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Why Every Serious Small Business Owner Should Learn How To Make Money Giving Away Free Stuff!

(And How Can You Do It Too!)

You do know and realize, some severely cash strapped small business owners, and or service providers, operate on margins so razor thin, that even the slightest interruption in their already suspect cash flow, might cause them not to be able to meet that weeks payroll and or, temporarily prevent them from paying one or several of their vendors!

And believe it, once that potentially fatal pattern starts, it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, going forward,to get that particular vendor to ever extend future credit beyond 10 days or so.(If at all!)

Because truth told, they need yours or my payments, in order for them to meet their weekly and monthly obligations too!

They’ve got valued employees, associates, vendors, suppliers, Insurance companies, home and business mortgages, leases, equipment,ongoing fees,various taxes, bonuses, variable and other fixed monthly costs, just like every body else!

So it’s no wonder, the moment (it’s) suggested they actually attempt to give away anything of value away for free! For any extended period of time, that request will almost certainly fall on some extremely deaf ears!

But (dear profit seeking) entrepreneur, what if there was and is a way, for your severely cash strapped small business to give away something of value, for free indefinitely, and it’s not digital, but an actual, physical good, that’s extremely high in demand, and it wouldn’t put any burden on your business finances, whatsoever!

You’d at least want to know about it, before any of your major competitors did! Is that a yes, or a yes?

So How Can Any Serious Small Business Owner Really Make A Whole Lot Of Money Giving Away Extremely Valuable Free Stuff Indefinitely?

Again, in order to avoid receiving any nasty emails, stating these numbers aren’t realistic because of A, B or C! Let’s just say, over the course of one years worth of shopping at the same major grocery store, 60% of your $10,400 dollars, is gross profits to the grocery store. Which means, $6,240 dollars is what they’ll gross in one year, and ten times that amount over the next ten years, all else being equal.($10,400 x.60% = $6,240 dollars.)

So if that major grocery store, dentist, jeweler, Pharmacist, appliance retailer,local newspaper,fitness center, hair or nail salon owner etc:

Once they know, (or at least) has a general idea, “what” their ideal customer/patient and or client’s total lifetime customer value  net worth is,they’ll have a much better idea, what they can realistically afford to give away free, (or at) their actual hard cost, in order to (A.) Get a brand new first time customer,client and or patient etc.

And (B.) Compel a brand new customer to become an extremely loyal repeat customer/client and or patient etc.Meaning, that savvy grocery store could advertise, and give away one free 5 pound bag of coffee, a pound of (some meat) of our choice, a gallon of milk, juice, and or a dozen eggs etc.

They could very easily allow you or I, get any one of those items free, once week for a whole year, provided we spend at least $10  dollars or X number of dollars, per visit,  could they not?

Hold on, (because) I can already hearing you screaming at the top of your lungs, those supermarkets, or big box stores have tons of advertising/promotional dollars, and your extremely cash strapped small business doesn’t, correct?

And of course you’re correct!But entrepreneur, nobody said or was even suggesting, you actually pay for the item or items being given away for free or at your actual hard cost!Huh?

Far Too Many Severely Cash Strapped Small Business Owners Don’t See The Enormous Long Term Profit Potential Of Strategic Lead Generation!

Let’s say you own the local corner store deli and or a popular gift retail type of store, that (thank goodness), is not currently located in a popular mall! So you’re not paying outrageous monthly leasing and other fees etc.

For a second, let’s focus primarily on this store front retail gift shop, that specializes in many handmade items, exotic nuts, coffees,teas, peanut butters, jams, cheeses and pasta etc. (Just to name a few.)

So you or your management staff, aggressively seek out, a nationally (or Internationally) recognized distributor of really great tasting, exotic coffee or teas etc.

And you work out the following joint venture type of arrangement, and or something very similar.First, after both you and your staff pick out your favorite exotic coffee and or tea etc; they will save the distributor a ton of outrageously expensive local advertising costs, because the local retailer will gladly promote the coffee and teas, basically at the vendors actual hard cost, or for a literal fraction of their traditional, upfront out of pocket cost!

Sadly Most Potential Money Making Entrepreneurial Ideas Never Actually Get Acted Upon!

Case in point: the vendor will gladly provide the owners of the retail store, free 10 pound bags of coffee and or teas of their choice, to serve at home to their friends, family and or relatives, neighbors etc!

And their employee, will be given their first 10 bag of coffee and or tea for free! And after that, they merely call a special toll free, VIP repeat customer only number, and they can purchase from now on, any 10 pound bag of whatever the want, they they pay the suppliers actual hard cost, plus the applicable freight & carrying charge!

And the vendor also providers the gift shop owner with a complimentary 10 pound bag, of both their most popular exotic coffee and teas, and here’s “how” they instruct the retailer to promote them!

Every customer that spends $10 (or X) number of dollars, they automatically get one free large of, whichever they prefer, the exotic coffee or tea the vendor has provided!

The other way they automatically qualify for a large free cup of whichever they prefer, they must bring a brand new potential first time customer, 18 and over with them to the store.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Seize The Moment While Ever Body Else Waits For The Moment To Seize Them!

And whenever the customer or guest wishes to know how or where they can purchase a 5 or 10 pound bag for themselves, in order to serve at home or to give away as a free gift or present, or to bring to work and share with their boss or fellow co-workers etc.

That’s when the retailer hands  their customer, this extremely marketing savvy vendors special, two sided lead capture page business card.Side (A.) direct the prospects to rush over to the vendors mobile responsive WordPress blogs lead capture page, to enter their extremely popular free drawing!

For their  chance to win two ten pound bags of exotic coffee and or tea, delivered to their home or place of business, once every 60 days, or every other month for an entire year!

Which of course is  blank dollar value! Which also means they’ll definitely need to join the vendors opt in email and or text message list! (B.)

Now as is customary during this part of our show.These incredibly simple, non techie marketing tactics, should be enough to get their customers spreading positive word of mouth & mouse locally! Don’t you agree?

In part two, you’ll discover at least three more “battlefield tested” marketing, they can and definitely should be implementing, in order to steadily grow their business!And why you should too!

But for now, is it staring to become clearer, “how” your savvy small business  can strategically use giving away free stuff, to make a whole lot more money!Say yes!Now as is customary during this part of our show

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