Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Make You Money!Part Six

You are a profit seeking entrepreneur, are you not? And while you’re obviously serious and extremely focused on better serving your particular target market, in order to profit, (at some point) on both the front and back end of your sales particular sales funnel, right?

You probably have no problem, saving a few bucks here and there, while you do so, correct? Great.That’s totally awesome and good to hear. So now comes the $64,000 dollar question.So please listen up?

If there are some proven ways, (an rest assured), there most certainly are, some proven, low cost, high impact ways, for you (to either) consistently generate, some highly targeted, semi qualified leads, (and either) get paid on both the front & back end of your sales funnel, while simultaneously helping some of your very best joint venture (JV) and or cross promotional partners do the same.

While simultaneously saving them money also, you’d certainly like to know about it, would you not?Stick around, because you’re definitely in the right place…

So Why Is Thinking And Acting Like A Profit Seeking Entrepreneur So Darn Profitable?

As you recall, in the first four installments of this ongoing series, the primary focus, was on an extremely marketing savvy, retail furniture concern, correct?

In order to switch gears, and successfully demonstrate to you, how these proven marketing strategies and or tactics, are pretty much universal in their overall application.

Which of course, is only limited by your particular creative marketing juices.Case in point: Let’s say you run a very successful, women-s boutique shop, located in an extremely popular, (and therefore) high traffic strip mall.

And you currently target local high income earning, influential women, from all types of professions and industries etc.Plus, both their -ever expanding- personal and professional inner circles.

Investing The Time And Effort To Become Effective At Professional Lead Generation Is Well Worth It!

And also located within this exact same strip mall, is an extremely popular jeweler, who also caters primarily the upscale women in the community as well.

And the third -potential- player in this particular marketing version of ‘triangulation’ is a local appliance retailer.

And since all three of you, basically target the exact same customer base, (more or less), and are non directly competing with each other, (my friend), this is potentially shaping up to be a massively successful form of marketing ‘triangulation.’

(Extremely important note: The term marketing ‘triangulation,’ typically applies, to any type of potentially mutually beneficial marketing arrangement, where at least three or more, non directly competing vendors, share -somehow- in the gross, front and back end profits, and list building efforts of the group as a whole.)

And It Definitely Doesn’t Hurt To Constantly Hone Your Entrepreneurial Skills As Well!

Just for illustration purposes only, let’s say the jewelers ideal customer, (on the female side) has a total lifetime customer value of (at least) $15,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years.

And the retail appliance dealers ideal -female) customer has a total lifetime customer value of $8,000 dollars over the next five to seven year period. And the women-s boutique store owner(s) ideal female customer, currently has a total lifetime customer value of $15,000 dollars over a five year period.

However, because (in this particular case only!) the extremely marketing savvy boutique store owner, is the major facilitator of this particular marketing triangulation arrangement, they are going to leverage the other two players financial assets, more so than normal.

Here’s how, (so please pay) very close attention. The women-s boutique store owner, is seriously considering, renting a fairly inexpensive booth, at an up and coming, extremely popular, annual fashion/designer trade show.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Know And Understand The True Road To Wealth Is discovered Through Serving!

And typically, the really nice booths, start at $10,000 dollars (or X), for these highly popular, media friendly events.So if there’s a way, for a serious player, to rent a professional $10,000 dollar booth, and just pay $7,500 dollars for it, most profit seeking seeking entrepreneurs, will probably want to know about it, correct? You so got that right.

Any how… Here’s what the extremely marketing savvy women-s boutique owner has in mind. But it’s contingent upon, them successfully negotiating this next leg of their overall marketing strategy.

They will rent a $10,000 dollar both, and offer (as their) marketing carrot,in a free drawing, one of their most popular, best selling, and stunning, $2,500 dollar designer gowns, along with an extremely popular, $750 dollar designer hand bag!

Plus, (as if this isn’t enough already!) They’ll also throw in,a  pair (of totally crushing it!) $750 dollar designer pumps!For a grand total value, to the lucky 1st prize winner of $4,000 dollars in smoking hot value!)

Can you say list building, and long term sales funnel generating avalanche?

Your Proven Lead Generation Methods And Or Strategies Can And Will Pay You Handsomely For Years And Years To Come!

Follow the bouncing ball here. Since the extremely marketing savvy women-s boutique store owner(s), knows both the local jewelers, and the retail appliance centers,idea female customers total lifetime customer value metrics as well.

They approach them both, with following, rather straight forward proposition.They will gladly share joint custody, of their opt in email subscribers (leads) they generate through their free drawing, with both non directly competing vendors.

Provided, the two vendors would like to save a mere 25% off the normal cost of a $10,000 dollar booth. So in other words, they can get access to these leads, for just $7,500 dollars each!

Is Your Profit Seeking Business Finally Ready To Go To The Next Level Or two Or What?

And the women-s boutique owner, will gladly, periodically send both vendors links, to the boutique owners opt in email subscribers, wherever either one, is having a “Everything Must Go!” closeout sales event.

And or a “Summer Clearance” sales event, and or a “After The Doors Close To The General Public”, VIP sales event etc.

Did you happen to notice, whenever add $7,500 dollars apiece up, you get $15,000 dollars every time! So the booth, potentially cost the master facilitator $10 grand, and they generate $15 grand, and pocket five gees in the process.

Plus generate some highly targeted leads in the process, and create some long term front and back end gross profits, all while saving two of their very best JV and or cross promotional partners, 25% in upfront out of pocket expenses! Are you freaking kidding?

My friend, that’s the potential, of thinking and acting like a profit seeking entrepreneur does! Any questions?

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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  1. Hey Mark,

    Indeed an informative Post !

    To be successful online, it is important to think like an Entrepreneur, when we think about profit, most cases we will generate brand that is profitable.

    So, thanks for sharing these tips Mark.
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