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How To Use Your Sales And Promotions To Generate Tons Of Repeat Business!

 (For Literally Pennies On The Dollar!)

Any idea how many semi to severely cash strapped small business owners, service providers and or startup entrepreneurs, do you think, finance some sort of sales and promotions events, which fall short of the mark?

And the really sad part is, they basically have little or no idea, how to right the ship, correct?

So why not discover and implement some proven marketing strategies, which are not only low cost, but are already market tested.

And they’ve already withstood the test of time. So why not take advantage of that situation, as often as you can?That’s what the remainder of this post is specifically designed to help you or your major competitors do.

So How Can You Consistently Turn Your Low Cost Sales And Promotions Into Some Loyal Repeat Customers?

(For Literally Pennies On The Dollar!)

For this specific example, let’s use two local-non franchised- pizza shops, (side by side for comparisons purposes), and both offer local delivery services, for any orders of $15 dollars or more.

And bare in mind, these exact same battlefield tested strategies, you’re about to be exposed to, can and definitely will apply to a local Chinese and or Mexican restaurant, which also provides local delivery services.

So company (A.) will provide the five major potential benefits you’re about to be exposed to and local company (B.) currently does not!

And you decide, of the two, which (if either) you would patronize the most.Here are the five major benefits, company (A.) enthusiastically provides, which (currently) none of their other, (non franchised) local major competitors do!

(Important note: While this overall, general marketing concept was previously touched on in another post, these particular marketing strategies, are the far more advanced extensions, of the exact same proven concept.)

 1.) Major benefit # one: The very first time a customer orders delivery service of $15 dollars or more. The delivery person will present them with two potential “bounce back” offers.

A.) Potential “bounce back” offer # one: For just $7  (or X) dollars a year, this two sided, annually renewable, laminated index card, allows the holder, to automatically save 15% off any future delivery orders of $15 dollars or more.

Plus, twice a year, they save $12 dollars off any order of $15 dollars or more! Once on their birthday and once on their wedding anniversary, if it applies.

Your Exclusive Customer Benefits Can Act As A Powerful Lead Generation Tool!

Otherwise, they just pick any other day of the year they wish, and they automatically get credit for it! And each time the delivery person, merely -physically-hole punches the card, and this is how the pizza and or Chinese restaurant, keeps track on when these perks get used.

B.) Potential “bounce back” offer # two: This is the pizza/Chinese restaurants mega proven VIP “bounce back” offer! For just a one time payment of $20 dollars, they get an entirely separate, two sided, laminated index card, which has an entirely different color.

So there is no way to confuse the two. And it comes with all the previously mentioned benefits, but they automatically save 20% on any delivery order of $15 dollars or more, for life!

(Important note: Entrepreneur, try not to get hung on the actual percentages, it’s the overall basic marketing concepts, you definitely need to grasp!)

And they never, ever have to renew their card again! The deliver person just takes down their name, birth date, (but not the year! ) And their primary home phone number, along with their cash payment of $20 dollars, for which their given a receipt.

And they’re are called and told to (either) come to the pizza shop, or they can order and mention they are a brand “VIP lifetime member”, who hasn’t received their card yet,and when the deliver is made, the driver will provide their card as well.

And here are the five remaining benefits the “lifetime members get, which the non lifetime members do not!Those benefits alone, ought to getting them gleefully spreading the word, both on and offline!Don’t you agree? Me too!

Your Sales And Promotions Can And Ultimately Should Lead To Way More Repeat Business!

 2.) Major benefit # two: These lifetime card holders, automatically save 20%, every time they physically visit your shop, and bring a guest, whose 18 and over. With “No minimum purchase requirements necessary!

You should want the constant repeat business, right? And remember, these particular perks, only apply to your “VIP lifetime card carrying members only!

So this one strategy alone, induces and incentizes them to bring a friend (or two) and show off some of their perks!Right?

3.) Major benefit # three: Once a year, they can call or come into your store, and as long as their order exceeds $15 dollars, (or X.) They can order up to five medium pizzas, with any toppings they choose, but only pay for them as if they were regular cheese toppings!This is really convenient for kids or teenagers birthday parties, right?

