Three Things You Must Do Right To Now To Prevent Your Small Business From Going Broke! Part Two

Three Things You Must Do Right To Now To Prevent Your Small Business From Going Broke!Part Two

As you hopefully discovered in part one of this ongoing series about the three things that every serious, cash starved, struggling small business owner and or service provider should be doing, to keep from going broke!(And or just basically shredding water!)

As a cash conscious small business owner (and or service provider) with extremely limited cash flow, and other traditional resources, (entrepreneur) you’ve simply gotta maximize your resources and opportunities to consistently and systematically grow your business.Don’t you agree?

Which means, after you’ve done everything in your power to acquire that all important first time customer and or client, you’ve got to push the envelope (in a positive way!) and leverage both their on and offline social influence and buying power.

Because if you don’t, you run the very real risk of your major competitors doing just that! Your target audience has limited amounts of discretionary income, don’t let your major competitors influence where and how much they should spend.

Instead you should be first in line. Don’t create additional competition for yourself, by not maximizing revenue when your customer/client is in their peak buying mood.

The remainder of this post is dedicated to exposing you to at least three more little known (pro-active) ways for your cash starved small business to systematically increase revenue and maximize your long term profits.

 Who Else Is Up For Discovering Three More Pro-active Ways For A Struggling Small Business Owner To Systematically Increase Revenue?

As you recall from part one; a first time customer comes to your (offline) retail establishment for the very first time. Once they spend that very first nickel with you entrepreneur, that’s where you start pro-actively marketing to them, in order to inexpensively maximize your long term revenue.

So in part two, you’re going to discover at least three more pro-active ways to hopefully inexpensively stack the deck in your favor. And the absolute best way to accomplish that is by systematically extending the buying process as soon as they become a first time customer and or client. For example:

1.) The first thing you must do on a daily basis: First, as you’re completing the sale, look at the man or woman and look for physical signs that they’re married and or engaged etc.

If they’ve got on a wedding ban and or wedding ring etc; you or your trained sales staff ask if they got their “free” wedding anniversary gift, which is an X dollar value! Hand them your special lead capture page business card that directs them to (either) a special page that’s hidden from the general public on your WordPress blog, and or straight to some type of market tested lead capture page.

(In other words, have them join your “couple (or blank) of the month club”.)

And make darn sure the ethical bribe is more worth it to them, so that a majority of them take you up on your free opt in email offer.

And then starting seven days before their actual wedding anniversary date, you start strategically sending follow up messages, reminding them to come to your store (either) one day before, the actual day of, or one day after their wedding anniversary, in order to get X% off any purchase.

With no minimum purchase requirements.

Let Your All Important First Time Customer Or Client Be The Seed To Long Term Perpetual Profits!

2.) The second thing you must do on a daily basis:  You ask if they (either) own their own business or if they work somewhere. If they own any type of business (and or service) which has employees. This also probably means they also have various local (extremely well connected!) vendors they constantly do business with as well.Correct?

You’ve potentially hit the mother lode! If they own their own business, tell them you’ll contact them (directly), later to workout a way for you systematically offer them your time sensitive VIP new customer only discount coupons to both their employees, relatives, employees relatives and vendors, and their vendors employees etc!

You see how potentially lucrative and highly influential that lowly ole first time customer and or client can potentially be, and or become! Say yes! And you don’t have to be this aggressive initially in order to maximize your long term profits.

3.) The third thing you must do on a daily basis: Ask your brand new first time customer if they’d like to be periodically made aware of some of your periodic “after hour sales events!”

If so, all they need to do is go to this special lead capture on your WordPress  blog and join your list! (How’s that for an offline opt in power list building strategy?) Anyway, once a month or perhaps once per quarter (every 90 days or so), you email (and or snail mail) postcard, and or text them about these very special VIP subscribers only, extremely time sensitive alerts,  about your up and coming “after hour sales event.”

And whenever they bring a friend, relative and or associate 18 and over with them to these private sales events, they automatically get an extra X% off any purchases! And the first time customer saves X amount of money too!With no minimum purchase requirements necessary!

Obviously you don’t have to try and implement everything all at once! Instead you inexpensively test something, track and monitor it, and then you gradually move forward. Entrepreneur, these three additional, ninja like marketing  strategies will definitely help you systematically grow your cash starved struggling small business! Don’t you agree? P.S. Now as customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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2 Responses to Three Things You Must Do Right Now To Prevent Your Small Business From Going Broke! Part Two
  1. Hi Mark,

    I am digging each tip because they all require us to be hyper aware of the people we are serving.

    As an aside, I missed the anniversary gift: today was Kelli and mine’s 2nd wedding anniversary 😉

    I am being more mindful of each interaction I have daily, with all humans. Online and offline. What a fab skill to develop because it makes life more enriching.

    Doing things more from a place of love and less from a place of fear helped me make this prospering shift.

    Super post Mark. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Ryan Biddulph would love for you to read..Golden Dragons and Jacket Vampires in Hue VietnamMy Profile

    • Awesome Ryan!
      Thanks and big congrats to both you & Kelli
      for finding each others soulmate!

      You made an outstanding point, about being aware!
      The more we focus on serving our chosen market and audience, the less time and energy,
      there is for doubt, and over self examination!

      Because (as we both) know, only too well, it’s those pesky doubt gremlins,
      which prevent so many aspiring entrepreneurs, from not only ever even approaching
      the full capacity, but sadly, they also prevent far too many from even staring!

      And thus, they never, ever get to experience anything close to, blogging fro paradise bud!

      Man, I don’t know how,or where, you get your boundless energy from, but you truly are an
      inspiration to and for us all! Rock on my friend!Because we are totally digging your vibe!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Three Things You Must Do Right Now To Prevent Your Small Business From Going Broke! Part ThreeMy Profile


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