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How To Strategically Scale Your Business Just Like The Smart Marketers Do!Part Two

So did you notice in part one of this ongoing series, you definitely don’t have to access to deep corporate financing, if one of your stated goals, is to eventually scale your business.

Clearly, if you are serious about scaling your business and or service, any and all type of automation and technologically you can employ, will only help you reach your goals faster, correct?

For example, without a doubt, you definitely should be constantly utilizing, some type of reputable, paid email service provider.Don’t you agree? This way, you can systematically follow up with your most likely prospects and buyers.

And consistently do so, for literally pennies on the dollar. Entrepreneur, does this sound like a plan or what?

So Who Else Wants To Know How To Strategically Scale Your Business For Literally Pennies On The Dollar!(Just Like The Really Smart Marketers Do!)

First starters systematically scaling your business and or service, will definitely involve effectively utilizing some form of proven of marketing leverage.

Will it not? For sure. Which means, as you look around. Here’s what (you’ll) both observe and ultimately discover.More times than not.

The vast majority of semi cash strapped entrepreneurs, tend to try and grow (scale) their businesses and or services, strictly by spending outrageous sums of money and other resources.

Trying to initially attract their -all important- first time customers,patients and or clients, from their extremely cold market.Sound all too frighteningly familiar? 😀

And this not only takes patience, but equally deep corporate pockets as well. And typically your average start up entrepreneur, is a little short on both.

Developing Really Effective Lead Generation Strategies Is A Proven Way To Scale Your Business And Or Service!

Case in point; as you recall in part one. A local, family style orientated restaurant, basically used a combination of an extremely sophisticated form of both lead generation, (which involved)  part strategic alliance and ethical bribery, in order to systematically scale their business.

For literally pennies on the dollar.And you and I can most certainly do the same!

 Three Really Simply Ways To Systematically Scale Your Business And Or Service Without Having To Constantly Invest A Ton Of Money!

Notice how these three potential lead generating methods, rely heavily on leveraging, either current assets you have and or assets, other non directly competing vendors have already established and or built up over time.

1.) Potential marketing leverage strategy # oneFirst and foremost, since the restaurant, (like practically) every other viable business and or service, will be relying heavily on frequent repeat customers.

Hopefully for years & years to come. 😀 This is the main reason why, they’re willing to be so generous, with their initial, first time customer discount coupon offers.

Because they’re banking heavily, on seeing these patrons again and again. So they’re more than willing to form some type of strategic alliance, with their local chamber of commerce, and let the chamber directors, offer their new members,extremely time sensitive, X% off discount coupons, to your restaurant.

Scaling Your Business Is A Lot Like Building Your Referral Business Assets! (Don’t You Agree?)

It’s a blank dollar value, which makes the chamber directors look good, plus it inexpensively introduces your restaurant to potential repeat customers!

And helps you build your opt in email/mobile marketing list.

 2.) Potential marketing leverage strategy # two: Next, since practically all extremely viable businesses and or service providers, have -either- ex and or currently in active members and or customers etc.

Why not inexpensively test.(Several different ways!) Whether offering, one of your very best, market tested, first time customer generation coupon offers, compels them to become re-activated customers, for your strategic alliance partner.

And also inexpensively test, offering your joint venture (aka) strategic alliance partners, employees, and their immediate family members, lifetime discounts, as long they come on the specified days, on your two sided, laminated VIP cards.

Which are annually renewable.

Don’t Be Misled Into Believing The Only Viable Ways To Promote Your Business Involve Outrageously Expensive Advertising Campaigns And Or Promotions!

3.) Potential marketing leverage strategy # three: And finally, you can also inexpensively test, offering various discount cards, which last for periods of 90 days, six months and one year.

And let local companies, give them away, as extremely valuable, secondary prizes, whenever they sponsor free drawings and or contests etc.

Consistently doing so, will definitely help you scale your business and or service, in no time.Plus do so, for literally pennies on the dollar. Don’t you agree?

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