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Why Startup Entrepreneurs Benefit From Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns!Part Two

So hopefully after reading part one of this ongoing series, you can now, much better appreciate, the long term money making potential, of implementing some strategic email marketing campaigns, can you not?

Great. In part two, however, what may not be even more obvious to you is, initially, while you don’t even have, a state of the art, paid email service provider.

Strategic email marketing strategies, can still help you increase, your gross front and back end profits.Entrepreneur, is this particular money making tactic, not extremely interesting? Oh yea… 😀 

So Who Else Definitely Wants To Know How Some Resource Challenged Startup Entrepreneurs Can Most Definitely Benefit From Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns!

(Even If They Don’t Currently Have A Reputable Paid Email Service Provider!)

For this particular, hypothetical marketing example, lets you currently run a fairly popular, single location and independently owned, Mom & pop style, family orientated bakery.

And to date, (for whatever reasons!), you still do not currently have, either your very own, self hosted, state of the art WordPress website.

Nor are your currently utilizing, any paid email service providers.And yet, your business is still humming right along, plus you’re constantly adding, (both) first time and long term repeat customers, to your constantly growing army, of extremely satisfied and loyal supporters.

Thank Goodness Your Small Business Totally Gets The Overall Importance Of Constantly Developing And Implementing Some Effective Lead Generation Strategies!

One of the primary reasons, your business has steadily gown, is because yo totally grasp and understand, the massive free exposure your, local, non directly competing joint venture (JV ) and or cross promotional partners, constantly bring you.

Especially when they have their professionally trained staff, add one of your very best, market tested, extremely time sensitive flyers, in their outgoing customers bags.

Or, whenever you show up, at -both- the local hair and or nail salon owners shop, with $100 (or X) dollars worth or free, mouth watering gourmet goodies, both they an their staffs, thoroughly enjoy. 😀

And you leave some of your very best, market tested, extremely time sensitive flyers with your great tasting samples.And since you currently have an ongoing relationship, with four local salon owners.

Your Small Business And Or Service Can Market And Or Promote Just Like The Corporate Fat Cats Can!

You can always anticipate, a steady trickle, of both enthusiastic first time and very quickly, repeat customers.

Many of whom, go on to consistently purchase your great tasting goodies, for weekly or monthly meetings at their job, home parties,annual and or holiday family functions.

And or to give to local relatives, on birthdays and or wedding anniversaries, and or to say ‘thank you’ to business vendors and or clients etc.

All this additional free,and constantly growing, positive word of mouth and or social media exposure, is a direct result, of your local, non directly competing, JV and or cross promotional partners, introducing you, to both their customers, employees and or vendors.

So your total lifetime customer value metrics, are constantly improving, are they not?  😀

Strategic Email Marketing Can And Definitely Will Help Put Money In You Pocket!(Even If You Don’t Currently Have A Reputable State Of The Art Paid Email Service Provider!)

Case in point; let’s say,you currently have, a grand total of 15, local, non directly competing vendors, as either your JV and or cross promotional partners.

Meaning, at different times throughout the year, your bakery, gladly inserts, some of their very best, market tested, and extremely time sensitive flyers, in your paying customers bags.

And provided they do certain things for you, your JV partners, keep 100% of both the front and back end gross profits.

Here’s one of the primary reasons you’re so generous. 😀  (Just to keep the math extremely simple and therefore much easier to calculate! 😀 )

Let’s say each of these local vendors, currently have at least 1,500 opt in email and or mobile subscribers on their list.(1,500 x 15 = 22,500)

Which means entrepreneur, there is a grand total, of 22,500 locals, who can  be reached, simply by sending, either an unscheduled, ‘broadcast’ email alert message. And or via a text message.

Try To Implement Small Business Marketing Strategies Which Compel Some Of Your Most Loyal Customers And Or Clients To Be Super Advocates For You!

So each night, (about three hours before you close), since your shop is opened, M-Sat, but closed Sundays.

You have one or two of your local JV and or cross promotional partners, send a message to their list, letting them know, you’ll be closing in the next three hours, and rather than simply throw out your unsold goodies.

You’ll gladly discount your prices! 😀 Every under under $10 dollars saves 15%, (or X) and every order over $20 dollars, saves 30% or X.

So (theoretically speaking!), on average, a bare bones minimum of 1,500 emails and or text messages a night, go out to various local subscribers.

And let’s say, 30% of them respond. Your store gets flooded with 450 last minute shoppers. (1,500 x .30% = 450.)

Which basically means, you’ll probably, easily get wiped out of your remaining stock, correct?

Plus these local individuals, will blast the word out, both on and off social media! They’ll post pictures and shoot videos and or selfies, bragging about their good fortune, will they not? Yep!

Are you finally starting to appreciate, how even some, aspiring startup entrepreneurs, can and definitely will profit, from some strategic email marketing campaigns.

Even if you, you don’ t currently have, a reputable, paid email service provider of your own! Any questions?

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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