Wanna Discover The Profitable Way Savvy Entrepreneurs Profit Using Free Stuff!

  (And How You Definitely Can Too!)

Let’s face it (already!),far too many aspiring startup entrepreneurs,semi cash strapped small business owners and or service providers, try (in vain), to advertise and or promote their way to success, do they not?

Instead of being on the lookout,for some marketed tested ways, of generating, some bank account filling marketing leverage.

Initially, they’re only too eager, to fund outrageously expensive, traditional ad campaigns, until they simply can no longer afford to do so.

Then and only then, as their initial capital steady dwindles, will they even consider, any other, less conventional forms of marketing and or promotions.

But as soon as they do, worlds of previously untapped marketing possibilities and or opportunities, start and remain open to them.As you’re about to discover.

So Who Else Wants To Discover The Extremely Profitable Way Some  Savvy Entrepreneurs Consistently Make Really Big Money Giving Away Valuable Free Stuff!

(And How You Can Too!)

Right out the gate, you already know and recognize, the digital how to information solving business, is literally filled with tons and tons of examples, of some extremely marketing savvy entrepreneurs, making really big money, by initially giving away, some incredibly valuable, free digital,problem solving information products and or services, correct?

You already know the routine all too well, correct? They start off, by enticing, more like ethically bribing you and I, into initially joining, one of their opt in email and or mobile marketing list, right?

And you and I gladly do so, for a chance, to receive some sort of free, yet extremely valuable,digital how to problem solving products or services.Right?

And then, over time, as they constantly draw us deeper and deeper, into their market tested sales funnels, through their systematic follow up, email/mobile marketing drip campaigns.

They start to successfully market and or promote, their higher priced products and or services to us, correct? Sound all too familiar?

Really Profitable Lead Generation Strategies Literally Go Hand In Hand With Effective Marketing Strategies And Or Tactics!

Case in point, offline, you can and certainly should be consistently implementing, some of the exact same, proven marketing strategies and or promotional tactics.

Granted offline, your ethical bribes, may initially cost you money and or some other form of mutually agreeable compensation.

Or when you get more established and more creative, they may not. 😀 say for ex; you run a very successful, women-s clothing and accessories boutique.

And of course you already know how to build your very own in house list of both buyers and potential repeat buyers, correct?

You simply sponsor a free drawing, where once a month (or every quarter),the first grand prize winners, wins an absolutely stunning, evening gown, which normally retails for $950 dollars!Or X.

Plus, an extremely popular designer hand bag, which normally retails for $450 dollars!For a grand total of $1,400 dollars! 😀

Even Your Thriving Offline Business And Or Service Should Have Some Type Of  Viable Email Marketing Strategy!

Of course, after you award your 1st and 2nd grand prize winners, for each month and or quarter, all your other runner ups, will each receive, some extremely time sensitive, VIP discount coupons, via your follow up opt in email/mobile marketing drip campaigns. 😀

And your second grand prize winner, has an extremely interesting choice.

They can either:

A.) Come to your store,shop and or showroom alone, before the expiration date on their coupon expires, and save 25% off the cost of any dress they choose, up to $1,000 dollars!(Not exactly a bad deal,right?)

Your Creative Entrepreneurial Ideas Will Help Kick The Door To Opportunity Wide Open!

B.) Or, they can drag an extremely close friend, relative, in law,kid and or co-worker to your store,(whose at least 18 years of age), before your coupon expires.

And simply by doing so, automatically save 50% off the cost of any dress and or extremely popular evening gown, up to $1,000 dollars.

Plus, they can also purchase any designer hand bag, at your actual hard cost, up to $300 dollars.

Here’s the other really cool thing, only your opt in email/mobile marketing subscribers get to participate in, at an extremely low cost! 😀

Once a month or quarter, you will also hold a raffle. And your email and or mobile subscribers, pay just $150 dollars, in order to ultimately receive, $1,400 dollars worth of extremely popular goodies!

While all non subscribers, who still eager wish to participate in your periodic raffles, can still do so, only it will cost them $750 dollars to play. 😀

While Extremely Marketing Savvy Entrepreneurs Are Not Afraid To Get Really Creative! (And You Shouldn’t Be Either!)

Not too bad so far, correct? But what about benefiting from supposedly, extremely valuable free stuff? After all, the main power headline, all but eluded to this, did it not? Absolutely.

So what about this, in every single designer hand bag, the clothing boutique store owner sells.

How about, they include, unbeknownst to the purchaser, an extremely time sensitive, two sided index card.

And side (B) instructs your customer, to bring this index card, (either) directly across the street, and or go to the mall, where your joint venture (JV) and or cross promotional partner, the retail jewelers store is.

Who Says You Can’t Put Your Major Lead Generation Efforts On Steroids!

And they can have an extremely eye catching, free pair of beautiful diamond studded earrings, which normally retail for $200 dollars a pair! (Or X!)Provided, they bring a potential first time customer with them, whose at least 18 years of age.

And they do so, before the expiration date on the coupon expires.

Or, if they prefer, they can come alone, and as long as they do so, before the extremely time sensitive coupon expires, they can save 30% off the cost of the earrings.

You know if they get those diamond studded earrings, and or a really nice charm bracelet, (either) for free, and or at a really nice discount.

They’ll continuously blow up their social media accounts like crazy, will they not?  😀 You got that right? Hopefully, this extremely watered down marketing template, adequately demonstrates to you, how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs (like yourself!), profit big time!

All the while, periodically giving away some extremely valuable stuff! Don’t you agree?

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