Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Make You Money!Part Five

What if you were to discover, after reading particular blog post, thinking and acting, like a profit seeking entrepreneur, can and will lead to, some major breakthroughs, with regards, to how you see the entire lead generating process, from this moment on.

Would that type of major shift in (both) your thinking and marketing strategies, be of any benefit to you whatsoever? Great!

Because you are about to discover, a whole new, potentially profitable way, of looking at the entire lead generation process, which in all likelihood, you’ve never-ever- seen,explained to you quite like this before now.

Because typically, the high priced gurus and guruettes, charge a pretty penny, to their big buck customers, clients and students, before they share this type of proven marketing gold with them!

So Who Else Wants To Know How Thinking And Acting Like A Profit Seeking Entrepreneur Can Make You Lots More Money?

So here’s the rub. Entrepreneur, have you ever seen one of those science (based) TV shows, where they place a stick in a glass of water, and the stick appears to be broken?

But of course, (in reality), once they remove it from the glass, it’s apparent, it’s not broken. You’ve no doubt, seen this type of demonstration, at least a gazillion times, correct?

And of course right about now, you’re wondering, ‘what’ if anything, that demonstration, has to do with marketing in general, and lead generation in particular, right? Fair enough.

Primarily its this. Often times, with regards to power list building 101, the obvious, may not be so obvious!

As You Sharpen Your Entrepreneurial Skills Your Lead Generation Strategies Will Become Even More Profitable!

Case in point: You’re about to see, how an incredibly savvy marketer, (namely) a candy manufacturer creates a list of hundreds of thousands of highly qualified potential customers, they can and will profit from, for years and years to come!

For literally pennies on the dollar. And ultimately, during the entire process, they will have inexpensively generated millions of semi qualified leads, (which) they can and will, joint venture with other non directly competing vendors, and create multiple streams of income while doing so.

Plus, receive ongoing affiliate like income, from various non competing vendors, all because they understand, both strategic lead generation, and how to properly compute total lifetime customer value calculations.

Sounds like an awfully tall order to this point, does it not? Aren’t you just the least bit skeptical?

Really Effective Lead Generation Strategies Are The Key To The Long Term Profits Vault!

So imagine this, as a potential lead generation strategy, masquerading as a proven marketing ploy. This marketing savvy candy manufacturer, anxious to make a big splash in their already extremely crowded market place.

They initially do some power networking with major, worldwide hotel and motel chains. They provide the hotel/motel chains, with complimentary (free) chocolate bars, and chocolate bars with almonds, to pass out to any customers who request them during their initial check in process.

But here’s the all important marketing twist. (So please pay) close attention. The candy bar will be passed out inside a standard business size envelope, with a sticky type note included. And the – market tested-sticky note, will inform the recipient, if -for whatever reasons-, they don’t honestly feel, this is absolutely, the best chocolate bar,they’ve ever eaten!

They can demand and receive a two dollar credit, via PayPal.com, simply by going online, filling out a short refund request form, and within 72 hours or less, their PayPal account will be credited with a two dollar payment!

And the chocolate bar manufacturer, (and their affiliates), will be providing millions of these chocolate bars, for the various hotels/motels,they will be anxiously partnering with worldwide!

Ever Notice How Some Of Your Very Best Entrepreneurial Ideas Seem Counter Intuitive?

If your initial thought is, ‘what’ if the recipients, eat the chocolate bar, and immediately go online, and demand a two dollar refund request, payable through PayPal.com? Has that rather straight forward thought crossed your mind?

My friend, it’s the exact response, the extremely marketing savvy chocolate bar manufacturer is hoping for! Huh? Here’s why?

As soon as the consumer goes online, in order to fill out their refund request form. They will immediately be offered, an A/B split test marketing proposition.

1.) Proposition A: Just like their sticky note informed them. If they wish, they can simply create a brand new PayPal.com account, if they  don’t already have one.

 Or some similar, major online payment processor, if PayPal is not available to them, in their particular part of the world. Otherwise, they can simply fill out the short refund request form, provide their PayPal account info, and within 72 hours or less, they will receive their two dollar credit from the chocolate bar manufacturer. Or…?

 2.) Proposition B: If they prefer, they can receive, a twenty dollar gift certificate card from Target and or Walmart, mailed directly to them!

Entrepreneur, can you picture at least some of those millions of refund request recipients, opting for the twenty dollar gift certificate card, from a major retailer!You so got that right!

Thinking And Acting like A Profit Seeking Entrepreneur Is An extremely Valuable Asset! Is It Not?

And that’s how, this extremely marketing savvy chocolate bar manufacturer accomplishes two critically important things!

 1.) Major accomplishment # one: First, they’ve inexpensively identified a potential, long term repeat customer, for either Walmart and or Target, have they not?

 2.) Major accomplishment # two: They’ve also got the  physical mailing address, of a potential consumer, both they and their future joint venture (JV) partners, can systematically market/promote to!Not to the possibility of obtaining their primary email address too!

You’ll discover the real meat & potatoes of their marketing strategy, in part six. But for now, are you starting to appreciate, how and why, thinking and acting like a profit seeking entrepreneur, can and is, so potentially profitable? I sincerely hope so!

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