The pizza shop will merely physically hole punch their laminated card.

 4.) Major benefit # four: Once a year on their birthday (and or) wedding anniversary, they automatically save 25% off!And again, they just get their card physically holed punched.

And if they take advantage of all their annual perks, they merely call the pizza shop, let them know, and the shop will call them, once they laminate a brand new “VIP lifetime card” for them for the following year.

Your Small Business Profits Are only Limited To The Size And Degree Of Your Implementation!

Bare in mind, these cards, although they will be a different color, to separate them from the annually renewable cards. They too will have annual twelve month renewable dates on them, in order to account  for some of the annual perks being used.

But the recipients will never, ever have to pay for the annual renewing of all future cards!

Again, this is just another low cost, powerful, positive word of mouth and mouse, producing strategy!Don’t you agree?

5.) Major benefit # five: And finally, any time they physically come to your store, with a guest 18 and over, they automatically save 20% off their entire order, plus they can order your pay your “lunch time” special price, for your special, any time of day they want, seven days a week!

Pretty cool, right! Absolutely! And that’s why’ll they’ll constantly mention it,on their social media accounts, at work and to their closets friends, associates and or family members etc!Don’t you agree?

Now then, since local (non franchised) company (B.) offers non of these perks.Of the two, which one do you think, you’d frequent most? You so got that right?

My friend, that’s just a small sample, of how some of today’s savviest small business owners, routinely generate an additional 25%, from some of their very best sales and promotions! Now it’s your turn!

Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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6 Responses to How To Use Your Sales And Promotions To Generate Tons Of Repeat Business!
  1. That’s a nice strategy Mark. It really pays forward if one provides more value to their old customers. It gets tons of repeat business.
    Sammy Blackmore would love for you to read..The Average Work Week: How Many Hours Do Business Owners Work? – More Time More Profit: Helping Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Scale their BusinessMy Profile

  2. Hi Mark,

    It sure seems like business “A” will dominate the market while “B” is still stuck on the standard 25% off on Tuesdays type of incentives. That might work for Tuesday, but what about every other day of the year?

    No contest here, sales promos and strategically offered perks like those you’ve described will build a repeat business, and one that is tailor made to growing the word of mouth (trust) factor for your business.

    I KNOW these things can translate to bloggers and online marketers… it just takes some ingenuity as you’ve demonstrated here.

    Donna Merrill would love for you to read..4 Productivity Tips For BloggersMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Donna!

      And I have to agree with you, company (A.) will
      definitely be getting the lions share of my money coach!LOL!

      And I love your line and wave of thought BTW!

      What about the other days in the week!Or is the business closed the other six

      Thanks so much for continuous support coach!

      I truly appreciate it and always love reading your
      extremely valuable insights!

      And I loved the recent webinar you & David hosted!It was jammed packed with
      several extremely practical ideas as always!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Being An Entrepreneur: Means Seeing The Big Picture Not Just The Snap Shots!My Profile

  3. It’s not difficult to see how powerful this type of program can be for a business Mark, and we all know it costs a lot more to find a new customer than keep an existing one. Plus there’s a nice bonus for the customer of feeling a bit VIPish when they present their card, especially if they’ve brought a guest with them. Talk about a win/win! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..Can We Be Highly Sensitive and Emotionally Resilient?My Profile

    • That’so true M!

      I know I was one of many featured guest speakers at a major niche
      subject annual convention, and the hotel the organization placed in
      had a special card you inserted in the elevator and it automatically
      by passed the first 20 floors!LOL!

      and then you just pushed the button for your particular floor, and you best
      believe after I spoke I took great pleasure in -inviting several of the attendees
      to see the awesome view and room they placed us in!LOL!

      So I couldn’t agree more about the VPish affect!LOL!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts!
      They’re always greatly appreciated!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..How A Little Marketing Creativity Mixed In With Charity Can Often Lead To Massive Viral Exposure!Part TwoMy Profile


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