How Under Used Assets Help Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Money!

Do you currently know any extremely savvy entrepreneurs, who happen to have a rather active stock market  portfolio, which they occasionally share their results with you?

Maybe they share how a certain portion of their portfolio, based on whatever type of evaluation and or analysis process they use.

It’s currently under performing, so for that ans many other reasons, they set out to put investment strategies in place, designed to help them increase their overall profitability, correct?

And so it goes with your some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, no matter what their particular niche and or specialty is.

Once or if, they discover certain assets, be they tangible and or intangible, are not performing as well as they could or should be.They immediately set out to change the situation, asap. And so should you.

Since Tons Of Really Sharp Entrepreneurs Have All Types Of Under Performing Assets How Come More Of Them Don’t Profit From Them?

Case in point; if you were to pass by one of your many, local RV (Recreational Vehicle) dealerships, you might notice tons of unsold inventory.

Which for whatever reasons, the dealership simply hasn’t been able to sell yet, correct? And rest assured, every day those RV’ sit there, it’s costing the dealership more and more money.

Until at some point, the dealership actually can become upside down on the RV’s. Meaning, the RV’s, along with the ongoing financing charges the dealership pays on all unsold inventory, starts to surpass what they need to clear on the unit to remain profitable on the sale.

Especially if the RV dealership, has virtually no back end sales funnel process in place.Now let’s try and slightly shift your ninja marketing perspective just a tiny bit.

Constantly Develop Your entrepreneurial Skills And Watch How Often Opportunity Begins To Knock!

So let’s say you drive further across town, and now you notice an upscale housing division, which currently has at least 400 units of higher income townhouses and or luxury condos etc.

At first glance, (especially since) the total development, which is currently being managed by this dynamic husband & wife team, which owns a substantial property management business.

The entire sub division is running at around 92 – 94% occupancy.So on the surface at least, it would appear the management companies is maximizing the revenue generating capabilities of the vast majority of the properties, they currently manage, correct? Yes and no. Huh?

Try this all too often, overlooked marketing train of thought. Just because those higher income earning tenants, for the most part, pay their rents and or leases on time, month after month.

Doesn’t mean the property managers are coming close to maximizing those tenants true income earning potential. Say what?

Savvy Entrepreneurs Know How To Maximize The Income Earning Potential!

Case in point; practically every day, those tenants are consumers of all types of products and or services, constantly being supplied and or provided, by other local entrepreneurs, correct?

So let’s this extremely enterprising husband & wife team decides they not only want his & her Rolex watches, which normally retail for $5,000 dollars each.

But they also want to take annual 14 day luxury vacation cruises, which typically cost around $15,000 dollars.

But here’s the kicker, (so please pay close attention.) The marketing savvy couple doesn’t personally want to spend a nickel of their own money, in order to enjoy these high brow benefits.

Instead, they want to maximize the income producing potential, of their under performing tenant base.

So they approach a local upscale jeweler, whose current ideal customer, currently has a total lifetime customer value metric, of at least $15,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years.

What Profit Seeking Small Business Owner Couldn’t Benefit From Some Market Tested Lead Generation Strategies?

Starting with Valentines and Mothers Day. The couple will gladly include an extremely time sensitive insert, in their  mailings to any female tenant, as it gets close to the two above mentioned days.

And the two sided index card, will direct these ladies to enter the jewelers monthly free drawing, foe their chance to win a beautiful diamond studded necklace, which typically retails for at least $3,500 dollars.

And on side (B.), the extremely time sensitive, brand new first time only discount coupon, will invite the ladies to come to their store, with a friend whose at least 18, and not already a current customer of the jeweler.

And if they do so before the coupons expiration date, they automatically get to purchase a beautiful pair of diamond studded earrings, which typically retail for $300 dollars a pair.

And they can purchase them for just $90 dollars, plus any and all applicable taxes and or fees etc.

Really Good Lead Generation Strategies Constantly Make Money But Don’t Break The Bank!

Plus, as a totally unannounced, unexpected bonus, the first twenty five women who bring a friend with them to the jewelers store,before the expiration date, they will be given the option to purchase any one piece of jewelry, up to $500 dollars (or X), at the jewelers actual cost.

You know this simple marketing ploy, will cause an avalanche of positive word of mouth & mouse buzz, correct?

And subsequently, the jeweler will be strategically leveraging their upfront marketing dollars, all while continuously building their very own, highly responsive opt in email/ mobile marketing list, correct?

Which means, over time, the jeweler (and or) their major competitors, can inexpensively and systematically, follow up with this highly responsive list, can they not?

Savvy Entrepreneur Know They Have Some Type Of Under Performing Assets Somewhere In Their Portfolio Of Tangible And Intangible Assets!

And the extremely marketing savvy husband & wide team, has justified the jeweler providing them with his & her Rolex watches,(valued at X), plus paying for their annual, 14 day luxury cruises, right?

Because over time, a certain percentage of these high income earning local women, will become valued, long term repeat customers, plus they’ll eagerly refer their professional and personal inner circle members too, right?

My friend, that’s one extremely simple way, extremely savvy entrepreneurs, (who) truth told, are certainly no smarter than you, leverage their under performing assets! And how you can too? Any questions?

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