Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Make You Money!Part Four

So are you finally ready, after three installments of potentially profitable examples.Are you finally ready, to start thinking and acting, like a profit seeking entrepreneur?

And have you also noticed to this point, when and wherever you, (and or) your major competitors, have highly honed and developed skills, and or specialized knowledge of any kind, you (or they!) have -both- the ability and opportunity, to create various multiple steams of income.

Is that starting to become more and more evident to you? Great! That’s really good to hear. In part four, let’s go even further inland, in order to discover even more, currently untapped, potential marketing opportunities and or possibilities.

And virtually none of these potentially untapped opportunities, will  ever be discovered and or uncovered, by your all too typical, small business owner/service provider, and or startup entrepreneur, who only sees the trees, not the overall forest of marketing possibilities.

So Are You Pro-actively Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur On Daily Basis? (If Not Why Not?)

Quickly picking up where part three left off. Ladies & gentlemen, (please) make no mistake about it! You can, if you wish, try and re-invent the successful advertising/marketing wheel?

And waste an awful lot of time, money and other extremely valuable resources, trying to figure out, how to run successful PPC (Pay Per Click), and or ‘solo ad’ campaigns etc.

You or they, can and more than likely will, burn through a ton of readily available cash or extremely short term credit funds! Desperately trying to create, winning paid advertising campaigns.

Case in point, (sadly) a staggering 95% or more of the companies and or individuals, which try to use, potentially expensive PPC ad campaigns, have no idea whatsoever, (mathematically speaking), what their actual break even numbers are! Say what?

Your Highly Developed Entrepreneurial Skills Can Be The Starting Point Of Some Major Breakthroughs!

Nod your heads cadets, because it’s true. So other than knowing what they pay per click, they are totally clueless, as to whether, they should actually increase a particular ad campaign, based on their initial results, and or to pause/end it altogether!

Ladies & gentlemen, you’re not running a viable business, when you go down that particular route, that’s raw speculating at it’s best!

Switching gears, once again, let’s say an extremely marketing savvy, local upscale retail furniture store, with an ideal customer, total lifetime customer value of $17,000 dollars, over a five to seven year period.

Let’s say they do actually hire a well schooled online marketer, who (if they don’t) actually specialize in profitably using PPC ad campaigns to generate, semi targeted leads, for anywhere from twenty to sixty cents per click.

They are highly skilled, and experienced in using this potentially expensive platform.So the marketer sets up various test ad campaigns, plus tests various lead capture page copy.

See the sample screenshot image just below, which, (as you recall), was built, (just like all the others) in all of 20 minutes, using my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber-s fairly basic, lead capture page editing software.


Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Make You Money!Part Four

Your Proven Small Business Marketing Strategies Can And Definitely Will Open Previously Closed Doors Of Opportunity! (For Years And Years To Come!)

Ladies & gentlemen, as you vividly recall from part three, this extremely marketing savvy marketing agency, (and or) any profit seeking entrepreneur, which has fully grasped the basics of lead generating online, using PPC ad campaigns, and other paid methods as well.

And after they generate a semi qualified lead, (for a specific) targeted industry, having paid anywhere from twenty to sixty cents a click, to generate the lead!

They immediately re-sell/flip their leads to an end user, like the local retail furniture outlet, for anywhere from $5 to $15 dollars per lead! With a minimum buy in of at least 250 leads at X!

And also as previously mentioned in part three,because the extremely marketing savvy retail furniture concern’s ideal customer, has a total lifetime customer value of $17,000 (or X) thousands of dollars, over a five to seven year period.

They are more than happy to pay X per lead!In order to make their initial front end sale.

An Extremely Savvy Entrepreneur Will Definitely Find Proven Ways To Monetize Their Knowledge And Or Skills!(So Should You!)

Plus, the extremely marketing savvy furniture outlet, can (and most likely will), turn right around, and find one or two,  non directly competitive, local vendors, and bring them on as potential joint venture (JV)/ cross promotional partners, who are also more than willing, to invest anywhere from $10 to $25 dollars per lead, because, just like the retail furniture concern, their ideal customer, has a total lifetime customer value of $8,000 to $12,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years. Give or take.

So in essence, the furniture concern, is either (literally) breaking even, on their upfront, out of pocket cost per lead. And or actually earning an initial upfront gross profit, on the leads they buy from the marketing agency, and immediately share them with their JV and or cross promotional partners!

Ladies & gentlemen, is that totally cool or what? Are you finally starting to see and appreciate, how thinking and acting like an entrepreneur, can and definitely will make you more money fast? Great!

See you in just a little bit in part five, okay? P.S. Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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