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If you ask, (110%) of the entrepreneurs polled, will emphatically proclaim, they’re definitely looking to maximize their long term profits, correct? Yet, upon closer examination, you have to scratch your head and wonder,(if this is the case.) Then why aren’t they systematically taking advantage, of some of the most common¬†retail selling tips correct? Especially if […]

So as you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, (fortunately) there are some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, find it extremely advantageous to help other struggling (resourced challenged ) entrepreneurs, become more successful. In fact, this is the ideal situation, (believe it or not!)to (at least) attempt to form some type of strategic alliance¬†and […]

As you (hopefully) discovered in part one, of this ongoing series, your resourced challenged small business, and or service, doesn’t necessarily have to have, one of those formalized sales funnels, in order to be mega successful, right? Mega successful entrepreneurs, definitely don’t need all of the fancy labels.Now don’t get me wrong. Of course (you […]