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How And Where To Tap Into Some Potentially Profitable Marketing Leverage!

   (Just Like The Ultimate Insiders Do!)

So is there ever really a time, or situation you can think of, when your semi cash strapped small business and or service, can’t or wouldn’t benefit, from some type of bank account filling, marketing leverage?

Me either! 😀 Oddly, most resourced challenged small business owners and or service providers, attempt to gain some type of marketing leverage, by relying on strategies and or tactics, which occur far too infrequently.

For ex; they will try and catch local news medium publications, who from time to time, may have unsold, local radio, TV and or newspaper advertising credits.

And attempt to either barter and or purchase this unsold prime and un prime time slots, for literally pennies on the dollar.

These type of strategies definitely do occasionally work, just far too infrequently,for semi cash strapped entrepreneur to try and rely on them.Consistently generating, some bank account filling marketing leverage, requires a slightly different approach and or mindset.

So How Or Where Do Savvy Small Business Owners And Or Service Providers Tap Into Some Potentially Profitable Marketing Leverage!

One of the simplest, straight forward ways of doing so, is to generate some potentially bank account filling marketing leverage, by closely working with, other non directly competing vendors.

(In other words, forming and maintaining, potentially profitable joint venture (JV) and or cross promotional partnership arrangements of some kind.)

Especially the ones, who need your exact same customer/client base,but for different reasons.

For ex; let’s say you currently run, a high end auto repair shop, which specializes in repairing, rather pricey foreign cars, trucks and or vans etc.

And you have a single location, in an upscale area of town, in a nice commercial real estate plaza.

Even though you may not currently realize it, your auto repair business, could actually be a fabulous bridge, between several local, non directly competing vendors.

And when you structure the marketing triangulation arrangement correctly, all the major participants definitely win.

For ex; let’s add in, a local, beverage distributor, who specializes in some great tasting gourmet coffees, teas, cocoas,lemonades and exotic teas etc.

Your Lead Generation Strategies Can Definitely Be Structure To Yield Some Incredible Marketing Leverage!

Case in point, let’s say the beverage distributor recently took (either) his wife and or live in significant others, foreign car in to the auto repair shop, for a simple tune up.

And while waiting to pick the car up, you couldn’t help but notice, how much the phone is constantly ringing and the size able crowd of locals in the waiting room area, waiting to either, retrieve their cars, and or drop them off.

And suddenly you approach the owners, with the following proposal.You will gladly provide the owners of the repair shop, with a twenty five pound of, great tasting gourmet coffee of their choice, (every month) at your actual cost. 😀 (And or eventually for free. 😀 )

Your Marketing Leverage Efforts Can Definitely Be Compounded!

And in return, they agree to do the following two things.

1.) First: They will personally introduce the beverage distributor, to other local, non directly competing vendors, the distributor can potentially network/joint venture with.

2.) Second: Once a week, on the service provider and or retailers, traditionally slowest day of the week, during both the bitterly cold winter and or the brutally hot summer days,the beverage distributor, and or one of their professionally trained staff members.

They will personally serve the vendors customers and or clients, one large free cup, of either, lemonade, cocoa, tea and or coffee etc.

This way, the distributor can inexpensively expose their great tasting gourmet beverages, to potential long term, repeat customers.For literally pennies on the dollar.

And you can rest assured a certain percentage of them, will be posting images and or videos, all over social media, will they not?  😀

Your Creative Entrepreneurial Ideas Can Be The Springboard Into Multiple Streams Of Income!

Plus, the beverage distributor will gladly provide the auto repair owners, with 10 pound free samples, once a month, for their own personal consumption at home or whatever.

Is it starting to become clear, how and where, you can get and or create, some bank accounting filling marketing leverage, for literally pennies on the dollar. Say yes! Great. See you in just a little bit, in part two, okay?

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