14Nov 2017

How Simple Email Automation Helps Increase Your Profits Fast!

Most semi cash strapped small business owners, service providers and or aspiring entrepreneurs, definitely want to save a few dollars, when and wherever they can, do they not?

And even if it means, they have to embrace, some form of proven email automation along the way, the vast majority of them, are prepared to get with the program, correct?

Sadly, it’s typically not because most aspiring startup entrepreneurs, are not open to sincerely trying to effectively utilize various forms of email automation.

More times than not, they’re just not totally sure, how to systematically go about it. 😀  After all, most really aren’t the real techie types are they?

Instead, they’re more use to relying on their extreme dedication and dogged determination to ultimately get them through.This next critical mind shift, helps them finally learn to leverage, various types of modern technology.Take a look and see for yourself. Continue reading

06Nov 2017

email marketing strategies

Why Startup Entrepreneurs Benefit From Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns!

  (And How You Definitely Can Too!)

So if you’re semi cash strapped small business and or service, can figure out some consistent ways -to-both save money, while simultaneously, increase your long term gross, front and back end profits.

This probably sounds like the type of plan, you’d definitely wanna learn more about, correct? 😀 Great.Just checking.

Otherwise, it really doesn’t make sense, for you to spend much time on this particular blog. This being the case, it definitely sounds like you’re open, to discovering, how some incredibly simple, strategic email marketing campaigns, can and will, help you start making more money.

Without having to constantly spend a ton up front, in order to do so. Is that correct? Continue reading

02Nov 2017
email marketing campaigns

How Startup Entrepreneurs Profit From Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns!

  (And How You Can Too!)

Did you happen to read, a previous post, where I referenced how and why, some type of strategic email marketing campaigns, where absolutely a must.

Clearly, an online marketer, whose heavily advocating for the use of some type of reputable, paid email service provider, is nothing new, correct? 😀

However, it’s when you can see things, from potentially different marketing perspectives.

Is when things can potentially get very interesting and profitable. As you’re about to discover. So buckle up and hold on.

Continue reading

01Nov 2017
email marketing campaigns

5 Proven Ways To Improve Your Best Email Marketing Campaigns!

Does your business and or service, have a problem with not only consistently lowering your upfront, out of pocket cost?

But simultaneously increasing your profits as well?

Seriously. If this is true, why in the world, doesn’t your business and or service, have some type of ongoing email marketing campaigns?

For a moment,forget about all those incredibly lofty numbers, you often seen thrown around like tabloid rumors.

You know what I mean. You hear figures like, email marketing returns $44 dollars, for every dollar you invest.

If only,right? Okay,maybe some of the top, fortune 500 companies and the top 3% of Internet marketers routinely achieve the impossible. 😀 But for the rest of us, mere mortals, this is clearly not the case.

Still in all, your well implemented email marketing campaigns, can and definitely will, have a positive impact on your bottom line. Especially, when you incorporate, the following, five proven strategies and or tactics. Continue reading

12Oct 2017
email marketing campaigns

What Effective Weight Loss Plans Can Teach You About Successful Email Marketing Campaigns!

So have you, or someone you know, like and trust, attempted to lose weight lately?

And if so, did you ever stop an think in your wildest dreams.

Your effective weight loss plan, could also be the key, to thoroughly understanding, how to create some extremely profitable, email marketing campaigns? Say what? 😀

Hold on, before you go getting all skeptical. It’s really not as far fetched, as you may initially think.Take a deep breath or two. Settle down and let’s have a much closer look under the hood. Continue reading