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   (In Order To Be Effective!) Isn’t it sad, how many aspiring small business owners, service providers and or startup entrepreneurs, waste a proverbial fortune, on dismally performing lead generation strategies and or tactics. If they’re not blowing a fortune, incorrectly using direct snail mail. Then (sadly) they’re attempting, to advertise and or promote their […]

Did you happen to read, a recent blog post, where I discussed, a hypothetical marketing opportunity, involving my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber? Basically as you recall, Aweber strategically leveraged their outstanding email provider software, and outstanding customer service reps, to set up various types of joint venture (JV) partnership arrangements, with -both-some […]

Have you ever taken a really close look,(and evaluation) at what some profit seeking entrepreneurs, small business owners and or service providers, try to pass off as, so called lead generation strategies? It’s questionable at best, would you not agree? Not to mention, outrageously expensive and luke warm effective. And often times, their strategies, may […]

Ever notice what definitely tends to happen, more times than not, when a resourced challenged small business owner, service provider and or under capitalized startup entrepreneur, has the business expenses to profits ratio, become inverted?  😀 Meaning, there’s more debt and front end expenses, than there are gross profit revenue consistently being generated! Yep! You […]

Did you happen to notice in part one, of this ongoing series, about how, some semi resourced challenged, small business owners can inexpensively, promote and or market, their bakery business, for literally pennies on the dollar? As opposed, to continuously wasting a small fortune, on outrageously expensive, dismally performing, traditional advertising mediums. Your semi cash […]

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