So How Do These Ultimate Insider Type Entrepreneurs Get Free Advertising Over And Over Again?

    (And More Importantly How Can You And I Get Some Of It too?)

Have you ever purchased any type of (traditional) paid advertising of any kind? Be it on or offline.You know what I’m referring to, traditional advertising mediums like,online ezine ad campaigns, or offline classified and or display ads etc.

Or maybe you’ve tried your hand, and probably blew a big chunk of your formalized ad budget on glitzy (local) radio and or TV ad campaigns.Wanna know a little marketing secret, (that’s really) no secret at all!

Especially among the ultimate insider type of extremely savvy entrepreneurs,  (who) let’s face it already, they always seem to be the ones, that gladly pass this type of proven information around, to the rest of us.(But especially their students and or clients, right?) Absolutely!

And that’s why I pose the following question to you. Have you ever implemented, any type free and or paid advertising campaign of any kind, where the advertiser, made it crystal clear, you only need to pay once,(or not at all), but they’ll gladly repeat some of your very best marketing campaigns, over and over for free!

It’s definitely a nice gig when you can get it, correct? Stick around, this little tid bit just might be worth your extremely valuable time….

So How Or What Are Some Of These Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Doing To Consistently Get Some Of Their Very Best Ad And Or Marketing Campaigns Constantly Repeated For Free?

Ladies & gentlemen, (just for kicks) call up one of the most popular radio and or TV stations in your local area,(that consistently generates massive audiences), and ask (if your) business, product and or service, currently qualifies, for their “you only pay once” because you’re business or service is so darn special, we’ll gladly repeat your advertising campaign over and over for free campaign! Good luck with that!

Well right off the rip, we both know, there is no such program, any profit seeking advertising medium, (on or offline BTW), whether they have the tiniest or largest audiences, that’s gonna allow (practically) any potential paying advertiser, (such as) you or I, to simply pay a relatively modest one time upfront fee, and(and or no fee at all) then, (simply) out of the kindness of their heart, run some of our very best marketing campaigns, over and over again, for free!Right?

(Important note: That’s not to say, under the right marketing circumstances, you or I couldn’t successfully negotiate a strategic alliance type of arrangement with one of those power house mediums, (although truth told) it’s highly unlikely you or I would be able to successfully pull it off, (in the very beginning) of our entrepreneurial journey, for a lot of extremely valid reasons!)

That said, let’s now go ahead and let the proverbial cat out of the entrepreneurial bag! Shall we?Because, with this type of semi mysterious build up, there is simply no way, your extremely vivid, creative marketing imagination, isn’t working overtime, trying to figure out, “what” pray tell, is this little known secret, which as it turns out, really is no secret at all!

At least, not among the extremely crafty entrepreneurs among us!(Like the expert you’re about to be introduced to.) So let’s see what it is, they apparently know and do, that for whatever reason(s), the rest of us don’t!Fair enough?

Just Because Your Small Business Isn’t Working Overtime Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Get The Benefits As It Were!(Don’t You Agree?)

Let me me clue you in, on exactly “what’s” going on here! Just recently I was on a one on one power consulting session with my coach, (the one and only) James McAllister, of helpstartmysite.com fame!

And I was sharing with him, (okay,more like bragging about) “how” many current blog post I have published thus far, when he rather casually mentioned, I was probably getting a ton of extra free eyeballs, because of a free plugin, he presumed I already knew about and was currently utilizing and benefiting from!

Which, (of course) I was not! Hey, that’s what makes him my coach and me his student!Right? So you can imagine and appreciate (both) my complete surprise, and total  amazement, to discover, there is actually a free (and paid) upgrade version of a WordPress plugin,(both) you and I, definitely should be using, because (get this), with this incredibly powerful free software, (in my particular case), it goes back through all of my previous 1,432 blog posts, and it retweets them through our twitter feed!

So as your (and my) twitter following constantly grows, and your followers (twitter following) constantly grows, you and I get more and more free advertising, of our previous blog post,(aka) some of our very best strategic marketing campaigns, retweeted over and over again, until we turn off the plugin!Say what?

(Important note: And yes, just in case you’re wondering if James McAlllister is the real deal? Let me set your mind at ease! Because without a doubt, this man definitely knows his stuff!)

So this was just one of the many, proven insider marketing secrets, my expert Internet marketing coach James McAllister shared with me during our recent (highly intense), one on one power session!

And I gotta tell ya, going forward, (we set) my particular plugin up, so that once every three hours, it will automatically retweet one of my previous 1,432 blog posts, to an every growing audience! For free!Oh, (just in case) you’re wondering, “what” the specific name of this particular plugin is, it’s called “Revive old post”, and there is both a free and (upgraded) paid version.

For now, I’m settling for the free version!(The image below shows James helping me with my settings, during our session.)


Revive your old blog post over and over again! For free!

Your Long Range Small Business Success Is Definitely Built Around Various Types Of Leverage!

Going forward, (basically) my coach, James reminded me, to be sure and “always” look for the various forms of surface and (slightly) hidden marketing leverage opportunities,in practically all facets of my business!

Including things I’ve already sunk my (irreplaceable time into), in order to maximize my returns! And by diligently doing so, (coach James) has assured me, my ultimate return on investment, (ROI), will be through the roof!Thanks Coach!

