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How Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns Make You More Money!

Don’t you just love it, when your business and or service, turns a profit, on both the front and back end of your sales funnel, while you simultaneously lower your out of pocket costs, on both ends as well?

Does it, or can it get any better than that or what? 😀

One of the battlefield tested ways, of you or I consistently doing this, is by systematically implementing some form of strategic email marketing campaigns.

Because, whether you recognize it not, strategic email marketing, when properly implemented, can and does help improve and or increase your businesses and or services cash flow.

And you definitely know and already realize, this is not always the case, with other forms of traditional advertising and or promotions, correct?

So Who Else Wants To Discover How To Strategically Use Email Marketing Campaigns To Make Your Business And Or Service More Profitable?

Strategic email marketing campaigns, can not only stretch your extremely limited dollars, but unlike, a traditional, outrageously expensive advertising campaign.

Your pre – written, email follow up (drip) campaigns, can and definitely will build trust over time with your target audience(s.)

Plus, unlike traditional, offline snail mail post cards and or enveloped letters, or outrageously expensive TV, newspaper or radio ads etc.

With your opt in email follow campaigns, or unscheduled ‘broadcast’ email alert messages etc. Your paid email service provider of choice, doesn’t charge you a nickel more, whether you send three email messages or 200 a month.

See what invariably happens to your out of pocket cost, if you were to run three sixty second TV ads or two hundred of them! 😀

Effective Email Marketing Campaigns Represent Multiple Streams Of Income Possibilities!

Let’s say you run a fairly successful -family style- restaurant. And typically -in both- the summer and winter months, Tuesday & Thursday afternoons, between 1:30 -6 pm, is dead dog slow.

You could run outrageously expensive ads, promoting this or that, between the aforementioned hours.

And truth told, after the smoke clears, and you tally your upfront and ongoing costs for these type of all too common promotions.

You will barely have broken even on the front end of your sales funnel, if at all. On the other hand, through the strategic use of email marketing, the extremely marketing savvy restaurant owner, could send their opt in email/mobile marketing list of 1,500 (or X) number of  local residents.

An unscheduled ‘broadcast’ email message, with an extremely time sensitive coupon.Informing their subscribers, between the hours of 1:30 – 4 pm only, on both Tuesdays & Thursdays, they receive a free  horderve and or vintage glass of wine valued at X.

And the person who brings a guest over 18 and spends over X amount of dollars, could be given a free bottle of vintage wine of their choice. 😀

Your Proven Email Strategies Can And Will Help You Build Trust Among Your Ideal Prospects And Or Customers!

Case in point; depending on what type of business and or service you currently have, you could send your subscribers,an email message, congratulating them on their wedding anniversary. Could you not?

You could also send them a single and or series of unscheduled, ‘broadcast’ email messages, as part of your multi step re-engagement and or -re-activation campaigns.

You could always surprise your newly opt in subscribers, with non advertised, additional free digital bonus gift valued at X.(Can you see and appreciate how such an incredibly simple strategy will definitely help build rock solid credibility with your subscribers?)

These incredibly simple market tested gestures definitely help you build rock solid trust with your ideal prospects and or customers alike.Do they not?

Your Email Marketing Campaigns Can And Will Work Overtime For You At No Extra Cost!

Here’s your other potential advantage over outrageously expensive traditional advertising campaigns. Let’s say you send all 1,500 (or X) number of your opt in subscribers, an unscheduled ‘broadcast’ email message of some kind.

And you get a 34% open rate. Which means, 510 subscribers opened your email message, but (for whatever reasons, 990 did not.)

(1,500 x .34% = 510) You could turn right around, and change your emails ‘subject line’  and test,(hopefully) another attention generated subject line.

But your monthly/quarterly and or yearly cost, would be the same.Even though, simply by regularly A/B split testing your email subject headlines, may cause a certain percentage of your subscribers, who did not open your previous email.

Doing so may also cause them to click on your current emails sales and or affiliate link(s), and ultimately spend some of their hard earned money with you.

They can also forward your market tested emails, (with your sales or affiliate links in them) to their friends, family members and or respected colleagues. 😀 ) At no additional marketing costs to you.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies Eventually Leads To Sales!

And of course you can and definitely should use strategic email marketing campaigns, to help build trust with your online visitors to your state of the art WordPress blog.

By initially offering them some of your very best, marketed tested, lead magnet freebies, to initially get them on your opt in list. So you can systematically follow up with them over time and gradually build trust.

And it’s a whole lot less expensive, than trying to constantly reach them via outrageously expensive TV, radio and or newspaper ads, correct?

This is how and why, strategic email marketing campaigns, definitely help you (or your) major competitors, make more money. Don’t you agree?

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