How Sometimes Even Smart Entrepreneurs Miss The Mark With Their Online Marketing!Part Two

So did you notice in part one, of this ongoing series,how (unfortunately), an awful lot extremely talented, hard working, and extremely dedicated entrepreneurs, (just like youstill seems to miss the mark, by a lot, when it comes to successfully marketing online.

Have you noticed this all too common trend as well? Let’s face it, they are definitely trying to make a (big) and eventually profitable splash online, it’s just, their approach, definitely needs a few adjustments, right?

For sure. Because nobody, invests an outrageous sum of money, on a glorified online, static brochure, masquerading as a website correct?

So without a doubt, these extremely driven, profit seeking entrepreneurs, definitely set out to make a profit online, they just don’t seem to have a proven online blueprint to pattern their strategies after.

Hopefully, this two part series, will go a long way towards changing that.

So How Come Even Some Really Smart Entrepreneurs Still Manage To Miss The Boat By A Lot When It Comes To Successfully Marketing On The Internet?

As you recall from part one, a rather savvy retail jeweler,finally decided to start aggressively, and strategically building their online opt in email/mobile list, by sponsoring what else? An outrageously popular monthly free drawing, where they offered (both) their first time and returning online visitors,(primarily women BTW ), the chance to win a stunning, $3,500 dollar diamond studded necklace.

Which in reality, cost the jeweler, a whole lot less correct? But they hold it out, as a sort of irresistible online carrot, and you best believe, those online women visitors,(of practically all ages), will definitely take notice, and want their chance, to win this stunning piece of eye catching bling!

Entrepreneur, (hopefully) you’re also starting to see and appreciate, how this incredibly simple, yet potentially profitable, online success template, can easily be tweaked, customized and adjusted, in order to accommodate, (say) a savvy, local appliance and or furniture retailer too.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies Is Definitely A Universal Thing.

Case in point, (ladies & gentlemen) once again, let’s briefly return your attention, to the sample lead capture page screenshot image just below.

As you recall, it was created using my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber-s (rather basic) lead capture page editing software,in all of twenty minutes I might add.

And yes, I did actually grab the HTML based image “Enter Now!” button,from online, so I wouldn’t have to use,the rather boring, unappealing, standard “submit” button, Aweber would otherwise provide by default.

But other than that major embellishment, everything else was made using Aweber-s basic editing software.Which means, unless you want to, you don’t to have hire some super techie, who charges anywhere from $100 dollars an hour and up, in order to built you,a more than adequate, state of the art lead capture page opt in form.


How Sometimes Even Smart Entrepreneurs Miss The Mark With Their Online Marketing!Part Two

Savvy Entrepreneurs Consistently Build On Their Previous Marketing Successes! (And You Should Too!)

Now let’s quickly recap the opt in email/mobile marketing numbers again, but this time, let’s delve even further, into the potentially profitable marketing funnel aspect of the numbers.

So as you recall, (in this hypothetical) marketing example, this rather aggressive, local jeweler, with two thriving locations, receives about 7,500 unique, first time visitors a month, to their WordPress blog and or website.

And within five seconds of landing on any page on their site, a “lightbox” type of popover offer appears, promoting their monthly free drawing.

And currently about 30% of those 7,500 unique first time visitors, or roughly three out of every ten, first time unique visitors, (who) let’s be honest. More than likely, they’re women, right? 

So about each month, between the two stores, about 2,250 first time, and or repeat visitors,decide to opt in (join) the jewelers opt in email/mobile marketing list, and try their luck at winning, that incredibly beautiful, $3,500 dollar, diamond studded necklace. (And who could blame them!)

(Important note: Don’t forget, they will also have one of their very best, market tested signs placed in each store as well, so they can daily subscribers to their free drawing as well!)

(7,500 x .30% = 2,250 brand new opt in subscribers per month, or 27,000 per year!)

Your Highly Toned Entrepreneurial Skills Can Literally Catapult You past Your Nearest Competitors!

The actual opt in numbers here, are not what’s really important.It’s far more important, you are able to follow the overall marketing concepts here.

Your actual numbers may only be 50 (or X)  brand new opt in subscribers per month. And after two years of aggressively running this incredibly popular, monthly free drawing, (power list building 101) marketing strategy.

The extremely marketing savvy jeweler, (and or extremely marketing savvy retailer X), now has a very impressive opt in email database of 50,220, even after a seven percent un-subscribers rate. Or if it makes you feel any better, you can say,they have a 93% email opt in subscribers retention rate. (54,000 x .93% subscribers retention rate = 50,220 subscribers.

Q.) Do you think, there are any local, non directly competing vendors, who don’t have anywhere near that type of opt in email/mobile  subscriber base, who wouldn’t leap at the opportunity, to promote their extremely valuable products and or services,(on the back end) to this list of individuals? Would you?

These Are The Type Of Proven Small Business Marketing Tips Which Definitely Give Your Business A Decided Edge! (Don’t You Agree?)

First of all, consider this potential (side income) money making possibility, for the extremely marketing savvy jeweler, (and or) extremely marketing savvy retailer X.

You know, no matter which particular specialty industry, this marketing savvy retailer happens to be in, there are a ton of competitors, who just don’t have the necessary marketing know how,agreed?

So a certain percentage of those owners, (provided) they’re not in the retailers immediate local area, would be more than willing, to invest X amount of dollars, to attend, (either physically), or by live webinar workshop.And or pay handsomely to view the recordings of such events.

(And or) participate in special, customized one on one VIP days, with the retailer, to learn ‘how to’ properly start building their on and offline database and grossing an additional 10-40% more per month, correct?

You’d better believe it!

Savvy Entrepreneurs Constantly Look For Proven Ways To Create Multiple Streams Of Income!(And You Definitely Should Too!)

So the jeweler could generously share/consult with these other non -directly- competing retailers,(in groups of ten retailers at a time), some of their closest, mega proven money making secrets!

And if they charged each retailer $5,000 -$8,000 dollars each, for a ten hour VIP day! You do the math entrepreneur!

That’s one potential form, of multiple stream of income, correct? And again, (please) don’t get lost in the actual numbers, it’s the overall marketing/promotional concepts you definitely need to grasp.

Or, on the more traditional side of things.The jeweler, could aggressively look for other local, non directly competing vendors, with products or services, their target market will definitely be purchasing, and or continually purchasing anyway. (And lots of it!)

Like say, upscale women-s dresses and other accessories.Let’s say there is a local, independently owned, upscale ladies dress shop and boutique near by.

Effective Lead Generation Is A Major Profit Center Within Itself!

And the owner(s) of the boutique,(even though) she’s extremely marketing savvy, not only doesn’t have a state of the art WordPress website, and or blog just yet,and has absolutely no plans of having one built anytime soon!

She also has no social media presence whatsoever! But still, her business steadily continues to grow, year after year. Primarily because of the awesome clothing apparel and accessories she promotes, and her killer customer service, and reasonably affordable prices!

Now having properly set the stage, in part three, you’ll discover, how far too many extremely savvy entrepreneurs (just like you), consistently miss the mark, with their online marketing strategies.Okay? See you in  just a little bit in part three. P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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