Wonder Why Even Savvy Entrepreneurs Like To Over Complicate Internet Marketing?

So you’re definitely, one of today-s extremely savvy entrepreneurs, right?

Absolutely! And you definitely want (and or) need to stretch, your marketing/promotional resources, whenever and wherever you can, correct? Ditto!

So the $64,000 dollar question, does beg to be answered my friend.

Why in the world, faced with those undeniable facts, do (both) you, and (sadly!) so many of your well intention-ed colleagues, tend to over complicate, the basic proven fundamentals, of successful Internet marketing!Huh?

You’ll see exactly what I mean in just a second. So please bare with here (entrepreneur!)

Because understanding this (so often) overlooked, and or completely misunderstood concept, can and definitely will, literally mean the difference, between whether or not, your online marketing efforts ultimately pay off!

Or, if like so many others before you, and or so many to follow after you, your online marketing efforts, become faded memories of frustration!

Understanding this next subtle difference, will mean and make all the difference!

Since Most Profit Seeking Entrepreneurs Are Really Smart And Fiercely Dedicated To Their Long Term Success! (Why  Do They Tend To Over Complicate Internet Marketing?)

It’s definitely a question for the ages, would you not agree? Here’s my brutally honest short answer. I really have no clue! But right out of the gate, (entrepreneur), let’s be crystal clear here.

There is absolutely nothing magical, about (you or I,) marketing/promoting, your extremely valuable products, and or services, on the Internet! Huh? That’s correct!

Because, in order to successfully do so, you have to treat your online venture, just like any other,traditional offline, brick and mortar business, and or service, you might be tempted to try and run.

Meaning, you have to try and earn and sustain your gross profit margins. Because you can’t (long term anyway!), consistently spend a dime, and only recover a nickel or less! My friend, that’s a surefire recipe for disaster.

But if you are attempting to use the Internet for marketing/promotional purposes, you’d better adhere, (as closely as you can!), to the proven, online marketing fundamentals! Or else, at some point, (sooner or later!) your Titanic, will surely sink!

You Definitely Have To Apply Proven Lead Generation Marketing Tips To Your Online Marketing Efforts!

Case in point: Let’s say, your business, is a fairly successful, single location, retail jewelry outlet, located in an extremely popular, highly  visited mall.Especially during frenzied holiday shopping season.

Entrepreneur, one of the simplest, tried and true, proven methods, to be successful, marketing your retail jewelry business online, is to attract various segments, of your ideal customer base to you, by offering a periodic (and or ongoing) free drawing of some kind! Yippie!

Because (practically) everyone, including your ideal customers, love winning extremely valuable prizes of every kind, especially for free!Do they not! Absolutely!

Your Current Entrepreneurial Skills Can And Will Lead You To Online Profitability! (If You Let Them!)

So in the case of your jewelry business, (you’ll initially) inexpensively test, three very basic approaches.

 1.) First: In order to maximize the long term return on every dollar, an or resource, you currently use, to get semi qualified prospects (leads) into your store on a daily basis.

You’ll set up a really big neon sign, announcing your free monthly drawing, (and you’ll) segment, (meaning) you’ll target, different segments, of your primary target groups. So for the next 90 days (or so), give or take.

You might target recently engaged couples! And your free drawing, might be to offer, your $3,500 (or X) dollar Deluxe Wedding Package! (Big hint!: This marketing concept was made up, completely off the top of my head!)

In essence, your monthly Grand Prize” winners, will receive, X amount towards the cost of their reception. Limo service, both to and from their reception! A cake worth X, from of one of the areas top recgonized gourmet bakeries. A credit of $300 to $500 dollars, to hire the DJ of their choice!

These Proven Online Small Business Marketing Tips! (Can And Definitely Will Make All The Difference!)

They’ll also receive a credit of $300 to $500 dollars, to hire a respected professional photographer of their choice, to take pictures and record X number of hours, of their life changing event!

Plus, the bride gets to choose, either a $500 dollar diamond studded necklace of her choice, or use the $500 dollar credit,towards the purchase of any piece or jewelry of her choice!

And the same goes for the groom! (Plus, as a courtesy, and incredible, built in lead generation marketing strategy, the savvy retail jeweler, will also include at no extra charge! Fifty total; twenty five each, (for both the bride & groom), extremely time sensitive, VIP brand new first time customer only, discount gift certificates.

For them to freely pass out to their (probably) hundreds of guest! And lastly, the bride & groom each get a $50 dollars, universal gas card! And they each get, $50 dollar grocery store gift certificates! (Strictly for marketing purposes, let’s say all that perceived value, conveniently adds up to $3,500 dollars!

(Important note: Ladies & gentlemen, please note, the screen capture image just below, it’s for a lead capture page, I made using my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber-s, editing software.

And it was created in all of 15 minutes! So you don’t need to use, (starting out anyway), some of the more popular, and robust, landing page creation software-s, Like Lead pages, at $67 dollars per month, or the brilliant Russell Brunson’s Click Funnels, at $97 dollars a month!) (Prices quotes current as of the original publishing of this post!)

Successful Entrepreneurship Means Understanding When You Definitely Need To Upgrade! (As Well As When You Don’t!)

There’s also OptimizePress, (another one of my personal favorites), in order to get started!(You can definitely add the more sophisticated, pricier and more robust marketing options later!(After you’ve had a chance to get you feet wet!)


Wonder Why Even Savvy Entrepreneurs Like To Over Complicate Internet Marketing?

(Note: With the exception of the fancy “Get Started Now” button, which I simply got the image online, and substituted it for the bland “submit” button. Everything else, was done using Aweber-s incredibly basic, email editing software, which is included,(at no extra charge!) in your paid subscription.

Anyway, that sign (and or) something else, which would be market tested, would be strategically placed throughout your store, for the next 90 days, until you switch your target audience.

And you’ll collect email/mobile marketing addresses, and systematically follow up with them, from now on!

Or until they die or unsubscribe. And you’ll simply apply the 80/20 email marketing formula. Meaning, at least 80% or more, of your systematic follow up emails, will (either) be value added. Educational and or entertaining i nature. And the remaining 20% or less, you’ll definitely be offering some of you extremely valuable products, and or services for sale.

And or, pro-actively promotional, some of your top joint venture (JV) and or cross promotional partners, products, and or services, to your VIP subscribers.

In the interest, of both time and space, the two (critically important) remaining components, of this proven online marketing approach, (meaning) power list building 101!

We’ll be cover more in depth, in part two, okay? Great. See you in just a little bit, in part two.P.S. Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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2 Responses to Wonder Why Even Savvy Entrepreneurs Like To Over Complicate Internet Marketing?
  1. Powerful message as always Mark, and good timing for your point on the sales page since I’ll be creating two this week for a new product and course series. As to why people make things more complicated, I think it’s a combination of human nature and insecurity. We want to appear like we have a clue about what we’re doing so we try to follow every bit of advice out there and the end result is either confusion or no progress at all. Thanks for clearing the clutter!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..The Ripple Effect of Small ChoicesMy Profile

    • Boy does that scenario sound oh so familiar M!LOL!

      All the information online, is more than enough to make
      your spin and eventually explode.

      And just like you pointed out, at the end of it all, your wallet is definitely a little

      At least, that was my own personal results.But you’re no closer to having a clue,
      after following guru after guru and guruete!LOL!

      Clutter is a great way of putting things in its proper perspective alright.

      Thanks (as always) for stopping by and shedding some much need light M! I definitely
      appreciate your continuous support!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Wonder Why Even Savvy Entrepreneurs Like To Over Complicate Internet Marketing?My Profile


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