20Sep 2017


email marketing strategies

Five Simple Ways Proven Email Marketing Strategies Help You Scale Your Business!

So if there’s a proven way, (and rest assured there is!), for you to systematically scale your business, without having to invest a fortune. You’d definitely wanna know about right?

And if there’s a practical blueprint for doing so, which happens to involve some proven email marketing strategies, you’d definitely be up for hearing about it, right? Great.

Because there is and you’re in the right spot, to learn about it. And as you’re about to discover it may not be quite as complicated and or expensive, as you initially thought. Continue reading

16Sep 2017


consulting business

Seven Profitable Reasons You’re Qualified To Start Your Email Consulting Business!Part Two

Hopefully you discovered in part one, it’s not a matter of if your potential locally based customers should be using some form of strategic email marketing, correct?

Nor is it a question of whether or not, you and I, are currently qualified to (both) offer and provide some type of ongoing email marketing consulting services, right?

The real question is, how soon are you going to start to monetizing and taking advantage of, the potential benefits, from your very own email marketing consulting business opportunities, within your local market?

Because without a doubt, after reading part one of the first five, potential profitable reasons for doing so.And now discovering the remaining two potentially profitable reasons.

If you can follow and already know how to perform these essential task, then for sure, yo can definitely provide some value to your local market place, but deserve to be compensated in some way, for being able to do so.Don’t you agree? Continue reading

08Sep 2017


email marketing

5 Simple Reasons You Should Appreciate Email Marketing More Than You Hate It!

In this age of rapid technology advancement. Are you still not sure, and or totally sold, on the enormous benefits of email marketing?

Because if so, this particular blog post, was written specifically for you.

Clearly as a profit seeking business owner and or service provider, you readily appreciate, virtually any form of marketing leverage,correct?

So practically any and every way, you can save both time, money and other extremely valuable resources, it definitely makes sense to utilize them. Does it not?

This being the case, strategic email marketing definitely saves you time, money and other extremely valuable resources.

And thank goodness, it’s not about the size of your business, your opt in email list, and or your how well you can copy write. 😎

Instead your extremely loyal subscribers, appreciate you keeping them up to date and informed.And periodically doing so via follow up- email marketing messages, using a reputable, paid email service provider, is a proven way to do so. Continue reading

22Aug 2017
email marketing tips

Email Marketing Tips: Using What You Have To Get More Or What You Want!

So what type of consistent marketing leverage (of any kind!), are you currently generating in your resourced challenged small business and or service?

And hopefully, whether you primarily market on or offline, your business, is currently utilizing, some type of proven email marketing tips and or strategies.

And you already know why, correct? For one thing, if only ten percent of your 1,000 subscribers or even ten percent of your 100 VIP subscribers, bother to open your email message, and only 30% of them click on your link(s.)

You’re probably still consistently generating, a much higher response, than you (and or) your major competitors will, with your typical, dismally performing direct mail campaigns. But that’s not all. Continue reading

27Jul 2017
small business

How Savvy Small Business Owners Benefit From Their Most Important Email Message!

   (And How And Why You Can Too!)

So you definitely include your semi cash strapped small business and or service, in the extremely dedicated category, do you not?

In which case, you strive to successfully implement and utilize. every available asset, within your reach and or budget, correct?

This said, strategic email marketing campaigns, are at and or very near, the top of your marketing strategies, are they not.

This is good to hear, because strategic email marketing, is low relatively low cost, and potentially profitable, on many different levels. Don’t you agree? Continue reading