Who Says Crafty Entrepreneurs Can’t Make Really Big Money While On A Luxury Cruise!

So ladies & gentlemen, when is the last time, you, like a lot of extremely (hard driving ), goal orientated entrepreneurs, have had the distinct pleasure, of not only having the time of your lives, aboard one of the many incredibly popular cruise ships!

But while you were doing it, you were also making a ton of money in the process!Entrepreneur, is that not interesting? Yes indeed.

In fact, while you’re going about making lots and lots of money, some of your very best customers and repeat customers, are constantly in the process, of positively spreading your company, business and or services name, both on and off of the various social media platforms!

Who in business, doesn’t want to constantly see and experience, that type of process 24/7?

If a high powered PR firm could (actually), consistently deliver those types of results, their fees and other, ongoing costs, would be well out of reach, of at least 98% of those that could definitely benefit from that type of results!

So How In The World Do Some Of Today’s Savviest Entrepreneurs Consistently Make A Ton Of Money Even While They’re On A Luxury Cruise Ship?

 (Having The Time Of Their Lives!)

So let’s (properly) set the entrepreneurial stage,shall we?The third largest retail jewelry chain, in their particular market, is aggressively looking for some (mega proven), relatively low cost, non traditional marketing, promotional strategies, and or tactics.

In order to consistently generate a ton more initial front end sales, because, just like their other two major competitors, within their particular local market.

They already know and appreciate, only too well,their ideal customers, total lifetime customer value, which is typically, somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000 to $40,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years.

With a net gross profit margin of 65%! Which means, (near) the higher end of their customer/clientele scale anyway!That ideal initial first time customer/repeat customer, that accounts for $40,000 dollars, over the next seven years, (give or take!),

This extremely marketing savvy retail jeweler, (and or) their major competitors, will actually pocket about $26,000 dollars, per ideal customer/repeat customer!($40,000 x .65% = $26,000 dollars in actual long term gross profits.)

So they’ve typically got a ton of mark up spread, (gross profit margin), within any given piece of jewelry they sell, which means, they can definitely afford to get extremely creative, in order to help stimulate their front end sales funnel!

Ever Notice How Some Of The Very Best Entrepreneurial Ideas Not Only Serve Your Target Market! (But They Help You Personally Profit As Well!)

Initially, they are going to strategically test two, fairly non techie, yet underground ninja marketing approaches, to see where they might ultimately lead.

And by doing so, they are going to (literally) build a constantly growing world wide army, of outrageously satisfied customers, and or repeat customers, (and ) long term affiliate sales reps in the process, (more on that particular long term benefit in just a moment),that constantly spreads the word, high and low!

Both on and offline, and enthusiastically does so all over the various social media platforms 24/7!Their constant personal and social media PR blitz, will cause, even the most seasoned Madison Avenue PR executives to blush!

Really Sharp Entrepreneurs Already Know That As Long As They Take Care Of Their Customers And Clients Most Pressing Needs! (That Don’t Have To Worry About Their Major Competitors Latest Traditional Advertising Strategies And Or Promotional Gimmicks!)

1.) Ninja underground marketing strategy # one: First and foremost! Since this extremely marketing savvy retail jeweler, is targeting the more affluent, who tend to frequently take these 10 to 21 day luxury vacation and business cruises, for price ranges, between $10,000 and $25,000 dollars!(Or more!)

And the savvy retail jeweler, desperately wants to target, not only them, but their immediate, personal and business, (extremely wealthy and highly influential) circles of influence as well!Here’s what they’re more than willing, to initially test and tweak in order to do so!

They’re going to see to it, since half of the cruise ships on board staff, which (purely) for the sake of example, let’s say they’re female!(With extremely nice disposable incomes,and extremely close friends, spouses, live in significant others, family members, like aunts, big & younger sisters, brothers, brother & sister in laws, and extremely active social media accounts of all sorts etc!)

So the extremely crafty jeweler, will allow each non upper management female employee/associate, to make their very first purchase, and save a whopping 50% off the normal retail cost!(Say what?)

With absolutely “no minimum purchase requirement” necessary!And as long as they spend at least, $1,000 dollars total, they automatically get (two) really cool bonuses!

Who Says The Really Big Budget Corporate Types Can’t Market Like Cash Strapped Small Business Owners And Or Service Providers Do?

1.) Surprise bonus # one: First, they automatically get to make an additional purchase of any one piece of jeweler they want, and purchase it for the jewelers actual retail hard cost, plus any and all applicable taxes & fees etc!

(Entrepreneur, just imagine the type of extremely eye catching, additional “talk of the town” items they will gladly purchase! And just imagine the type of instant,ongoing word of mouth & mouse buzz, doing so will create!)

2.) Surprise bonus # two: Plus, the jeweler will also throw in, absolutely free of charge, one beautiful pair of, (extremely eye catching) diamond studded  earrings, that normally retail for at least $400 dollars a pair!

Now strictly in the interest of (both) time and space! You’ll discover the bulk of “what” and “how” this extremely savvy retail jeweler will use, in underground ninja marketing strategy # two, to help (constantly) grow their long term army, of (both) affiliate sales reps, and outrageously satisfied customers and repeat customers!

But first, all the male & female upper management associates/employees on board, they automatically get their choice, to purchase any two pieces of jewelry of their choice, and pay the jewelers actual hard cost, plus all applicable taxes & fees etc.

Plus, they’ll each be given, ten extremely “time sensitive”, VIP, brand new customer only, discount coupons, to distribute as they wish!

Ladies & gentlemen, hopefully (just in part one alone), you’re truly starting to appreciate “how” some extremely crafty entrepreneurs, can and routinely do, make a ton of money, even while they’re on a luxury cruise ship!Can you not? Say yes! Great!

See you in just a little bit in part two! Because you’re simply not gonna wanna miss!What’s coming next!See you in just a little bit!Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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2 Responses to Who Says Crafty Entrepreneurs Can’t Make Really Big Money While On A Luxury Cruise!
  1. Hi Mark,

    What an awsesome post mate.

    The very thought of taking a cruise and making money whilst on board is the dream lifestyle of so many marketers – but sadly rarely achieved by many as well.

    But it is possible as you so rightly pointed out – the world of success is not just for the big corporations. We small players can also enjoy the real benefits of sucess.

    How? Look after our customers real needs with all the energy we can muster and you will experience the joys of real success.

    Loved the retail jeweller example you used – very clever marfketing indeed.

    Many thanks as always for sharing your experience and expertise Mark – awesome content with lots of gems to implement

    Best wishews from the remote Thai village marketer

    Peter Beckenham would love for you to read..Affiliate Marketing Course vs Self LearningMy Profile

    • Many thanks as always for your extremely kind words of encouragement Peter!

      And you are so right, we extremely crafty, cash conscious
      entrepreneurs, can and definitely should be strategically leveraging the enormous
      cash and resource outlays, by the major players!

      Once you/we take a much closer look, with the right creative marketing
      perspective, literally tons of currently untapped marketing possibilities,
      begin to present themselves!LOL!

      Then it’s more a matter of systematically testing, tweaking and consistently
      implementing them!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and share your incredibly helpful,
      real world sales and marketing insights!They’re always welcome and greatly appreciated my friend!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Who Says Crafty Entrepreneurs Can’t Make Really Big Money While On A Luxury Cruise!My Profile


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