Three Really Simple Sales Tips No Serious Major Retailer Can Afford To Ignore!Part Three

Three Really Simple Sales Tips No Serious Major Retailer Can Afford To Ignore!Part Three

So after two installments about how and why any serious major retailer (but especially) a cash strapped one like Kmart should be pro-actively embracing these proven, (albeit) slightly non traditional sales tips.

Here in part three are you ready to cut to the chase? Let’s see how ( our hypothetical ) case study, plays out, especially when we add an additional segment of Kmart’s potential customer base to the mix.

Of course Kmart’s career big wigs will want to continue to throw a ton of money at, outrageously expensive,  local and national TV, radio and newspaper, and or magazine ads etc.

And of course any company, but especially a cash strapped struggling retailer  like, the once mighty Kmart should be sincerely interested in, increasing their sales and revenue, without spending a proverbial fortune to do so!

So that’s why they should embrace some of these non traditional sales tips to help them accomplish just that. Don’t you think? Because let’s face it, (Kmart’s) major competitors, the likes of Target, Kohl’s and Walmart etc.

They’re not going to be slowing down on their high priced glitzy ad campaigns any time soon, right? Which means in order for Kmart (or major struggling retailer X), to actually compete, it would probably make  far more sense for Kmart to not try and compete against them dollar for institutional dollar!

And instead, look for some proven unconventional ways to systematically grow their customer base, and create some powerful word of mouth on and offline publicity.Don’t you agree?

Who’s Got A Problem Using Unconventional Proven Sales Tips To Create More Gross Profit?

That being the case, Kmart is also going to strategically target the one hybrid group that no matter what state the current local, and or national economy, may or may not be in. This particular hybrid group always has (at least) some type of discretionary disposable income. That would be none other than certain segments of the baby boomer/pre- senior citizens segment of the population.

For ex:there are literally tons of baby boomers/pre- seniors with more than enough money to not only afford a state of the art computer system. But the high speed internet access capability to go with it!

What they do lack (however), is the basic knowledge, and or skills to take full advantage of the technology! So Kmart (or major struggling retailer X), should start systematically targeting them with (to begin with), say free basic “how to” use and enjoy your computer classes, for the baby boomers and pre- seniors crowd!

Maybe offer a free, 90 minute Q& A, hands on demonstration session, valued at X!

And then obviously sell them some really nice state of the art computer products and or services, along with some advanced hands on training, on the back end as well!

But offer the classes maybe (to begin with )twice a week, right in the store or somewhere close by. The basic introductory classes could be anywhere in length from 90 minutes, to two hours long. And primarily employ young college graduates, and or -some really patient, courteous and extremely professional, grad students (that haven’t found full time employment yet.)

Of course they’d need to have majored in computer science or something closely related. This way they could add these apprenticeships to their resumes. And every baby boomer/ pre – senior that completed all the basic classes, would be given a completion of curriculum  certificate from Kmart, which automatically discounts the cost of one of the really nice computers systems they sell, and or joint venture!

And of course they can and should inexpensively test starting a “seniors club.” Because it’s guaranteed that at least some of the seniors are extremely Internet savvy!(Like Internet marketing savvy senior, Shelia Finkelstein, of fame!) And they can and will help the other registered seniors, when they’re away from the classes.

Actively Segmenting And Marketing Differently To The Different Segments Of Your Customer Base Is A Proven Method Of Eventually Increasing Your Sales Revenue!

The other tactic they could at least inexpensively test going after is other local vendors. For ex; they could inexpensively test having “vendors week.” How this would work is: Kmart finds at least four distinct, non directing competing local vendors, and simply allows them to market-some of their very best market tested- products and or services for seven full days inside a local Kmart.

And only charge the vendors $100 dollars each, for the privilege of doing so! And at the end of one month, the vendor that gets the most points (votes) from both Kmart’s customers and employees etc.

They automatically get to set up for at least 14 more business days (two weeks.) But they must agree to abide by three pre- conditions.

 1.) Pre condition # one: They must agree to donate at least 5 (or X %) of their gross profits to a local charity of their choice!

2.) Pre condition # two: They also agree to offer all Kmart employees, and or associates at least a 15% discount off all the products or services that they offer in Kmart’s store!

3.) Pre condition # three: And finally.. they also agree to insert a special made (lead capture page) type of  business card made by Kmart,  inside every one of their customers bags.

This way Kmart can drive some traffic to their state of the art WordPress blog. So in the end, for probably a whole lot less money, Kmart (or major cash starved retailer X), will most certainly get some long term leverage out of these proven (albeit) unconventional sales tips. Don’t you agree?

Please list at least two simple spin off concepts (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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