How Savvy Entrepreneurs Drastically Reduce Overhead So They Can Prosper! Part Three

As you recall from part two, of this ongoing series, there are some extremely marketing savvy entrepreneurswho routinely find some inexpensive ways, of profiting from another non directly competing vendors, dead and or under performing assets, correct?

And truth told, there’s absolutely no valid reason, why you and I, can’t consistently do the same, correct?

Whether you realize it or not, both of our businesses, definitely have some form of currently under performing, and or semi to completely dead assets of some kind.

It’s just a matter of developing the proper marketing perspective. And hopefully, this three part mini series, is helping you do just that.

Because there literally are tons of untapped marketing possibilities, just waiting to be discovered. As you’re about to discover.

Are There Any Under Performing And Or Dead Assets From Which Your Business And Or Service Can Potentially Profit From?

As you recall from part two, this extremely marketing savvy jeweler, decided to approach this extremely successful husband & wife team, whose -local- company manages in excess of 400 semi luxury townhouse/condo units.

And about 260 of those units, are currently occupied by, either single and or married women, who currently earn high five or six figure a year incomes.(And who routinely socialize  and or work with other local women, who do the same.

And since all of them love to routinely spend a portion of it, on some really nice looking bling, (and other extremely eye catching accessories), the extremely marketing savvy jeweler is aggressively targeting them.

Not to mention the fact, the jewelers ideal female customer, has a current total lifetime customer value metric of at least $12,000 – $15,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years.(Give or take.)

So it’s more than worth it, for this extremely marketing savvy jeweler to participate in some unconventional, bank account filing marketing strategies and or tactics. Don’t you agree?

Your Market Tested Entrepreneurial Skills Can Greatly Reduce Your Traditional Out Of Pocket Advertising Expenses!

As you recall, the extremely marketing savvy jeweler, approached this successful husband & wife team, about pro-actively marketing to their high income earning female tenants.

And in order to ensure the couples help, the jeweler will gladly provide the successful power couple, with matching his & her Rolex watches, which normally retail for $2,500-5,000 dollars each.

But in reality, cost the jewelers about $1,250-2,500 dollars each.The actual numbers are not nearly important, as grasping the overall marketing strategies, and or concepts being conveyed.

In part two, one of the potential marketing/promotional strategies mentioned, was the jeweler, and or extremely marketing savvy retailer X, having the husband & wife,(and their employees) place one of the jewelers best market tested, two sided flyers, and or index cards in each female tenants mail box.

Whether they’re currently single or married.But how about this simple marketing twist. Lets say there are currently, 97 single female tenants under the age of 55.

And maybe 75 single men tenants,under the age 55 currently renting one of the couples total of 400 local luxury units, which are spread throughout various parts o the city.

Market Tested Lead Generation Strategies And Or Tactics Can Definitely Stretch Your Long Term Marketing Dollars By At Least 200 To 500% Further Than Usual!

What if the jeweler, along with a local upscale women-s boutique shop, decide to joint venture, (co- sponsor) a singles night, meet and greet!

They’ll have the husband & wife team leave the flyers in the above mentioned tenants mail boxes.But here’s the marketing twist, every person who enters the jewelers free drawing, automatically gets a chance, to win an eye catching $3,500 dollar diamond studded necklace for ladies!

And the exact same for the guys! Plus, for every participant, who joins the jewelers opt in email/mobile subscriber list, plus brings a friend of the same sex with them to the event, they automatically get to reach in a grab bag, for a chance at two more really cool potential prizes, valued at X!

 1.) Potentially valuable bonus prize #one: Any participant who brought a friend of the same sex, and age group demographic, they automatically get a chance to reach into the jewelers grab bag, and at least one discount coupon inside the grab bag, will allow the lucky recipient, to purchase any one product, for the jewelers actual cost, up to $1,000 dollars!

When You Really Stop And Consider Things Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Kinda Of Do Have An Unfair Advantage! (If They’ll Utilize It!)

2.) Potentially valuable bonus prize #two: And the other really cool prize, will be a $1,000 dollar universal gas card! But they have to bring a friend of the same sex to the event, plus be a subscriber of the jeweler.And or whichever retailer is actually sponsoring the event.

Of course all the ladies who show up for the event, whether they initially bring a friend or not, they’re still going to receive, an extremely time sensitive, brand new first time customer only discount coupon, to the women-s boutique shop, where they’ll automatically save 25-40%, off their very first purchase.

What a really cool way, for this extremely marketing savvy jeweler to build a long term sales funnel, right under their major competitors noses, right?

More on how the sliding scale savings plan works in a future post. For now, can you see and appreciate, how  non directly competing entrepreneurs, could easily benefit, from another vendor/service providers, under used marketing opportunities and or under performing assets!.

I sincerely hope so.(Important note: The primary reason why the ‘how’ Google search engine video is being used in this particular blog post, is to hopefully demonstrate to you, the positive viral affect, of positive word of mouth or mouse marketing strategies, and how quickly they go viral.) Are you finally ready to go viral or what?

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  1. Hi Mark,

    This is a great way to leave no stone unturned in mining your assets.

    Certainly there are many hidden, under used assets as you’ve pointed out.

    And they can yield great results as you’ve demonstrated in this article.

    This is creativity and marketing savvy that works.

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