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After reading part one of this ongoing series. Hopefully now, you can better appreciate, how and why, your resourced challenged small business and or service, definitely should be implementing and profiting from, some type of A/B split testing marketing strategies and or tactics. Don’t you agree? In fact, as you read,(and hopefully) re-read part one, […]

 ( And How You Can Too!) Picking up where you left of in Part One. Your business can and will be light years ahead of your major competitors when you start strategically doing two things. And rest assured,by systematically implementing these two critically important components, is what continues to separate, most extremely savvy entrepreneurs, from their would […]

As you (hopefully) discovered in part one of this ongoing series, there are most certainly, some potential profits to be made, simply by understanding the advantages of strategic alliances. Would you not agree? Absolutely. As as you also discovered in part one, your business and or service, doesn’t have be as large as Federal Express […]

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