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If You’re Small Business Isn’t Consistently Doing This You’re Losing Money!

So have you really ever noticed, what ultimately happens, whenever a semi cash strapped, small business owner, service provider and or aspiring startup entrepreneur of any kind, starts routinely experiencing, minor and or major cash flow problems?

Almost immediately, they start -either- paying their ongoing invoices, much, much slower, or not at all, correct? 😀

And if things don’t dramatically improve in hurry, next comes -either- the cutting of key (and not so key) employees hours.

Or temporary or permanent layoffs,right? Compound this dismal outlook, with a combination of, a constant increase, in both on and offline competition and a prolonged, nagging local recession.

And suddenly, this (or your) entrepreneurial dreams, are basically on life support, correct? All the more reasons why, your semi cash strapped small business and or service, had better be systematically using, one of your most, potentially profitable marketing strategies! Or else, you simply may not be around much longer!

So Who Else Definitely Wants To Know What Market Tested Strategy Your Small Business And Or Service Definitely Needs To Be Using Daily! (Otherwise You’ll Surely Keep Losing Money!)

Entrepreneur, make no mistake about it,because there definitely is no mystery here! Your semi cash strapped small business, and or service, (if you expect to),not only survive, but ultimately thrive.

Had better be making consistent use of, and profiting handsomely, by utilizing, some type of market tested, A/B split testing strategies.

Hold on, before you roll your eyes, thinking, you’ve already heard it all before!

Perhaps you’ve heard the concept being mentioned previously.But watch how these particular examples, offer you a whole new perspective of money making possibilities.

You Wouldn’t Dare Bury Your Creative Entrepreneurial Ideas Potential! (Would You?)

For just a second, focus on the multi billion dollar a year, on and offline, ‘how to’ information business model.

And discover how a little marketing creativity, can and most definitely will yield, some major money making possibilities.On both the front and back end, of your overall sales funnel.

Think about how much upfront cost, these traveling, offline webinar promoters actually have.Then perhaps you can much better appreciate, why their online, 2-3 boot camps, cost so much! 😀

First of all, they have to constantly promote their free, 90-120 minute, introductory workshops, do they not?

And they typically do so, via, late night, 30 minute, and in some cases, early evening, prime time 30 minute info-mercials. Next, they definitely run more than their fair share of, local radio and TV ads, correct?

Plus, they buy pricey, prime display ad space, in some of the most popular local newspapers, promoting their events, correct?  No doubt.

And let’s not forget, they definitely have to pay X, in order to rent those hotel-meeting- rooms, in order to host each event, do they not?

Of course, more than likely, they receive some type of discount group rates, for renting the room multiple times per day. But still, it’s figured into, their overall, upfront, out of pocket cost, right?

An Extremely Competitive Market Place Will Definitely Prove The Long Term Value Of Constantly Developing Your Entrepreneurial Skills!

And of course, their entire staff, including the (all important!) behind the scenes, administrative personnel, all travel first class,via the major airlines, plus stay in not exactly cheap, first class hotels. 😀

And (strictly) for the sake of example. Let’s say on average, their free, 90-120 minute, introductory workshops, which they typically put on, three times a day, at least three times a week.

For at least 50 weeks per year. They typically average about 500 local attendees. Give or take.) In the bigger, major cities, they may average at least 1,000-1,500 local attendees.

(Extremely important note: Remember the above mentioned numbers in particular, because in part and beyond, they will be explored in even far more greater detail! So you definitely wanna stay tuned!)

While in the small cities or towns, they may only attract 200 local attendees or less.

Thank Goodness Your Extremely Profitable Lead Generation Strategies Never Go Out Of Style!

So for just a second, let’s laser focus on the (initial) back end of their sales funnel. Because (ultimately), no matter how many people they initially attract to their free into lectures.

The first x amount who decide to sign up, those first time customers, are merely paying the promoters initial front end cost, so they can at least break even, and get their initial investment back, correct?

Granted, even though, by offering some type of market tested, free drawing. They typically compel, at least 80% of their live audience, to join their opt in email/mobile marketing list.

So over time, both their opt in email and or mobile marketing subscribe base, is fairly large.

Which brings us to the very first, potential A/B split test, which the extremely marketing savvy promoters, are definitely making a fortune with!

Isn’t It Amazing How Some Of The Simplest Small Business Marketing Tips Can Have Some A Major Positive Impact On You Bottom Line!

In order to really open your eyes (wide!), to the type of true,long term money making potential, is available to you, when you start systematically testing and tweaking, using some form of market tested A/B split testing strategy.

Let’s say 1,500 local potential customers, attend one of their free, 120 minute intro workshops. And 80%, join at least one of their main, opt in email lists.

Which means, an additional 1,200 VIP subscribers, are now on their list, and are about to start receiving-either-, follow up emails and or, some extremely time sensitive, test message offers!

Here’s what the promoters quickly, A/ split test. they know, they definitely need, X amount of these attendees, to purchase their products and or services, just to break even, correct?

So just before the free intro workshop event ends, the promoters flash a text number. And tell the audience, every one who texts the following number, they automatically get a chance to enter a one time only, extremely time sensitive raffle.

There Truly Are A Ton Of Untapped Marketing Ideas For Small Business Owners Are Or Service Providers! (Are There Not?)

And for just $150 dollars each, they get a chance to win a $5,000 dollar start up kit for your main program!

And as long as their on your opt in email list too, the two, grand first  prize winners. One male, one female. Also, automatically win, two hours worth of free, one on one power consulting, from, either you, (if you’re) just starting out.

Or you of you certified coaches/consultants etc.The promoters want to instantly track, (if) making, some type of market tested direct offer, immediately following the live introductory event, ultimately produces more gross front & back end revenue.

Versus merely, consistently following up, (over time), with some pre written, autoresponder messages. Often referred to as a ‘drip’, email marketing/mobile campaign.

Are you at least now partially, starting to appreciate, why your semi cash strapped small business, and or service, definitely needs to be utilizing, some form, of market tested, A/B split testing strategies. Say yes!

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