Especially, (he stresses), when we rely on some form of free and or paid automation, to help us do so! Our session was an  extremely eye opening experience for me, on a lot of levels!

Anyway, (ladies & gentlemen), this is just an extremely small sample, of “how” some of the savviest entrepreneurs among us, strategically get free advertising, of some of their very best marketing campaigns, (aka) blog posts, re-exposed over and over again, for free!

Sound like a plan you should be implementing too? I sincerely hope so!Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

As always, if you got any value out of this post, please Google Plus or tweet this.Thanks!

And be sure you grab your explosive free 22 step small business marketing idea kit series, because it will help you increase your gross profits by as much as 25% in the next 90 days or less.

And help you master your effective communication in marketing skills.(No matter what your particular niche market is.)It’s a $97 dollar value and it’s free!

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14 Responses to So How Do These Ultimate Insider Type Entrepreneurs Get Free Advertising Over And Over Again?
  1. Impressed mate! dont know about this tool, will defintely try and also i like your gif image on the top. can i use it Sir! Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Mark,

    Great to see you and James working together. James sure knows his stuff when it comes to re purposing. This is something I do quite often. I will take a comment, and from there can write a blog. Or I can take one of my emails I have that teach others, and give the “short version” of it on a blog. Or vice versa.

    We can always re-purpose our stuff and need to. I like the idea of tweeting things out all throughout the day…hmmmm I have to give that one a thought. Thanks for sharing that Mark,

    Donna Merrill would love for you to read..Run Your Blog Like You Would Run A StoreMy Profile

  3. Hey Mark!

    First of all I’ve got to thank you for mentioning me within this post and linking to my site. Much appreciated!

    I was shocked to find out you have so much content out there. I mean, 1,432 posts (even more now) is just insane and no doubt you want to make the most out of what you’ve already got. To me, anything you can do to automate traffic generation just makes sense – especially when it’s free, easy, and convenient like that plugin is.

    Marquita gave some great options as well for repurposing old content and I will need to certainly consider some of those myself.
    Thanks Mark!
    James McAllister would love for you to read..7 Areas To Reinvest Blogging Profits IntoMy Profile

    • Awesome Coach!

      I must admit, ever since you made, (and now) hopefully
      others as well, aware of that awesome free plugin, I can’t
      help but think about all the additional free traffic, you
      have ultimately exposed me to!LOL!

      And i too was definitely blown away by Marquita’s suggestions! Any guru could
      have easily charged for that info, and or made i a free lead generator cheat sheet
      and or a free bonus etc!

      There are just so many untapped opportunities, to generate marketing leverage, on
      or offline!

      So a bunch Coach, for opening my eyes to some of them!It’s greatly appreciated!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..So How Do Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Really Increase Retail Sales Even During A Nagging Recession?Part TwoMy Profile

  4. Definitely love this help start my site and definitely a great plugin to use.

  5. Hi Mark,

    Good to see you’re working with James McAllister – a good guy.

    In relation to your central point – leveraging existing assets – we must always be looking for different ways to maximise the opportunities that are already within our orbit.

    Marquita gave some insights into how she leveraged her old blog posts into ‘new’ content on other platforms.

    You also gave the example of how you employed the use of plugins to get more social shares etc – good move. (Speaking of social shares, you still make it impossible to share your content on Twitter because the character count wildly exceeds the 140 character minimum – makes it hard for your supporters to spread the word.)

    Thanks Mark

    Kim Willis would love for you to read..Scaredy Cat ‘Make Money’ Bloggers and the Lateral Thinking ImperativeMy Profile

    • Thanks Kim!

      As always, you’ve shared several excellent and extremely valuable points!

      And man, did Marquita ever explode my head when she shared what she did!LOL!

      I felt like somebody that just experienced increased grossed profits, from
      successfully using upselling for the very first time!LOL!

      So what came first twitter and or good old back linking?LOL!

      I’m not worried about appearing on some feed for a few seconds! Besides, haven’t you heard,
      I have a plugin that attempts to do tha for me!LOL! Take care bud!

      Who knows, maybe you and I will do and record Google Hangout, where I
      can grill you for about 15- 30 minutes!LOL!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..So How Do These Ultimate Insider Type Entrepreneurs Get Free Advertising Over And Over Again?My Profile

  6. This is a great way to get free advertising. Don’t know about that and learned something new today. Thanks for this share.
    Santanu would love for you to read..60% Off SEO Powersuite Discount Coupon 2016 is BackMy Profile

  7. You have touched on a REALLY important point Mark, and that is leveraging our archived posts. I’ve used a retreet plugin before and it worked great! Another thing that adds value to old posts is to periodically run an audit and update. I do this once a year and while it is a big project, it never ceases to amaze me how much additional traffic it generates, not to mention comments and subscribers. This year I reviewed all 200 of my archived posts, but normally I focus on cornerstone content and do a bit of updating, maybe change the photos, and (re)share them on social media. Some are turned into SlideShare presentations or repurposed on other sites, like the rapidly growing Medium, and a few of the best are republished on my site over a period of months. This is certainly a lot more work than the retweet strategy, but works beautifully with it, and is a powerful way to make the most of our assets. As always, thanks for the tips and inspiration!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..Today, Let Us Make Time to PlayMy Profile


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