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Three Simple Marketing Strategies Public Speakers Can And Should Use!

So have you heard this rather alarming stat?

It seems the average person, which unfortunately, includes millions of aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

It seems they rate the ‘fear of public speaking,’ even above the fear of dying. Is this not interesting.

So even though the potential marketing strategies, you’re about to be exposed to, primarily pertain to any and every one, who has no such fear and or phobia, of any traditional type of public speaking.

The overall marketing strategies, can and still do, apply to you as well, especially, if you  do currently have any such concerns.

If you don’t, please pay close attention, as you’re about to possibly discover, another potential profit center or two.

So Who Else wants To Discover Three Proven Strategies Public Speakers Definitely Should Be Using Right Now! (In Order To Make More Money!)

First of remember, even if you’re not currently doing any public speaking. Nor do you plan on doing any, no time soon.

These simple to implement marketing strategies,(with a few modest tweaks), can and definitely will work extremely hard for you, in some form or another.

So relax, because, if you have a phobia, about speaking in front of a crowd of gloried strangers. And or appearing in front of a video camera.You can still tweak these market tested strategies around the edges and make a nice go of things.

But if you have and or plan on adding public speaking to the mix.Please pay extra close attention.

Three Incredibly Simple Things You Can And Should Do If Some Form Of Public Speaking Is part Of Your Long Term marketing Strategies!

Case in point; one of my coaches, she and one of her top joint venture (JV)/ cross promotional partners, is hosting an exclusive mastermind event, where only her top clients can attend.

And it costs five figured to attend. The exclusive event will last for three days.

First and foremost, (you know!) the entire event, will be -both- audio and video recorded.Which brings us to potential profit center number one.

1.) Both she and her JV partner, will be able to offer -either- the entire audio and or video recordings of the event, later on down the road, as a stand alone product, right?

And they’ll definitely be able to charge five figures for it.Next. Potential money making marketing strategy number two:

Don’t Necessarily Look for Ways To Promote Your Businesses And Or Services! (Instead Look For more Ways To Better Serve Your Particular Target Audiences!

2.) If she and or JV partner decides to offer, another high level training event, and or start promoting, a high level coaching program, as an affiliate.

They can offer-either- a portion of, and or their entire recorded event, as a free bonus, to every person who purchases the products or services their promoting.

And third potential profit center available to her is:

3.) She can sell and or market -both- re-seller and or master license/reseller rights, to other aspiring entrepreneurs.The entrepreneurs earn their profits of the front end of the sales funnel, by promoting the educational product.

And my mentor, earns the vast majority of her gross profit on the back end of this particular sales funnel, actively promoting, her various, beginners, intermediate and or advanced, high end, comprehensive, one on one coaching packages.

These typically start, at $15,000 dollars per year. Or $25,000 dollars for 30 months. Basically two and a half years, of advanced, one on one, customized coaching and whatever else is truly needed, in order to help her student/customers finally move off center! 😎

Your Creative Entrepreneurial Skills Are Always The Game Changing X Factor!

(Important note: The figures quoted, apply strictly to the time this blog post is originally published! Future prices reflect any and all changes at any particular moment.)

The short of it is this; once you-or someone- records your local, and or high end paid mastermind retreat events.Those recordings, definitely have some long term residual value of some kind.

Don’t you agree? How much, and to what degree? This ultimately depends on you and I, Does it not? Hopefully, this rather watered down example, wets your pallet enough for you to finally begin to appreciate, how any aspiring public speaker, can effectively utilize, these basic marketing strategies. Any questions?

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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6 Responses to Three Simple Marketing Strategies Public Speakers Can And Should Use!
  1. Important subject and I especially like the point about looking for ways to serve your audience. I have to admit I don’t have much sympathy for people who allow their fear of public speaking to limit their potential. I was once terrified of speaking in public and got over it by joining Toastmasters and challenging myself. I was repeatedly told that because I’m an Introvert that I’d never make it in an Extrovert job, and yet I made a successful living in sales, spoke to groups large and small and somehow managed to thrive. We limit ourselves by our perception of what we are capable of accomplishing – thank you for showing your readers the way to overcome their self-limiting beliefs!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..Perspective: A New Series on Your Power to ChooseMy Profile

    • Thanks for your extremely positive feedback M!

      I definitely appreciate it! Odd, I never would have imagined,
      you had a temporary fear of speaking i front of a crowd!LOL!

      Because you seem like such a warm & friendly!LOL!
      I would have thought, any type of public speaking would have
      just been natural extension for you!

      But sadly, you’re so right, we left those voices, going
      on between our left & right ears, talk out out of
      way too much!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! It
      definitely means a lot!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..A Profitable Marketing Lesson You Can Learn From Network TV Shows!My Profile

  2. Hey Mark
    i read second post of you, and both are really amazing post and nicely done ,
    i read this post and second strategy about marketing is really great
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Wonderful post Mark,

    Well to be honest I’m not into marketing and every time I visit here I get to read something interesting and helpful.

    I like all the points you’ve made.


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