Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Make You Money!Part Three

So did you (happen) to notice, in the first two installments, of this ongoing series, those who think and (far more importantly), act like a profit seeking entrepreneurjust seem to do better over time.

Would you not agree? In part three (entrepreneur)you are about to discover, even more proven ways, thinking and acting like an entrepreneur, can and definitely will, help you make more money faster.

And in the process, you’ll probably save more money, because, somewhere along the way you’ll gradually start to become way more efficient along the way.

And that’s always a nice little side benefit, is it not? One of the main (potential) door opening benefits, to thinking and acting, like a profit seeking entrepreneur does.

You start to systematically attract, (on the regular) the key people, resources and the right situations, just start to become more readily available to you.You’ll see what I mean in just a little bit, so please stay tuned.

So How In The World Does Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Actually Help You Make More Money Faster?

Entrepreneur, (please) try and follow-as best you can- this particular marketing train of thought.Because if you do, a whole new potential world of -previously- untapped marketing opportunities, (and or possibilities)is about to present itself to you.

In more ways, than you can currently appreciate and or imagine.

Case in point, (those of) you who have followed the overall theme, of the last month or so. You already know and appreciate, the various -hypothetical- examples, of different types of service providers, getting really focused, on the power list building aspect of their businesses.

Especially if they market them primarily online.That said, let’s now demonstrate, how an incredibly marketing savvy retail furniture store, with one or two -local- outlets, can think and act, like a profit seeking entrepreneur, and take their business to a whole new level or two.

Your Finely Honed Entrepreneurial Skills Are Poised To Create Potential New Profit Centers For You!

Ladies & gentlemen, for those of you, who have followed the overall theme, for the last month or so, you’ve seen ‘how’ various professional service providers, some a little less conventional than others, successfully use different lead generating capture pages, in order to build their (all important) opt in email/mobile marketing list, correct?

You’ve seen sample capture pages, all made using my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber-s rather basic, lead capture page editing software.

And none of them, took longer than 20 minutes tops, to make! You’ve seen lead capture page samples for; a savvy tennis instructor, a non franchised sporting goods store, a newly licensed real estate agent, and a marketing savvy local jeweler etc.

Now, (please) take notice of the screenshot, lead capture page image just below, because it’s for an extremely marketing savvy retail furniture outlet.

And or, an extremely savvy marketing agency, which specializes in -extremely- high end, lead generation systems, which they sell their semi qualified leads to various retailers, service providers, and or startup entrepreneurs etc.


Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Make You Money!Part Three

Effective Lead Generation Strategies Can Pay The Rent In More Ways Than One!

So imagine this, here is a sample capture page, being used by an extremely marketing savvy, marketing agency, which specializes in professional -high end- lead generation programs.

In other words, they use generic lead capture pages, just like the one above, to generate semi targeted leads online, using using various forms of paid traffic generating strategies.

Meaning, they may use PPC (Pay Per Click) ad campaigns, on both Bing and Yahoo and maybe even twitter as well. And they’ll also buy “solo ads” in various specialty ezine publications.

And use some proven offline marketing strategies as well.

The main point being, (did you happen to notice) the above -sample- capture page, makes no direct reference to any specific furniture company!Bingo!

Why you skeptically ask? So they can turn right around and sell and or barter their leads, to the end user companies/service providers, who need them, and profit on the cost per click spread by doing so? Huh?

Without A Doubt You Have Direct And Or Indirect Access To More Proven Entrepreneurial Ideas Than You Possibly Know What To Do With!

Case in point, this high end marketing agency, which specializes in creating and maintaining, extremely profitable lead generation systems and or programs, for business owners, startup entrepreneurs and or service providers, who (although) they definitely have the ad budgets to implement these various forms of paid advertising.

They don’t -currently- have anywhere near the necessary, real world knowledge, experience and or proven skills, to consistently make those platforms profitable!

So they’re more than happy, to pay on a sliding scale, anywhere from $5 to $15 dollars per lead!And purchase them in minimum batches of 250.

Meanwhile, the extremely marketing savvy marketing agency, knows without any hesitation on their part, they can consistently generate semi qualified leads -online-, for anywhere from twenty to fifty cents per click!

And every time they do so, they merely flip (re-sell) their targeted leads, to their end user retailer/service provider, for anywhere from $7 to $15 dollars a pop! (Give or take!)

Your Extremely Marketing Savvy Small Business Can Play A major Role In Helping Increase Another Entrepreneurs Bottom Line!

And everybody wins!Because for sure, the retailer knows from recent past experiences, they can’t possibly generate 250 semi qualified leads, from constantly running their outrageously expensive,local prime time TV, radio and or major newspaper ads etc!

Plus, if they don’t already happen to know, and or have a general idea, about what their ideal customers, total lifetime customer value figures are.

The extremely marketing savvy agency, will quickly run their hypothetical numbers for them. This way, the retailer/service providers eyes are opened extremely wide, to the actual drop in the bucket, they’re potentially investing, in order to get those all important, first time customers in the door!

Are you starting to see ‘how’ this multi billion dollar a year mega niche, called lead generation, actually works? Great!Because in part four, we’ll delve even deeper okay?

In the meantime, (ladies & gentlemen) are you truly starting to appreciate, how and why, acting like a profit seeking entrepreneur, can and definitely will, make you more money faster? Alright then. You in part four, in just a little bit.P.S. Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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