27Mar 2017
email marketing

How This Major Email Marketing Mistake Is Potentially Costing You A Fortune!

So now that you’ve discovered, a major email marketing mistake, in part one, which (unfortunately), tons of aspiring online marketers, constantly make.

You probably, mistakenly think, or thought, you were out of the woods, (so to speak), correct?

Well you’re not, and you’re not even close to being so.
For one thing, as you also previously discovered in part one, of this ongoing series, once your subscriber actually joins your opt in list. My friend, this is when the real work begins.

But it’s critically important for you (to both) realize and appreciate, what you do to, or for your subscribers, from here on out, will definitely, make or break your chances, of building and establishing, any type of bankable cred with them.So over deliver, and under promise.Because doing so, opens far more doors than it closes! Continue reading

16Mar 2017

The One Critically Important Skill Every Entrepreneur Definitely Needs To Develop!Part Two

So after reading, studying and -hopefully- implementing, at least some of what you discovered in part one, of this ongoing series.

(Because rest assured entrepreneur, the vast majority of your major competitors, for whatever reasons, are not.)

Are you now, more convinced than ever, learning at least basic copy writing skills, is definitely a must? Especially if you’re a profit seeking entrepreneur. 

And can you see and appreciate, ‘how’ becoming semi competent at various forms of bank account filling copy writing, connects to so many other parts of your business.

No matter how you primarily market, be it on or offline. Are you -finally- starting to appreciate just ‘how’ much, (or should I say), just how vital a role, learning to write persuasive copy actually plays.

I sincerely hope so. Because if or once you do, you can strategically leverage this one vitally important skill, in so many potentially profitable ways. For years and years to come… Continue reading

03Mar 2017
copy writing

Three Potentially Profitable Reasons You Definitely Need Good Copy Writing Skills!

So have you ever noticed, ‘how’ much time, energy, effort and money, the average, semi cash cash strapped, small business owner, service provider and or startup entrepreneur, will invest, trying to grow their business, in assets, which do little or nothing, to help them accomplish that?

And by the same token, they don’t seem to recognize, there most certainly are particular assets an or skills, when properly developed over time, will most certainly pay dividends, not only now, but in the future an well beyond.

One such skill, is becoming, at leas semi competent at some form of bank account filling copy writing.

Let’s be clear here, in order t get really good at some form of persuasive copy writing, (entrepreneur), you’re definitely gonna need to burn the midnight oil.

But as you continually develop and hone your skills, it will most certainly be worth it.Here are three potentially profitable reasons for doing so. Continue reading

15Feb 2017
email marketing

How This Major Email Marketing Mistake Is Potentially Costing You A Fortune!

So you are serious, (and totally) dedicated to succeeding online,correct? That’s good to hear entrepreneur. Having said that, are you currently building, your very own, opt in email list?

Because my friend, if some type of strategic email marketing strategies, are not a pro-active part, of your ongoing online marketing efforts.

Your realistic chances, of truly succeeding online, are practically non existent.

And the vast majority of the money, and other extremely valuable resources, you’ve invested in your online venture (to this point), are pretty much guaranteed, to not amount to much.Ouch!

Who would have initially thought, lowly email marketing, can and does play such a major role,right? Well it most certainly does.And, if you happen to be making, this all too common, major email marketing mistake, your online venture, could potentially be at risk! Continue reading

26Dec 2016
email marketing

Three Really Critical Email Marketing Mistakes Far Too Many Newbies Make!

   (And Why You Must Avoid Them!)

Entrepreneur, you’re not still in denial, with regards to how potentially effective and or profitable, some form of strategic email marketing can be, are you? That’s good to hear.

However, if you are going to be actively involved with any type of -potentially profitable- email marketing campaigns.

Ladies & gentlemen it’s extremely critical, you don’t constantly make, three all too common email mail  marketing mistakes, you constantly see a ton of aspiring newbie online marketers make.

Because if you do, there is a 98% chance or more, you’ve all but torpedoed your practical chances for any meaningful-long term- online success?  Continue reading