Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Make You Money!

Did (or have) you ever really stopped and considered, just how much potential profit, not thinking and acting, like a profit seeking entrepreneuris actually costing you?

And not just in terms of, the real, short and long term money, you not only could have already made. But equally important, the brand new, potential networking partners, you’re potentially missing out on.

Simply because your thinking (thus far), is so locked in, on how and what, you are so convinced, is the way it has to be.

When nothing, (my soon to be alternative thinking), entrepreneurial friend, could be further from the truth.

My  best advice-going forward- is, if you were to actually bother to put a pencil, to your current and future, potential missed income producing opportunities.

It would be quite an eye opening exercise for you,as you’re about to discover.

So Who Else Wants To Know How And Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Help You Make More Money Faster!

Ladies & gentlemen, for this particular (hypothetical) think outside the marketing box, creative marketing example.

Let’s say you are a newly licensed real estate agent, (within the last 90-180 days), give or take.Which means, to this point, you haven’t exactly shattered all the existing sales records for your company just yet!

But since you’re incredibly smart, ambitious and eager to (both) learn and apply, (asap) some mega proven, non traditional, lead generation methods and or tactics etc.

And it most certainly does help, (since) your broker, (the person(s), who actually owns the agency,is extremely open minded, to inexpensively testing and developing, brand new market tested, lead generation strategies and or tactics.

And thus, have given you the green light, to inexpensively develop (test) some non traditional approaches, to finding and nurturing, your ideal prospects/customers.

Develop Your Entrepreneurial Skills And Then Follow Your Marketing Instincts!

So since, you’ve initially decided, you definitely want to target, three basic (identifiable segments), within your specific niche. And you definitely want to strategically use the Internet to reach them.By way of some inexpensive, paid advertising strategies, such as Bing & Yahoo PPC (Pay Per Click) ad campaigns, as well as, some paid Facebook ads too.

Since you’re basically in the (glorified) start up “discovery” (aka) inexpensive testing phase.You’ll do some much needed keyword research. Nothing too terribly elaborate mind you.

But you definitely need to know (discover) where, the real demand (need is), among your target audience. And let’s say after you’ve conducted, a fair amount of accurate keyword/phrase research.

You basically decide, these are the two most viable niches and sub niches, for you to inexpensively, initially pursue.

Strategic Lead Generation Is The Springboard To Greater And Greater Profits!

Target (A.) niche you’ll initially focus on, is ‘brand new first time home buyers’,since your immediate area, is still a rapidly growing sub development, with tons of younger people, married couples, with stable incomes and rapidly growing families! (Who may or may not have an A-1 credit rating, due to earlier, youthful indiscretions!)

(Important note: Entrepreneur, please take note, of the two, sample lead capture page screenshot images just below, which were built in less than than 20 minutes each! Using nothing more, than my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber-s built in, email editing software!)

Which is definitely proof positive, you don’t need to be overly fancy, in order to begin right!And start seeing some bankable results!


Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Make You Money!

And target (B.) is your traditional, rather upscale residential, single family home seller, looking to sell their first or second home asap!

But definitely don’t won’t the hassle, (of having been there and tried that!),of doing it themselves, via the “For Sale By Owner” route!

Instead, they much prefer, a qualified professional, such as yourself, (and or) one of your major competitors, to do it for them!

And the just show up on the closing day and sign the final paper work!

Thank Goodness Your Small Business Marketing Strategies Don’t Have To Have Big Ad Budgets In Order To Succeed!

Basically, in order to get your paid ad campaigns, and your lead generating marketing plans up and going.

You’re definitely going to need, (as a bare bones minimum), the following six critically important tools/resources.

1.) Critically important resource # one: First, you’re definitely going to need to legally register, (at least) one or two, domain names with a name registration company, like “Go Daddy.com or “Namecheap.com.”

And preferably, one with a dot.com suffix,(ending) instead of dot.net or dot.info etc.


Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Make You Money!

2.) Critically important resource # two: Next, (entrepreneur) please don’t try and cut essential corners here!

You definitely need the total flexibility and full capability, of a state of the art, paid and reputable, email service provider, from one of the many fine choices available!

(Important note: Most reputable email service providers(initially) start out  charging, anywhere from $9.95 -$19.95 per month, up to your very first 500 subscribers.

Then most tend to charge you $$29.95 from 501 to your first 2,500 subscribers.(Give or take.)

And some just start out charging anywhere from $29.95 to $39.95, until you reach your first 10,000 or so subscribers.

Just look around, and try and find a service, which matches (both) your initial budget and overall marketing objectives!)

3.) Critically important resource # three: You’ll need to create, and or hire someone like (yours truly!), to help you quickly build, your state of the art lead capture page(s), so you can begin immediately building your (all important) opt in email/mobile marketing lists.)

Your Developed Entrepreneurial Skills Will Definitely Serve You If You Let Them!

4.) Critically important resource # four: Next, in order in order start your various, paid ad campaigns, ladies & gentlemen, (please) do yourself a huge favor right out of the gate!

If this is your very first PPC (Pay Per Click) and or your very first Facebook ad campaign! Pay a qualified expert coach/consultant, one or two hours (after you’ve watched/studied) a few youtube videos on using those platforms mentioned.

Invest in one or two hours of their proven expertise, to come out of the gate, the right (profitable) way!Otherwise, you’ll initially spin your wheels (big time!), simply because you don’t have a real clue what the heck you’re doing yet!

And eventually become totally frustrated, and disillusioned by your lack of profitable results! And whined up quitting, before you’ve even really had a chance to get started!

In the interest of both time & space, you’ll discover the two remaining, must have in place marketing resources, in part two, okay? But for now, are you staring to appreciate, how and why, thinking like a savvy entrepreneur, can potentially help you make more money! Say yes! Great! See you in just a little bit, in part two!

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