Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Make You Money!Part Two

So did you notice in part one of this ongoing series, thinking like an entrepreneurnot only helps you make a whole lot more money, but you can also save a bundle as well.

Did you also happen to take note of that potential benefit as well?

Because, typically, whenever a conventional type of thinker, starts any type of brand new venture, be it on or offline, they usually go into it, thinking they need a ton of start up capital, correct?

And hey, (truth told), in a whole lot of cases, that type of straight forward conventional style of thinking, would be spot on.

However, (ladies & gentlemen), in case you really haven’t taken notice just yet.When it comes to successfully marketing, your extremely valuable products, and or services online, you have tons of potential tools and or -proven- avenues, to create, some bankable marketing leverage. Don’t you agree?

In the remainder of this post, you’ll not only discover, the two remaining, critically important components, from part one, but you’ll also discover, how and why, thinking and acting like an entrepreneur, can be so potentially profitable.

So How Does Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Potentially Make You More Money?

Quickly reverting back to part one, in order to provide you with the finished list, of the six critically important components, you will definitely, (initially) need, in order to get up and going, on your online entrepreneurial journey.

Ladies & gentlemen, make no mistake about it, (while) you could certainly create, an over convoluted list, of 57 and a half things, you definitely need to have in place, before you even think about getting online!

Or, (since) you’re definitely a profit seeking entrepreneur, correct? You can bypass all that nonsense, take this six, must have components list to heart, do some much needed keyword research, and get started asap!

And based on the real world feedback you will most certainly get, simply continuously adjust as you go.(Just get started already.)

And not (or stop!) worrying about trying to get all of your proverbial eyes dotted and your tees crossed. Because by in large, (a staggering) 97% of those (or more) who have to have everything in place and just right, before they even begin, will more than likely, never ever get going, in any meaningful way.

Really Successful Entrepreneurial Ideas Don’t Have To Be Totally Complete In Order To Initially Begin Your Journey!

So first, let’s quickly cover those two remaining, critically important components/resources you’ll definitely need, in order to get started, then we’ll move right along, okay?

1.) Critically important resource # five: Entrepreneur, if you’re really serious and dedicated to implementing this type of bare bones minimum, start up online venture.

(There is) simply no way around it.You are definitely going to need, a reliable, affordable and adjustable, day to day, week to week and month to month marketing plan of some kind.

And you’ll need to develop various, customized, day to day market tested tactics,which fit your current budget and personality, to go along with your overall marketing plans and or strategies. 

Otherwise, you’ll get started, but just like the typical new years resolution, you’ll quickly find your new venture, coming to a screeching halt.

Unfortunately Having A Reliable Lead Generation System In Place Is Only Part Of The Online Marketing Puzzle!

2.) Critically important resource # six: Next, you’re also definitely going to need (or get help some ongoing, qualified coaching/consulting) with creating, and continuously developing your initial sales funnel.

In other words, as you continuously drive (some semi) targeted traffic, to your market tested lead capture pages, not your WordPress blogs home page!(Don’t even go there!)

And a percentage of your traffic decides to join your opt in email/mobile marketing database.

That’s when the real fun stuff begins. Because now, (both) your pre written and unscheduled, ‘broadcast’ email alert messages, need to deliver, both value, entertainment and education to your end user subscriber.

Or else, they’re far less likely to stick around.

Consistently doing so, will definitely help you start generating your initial front end sales, and -long term- back end referrals and repeat purchases etc.

And entrepreneur, without a well thought out and properly executed sales funnel of some kind, (at least) semi in place when you initially begin driving targeted traffic to your lead capture pages, your chances for any meaningful, long term success, are basically slim and none.

The More Developed Your Entrepreneurial Skills Are The Less Upfront Capital You’ll Have To Spend On The Front End Of Your Venture!

Have you noticed, other than the (initial) ongoing cost of your daily ad budget, which you can (and definitely) should limit to, no more than $5 – $10 dollars per day, to begin with, (using either) Bing or Yahoos PPC (Pay Per Click) ad platforms, your other basic (necessity) costs, are pretty negligible.

Meaning, your total out of pocket cost to buy a relevant name domain name, and pre pay for it, for 2-3  years in advance, is fairly inexpensive, correct?

And your monthly and or yearly cost, to pay for your state of the art email service provider, can be anywhere from an initial low of $9.95 per month, up to $39.95 per month, until your opt in subscriber base reaches 10,000.

Not a whole lot of upfront cost, right? Compared to what your potential payoff could be over time. Especially if you’re a pro-active real estate agent, closing sales potentially worth thousands of dollars in commissions, right?

Now that the basic (fundamental) marketing foundation has been properly set, let’s delve even deeper in part three.Okay?

For now, hopefully, you’re starting to appreciate, how thinking like an entrepreneur, can and definitely will, make you some money. P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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