means, you’re definitely open to maximizing, (both) your short and long term, profit making possibilities, are you not? That’s really good to hear.

Because (sadly), even though 1,000 out of 1,000 surveyed small business owners and or service providers, will definitely answer that same series of questions, with a resounding yes.

The dreadful truth of the matter is,not one in every 250 or so, are actively implementing, testing and or readily tweaking, the mega proven marketing strategy, you’re about to be exposed to! Yet again!

Only this time, instead of the normal 30,000 foot view, you’ll get invited under the hood, so you can really explore, the endless marketing possibilities and or untapped marketing opportunities. Continue reading