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What Far Too Many Aspiring Entrepreneurs Don’t Know About Effective Lead Generation Strategies!

 (And How It’s Probably Costing You A Fortune!)

So how efficient and or effective are your current lead generation strategies and or tactics?

In other words (entrepreneur), at some point, are they both beneficial to and for you?

And are they beneficial and or profitable enough, you can monetize them, (in some way), other than their original intention? Huh?

Meaning, have you created any type of marketable lead generation strategies and or tactics, which might cause, a non directly competing vendor -or two-, to want to either: (A.) Pay you to share your proven expertise with them.(Totally cool,right?)

Or (B.) Pursue some type of joint venture (JV) revenue share arrangement of some kind.Where you and I get paid, in direct proportion to your/our productivity.

Sound interesting? Great.Stick around, to see and understand, how it gets done everyday, in one form or another.

So What Is This So Called Secret Far Too Many Aspiring Entrepreneurs Don’t Seem To Know And Or Understand About Really Effective Lead Generation Strategies And Or Tactics?

So you probably don’t realize it just yet.

And (sadly) you think, because you barely understand, purely on a surface level, what effective lead generation strategies and or tactics, is really about,you more often than not, whiz right by, outrageously potentially profitable,(non conventional) marketing opportunities and or possibilities.

Case in point. Let’s say you run a fairly successful CPA firm. Which means, by and large, you and your fellow co-workers, (on a daily) basis, work extremely close, with local business owners, service providers and or aspiring entrepreneurs, including aggressive startups. 😀

And their sizes and number of full and part time employees vary. Do they not? For sure.

Simply By Truly Understanding Effective Lead Generation Strategies And Or Tactics Makes You And Or Your Business And Or service An Extremely Valuable Commodity!

Closely follow the (marketing) bouncing ball here entrepreneur. Your CPA firm, offers, in some cases, full, (albeit) basic (A-Z) bookkeeping services, helping clients prepare for pesky IRS audits,  help with billing, accounts receivables, monthly or quarterly taxes, routinely generate financial statements.

And the higher end, (far more) encompassing CPA firms, offer expert help with preparing clients, with sometimes, incredibly complex, local, state and federal tax returns.

Helping them create workable budgets, and at times super complex business valuation services. If and when the time comes, for the business owner, service provider and or successful entrepreneur, (to ) either refinance, sell, take the company public, divide various types of stock and or in some way re-structure the entire business entity etc.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies And Or Tactics Is The Proven Path To Explosive Upside Growth!

Did you follow at least some of that?  😀 Do you see what incredible value they bring to,during and after a business is formed? Especially a successful one.

Of course, right about now, (you’re) scratching your head, wondering, what if anything, all their exploits, have to do with anything remotely related to, understanding effective lead generation strategies and or tactics, correct?  😀  Patience entrepreneur, the mystery is about to revealed.

Here’s what totally lies beneath all of this ladies & gentlemen. Your CPA (law)firm and or your major competitions CPA (and or) law firm.

Has developed,massive trust and outrageously credibility, with your customers and or clients, over the years, have they not? You’d better believe it.

(Which means, when they personally recommend a local product and or service, their customers pay close attention, and more times than not, act accordingly!) (Marketing leverage 101 at it’s finest entrepreneur.)

You Do Realize And Fully Appreciate Your Entrepreneurial Skills Is A Form Of extremely High Level Currency! (Do You Not?)

Now ask yourself this incredibly powerful (and oh) so relevant question. At a bare bones minimum, in terms of money, and other extremely valuable resources, both tangible and intangible.

How much would it cost, another, equally competent CPA (and or) law firm,(or X) retailer of some kind, to establish the exact same trust and bond, with your customers/long term repeat clients.

And modestly speaking, what time frame? Bingo! Needless to say, it would not be cheap, now would it?  😀  It could literally take, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of -trial and error- marketing/advertising/promotional dollars, could it not?

In order to build rock solid trust, with ten thousand local business owners. Not to mention countless other resources.That is, if you wanna go about things, the l-o-n-g way! 😀

The Proven Way Some Extremely Marketing Savvy Small Business Owners And Or Service Providers Leap Frog Their Major Competitors! (And How You Can I Definitely Can Too!)

Entrepreneur, (please) know and understand, this strategies you’re about to be exposed to. Can and definitely does, work as -either- a really straight forward marketing strategy.

And or it also works -equally- well, in reverse. Huh?

Meaning, you’re about to be introduced to two, local players. Either of which, could be the initiator, of this proven strategy/marketing tactic.

For ex; lets say a local retail jewelry outlet, averages about $25,000 – $40,000 dollars a month (mind you!), on a combination,of outrageously expensive, local radio, TV, newspaper, billboards, direct snail mail post cards and or PPC (Pay Per Click) ad campaigns.

(And it’s probably a whole lot more, during the major-year end- holiday season rush!)

Trying to get in front of their target audience enough times, to get their target market, to initially join their opt in email/mobile marketing list, and to ultimately spend some money! Right?  😀

And then keep coming back, and constantly referring, friends, close family members, co-workers, in laws, neighbors, spouses, live in significant others, barbers, hair and or nail salon owners etc.Both on and off social media.

You’d Better Believe Your Small Business And Or Service Carries A Very Large Stick!

Meaning, they kinda of sort of, know, their ideal customers, total lifetime value metric numbers, are somewhere in the neighborhood, of $8,500 – $13,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years.

Since the table (aka) proper foundation, has now been properly set. In parts two and beyond, (entrepreneur), you are about to discover, how and why, far too many aspiring entrepreneurs, leave a freaking ton of money on the table!

Simply because they don’t truly understand, he long term money making potential, of implementing, some proven lead generation strategies and or tactics.See you in just a little bit, in part two. Okay?

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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