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The Sneaky Little Way Savvy Entrepreneurs Increase Their Market Share!Part Two

So as you recall in part one of this ongoing series, there are some (not only) inexpensive, but truly creative marketing strategies, for you and I, to systematically increase your market share, right?

And thank goodness, they don’t have to cost you and I, a proverbial fortune, correct? And equally important, some of these low hanging fruit marketing opportunities, can quite possibly, lead to some major, previously untapped profits centers, within your business and or service.

And or worst case scenario, you’ll still gradually-over time-, build your market share, but you won’t save a ton of money doing so.

But then again. you’ll still do so, for a whole lot less, than you have previously been spending. So let’s have a look, at even more, untapped creative marketing solutions, and see where they might ultimately lead you…

So Who Else Wants To Know The Sneaky Little Way Savvy Entrepreneurs Steadily Increase Their Market Share!

Quickly picking up where part one left off. As you recall, an extremely marketing savvy jeweler, whose ideal female customer, had a total lifetime customer value metric of -at least- $7,500 dollars, over the next 5-7 year period. (Give or take.)

And the owners systematically went looking, for some local, non directly competing vendors, who they could help grow their businesses, while simultaneously, help grow their own.

In part two, here is another example, of how the jeweler, might use a round about way, of creatively reaching their ideal target customer, for virtually pennies on the dollar.

Your Small Business Can And Definitely Will Benefit From Some Type Of Strategic Alliance Relationship!

Entrepreneur, keep in mine, the long term benefits, of the jeweler financing, some of the -local- Mom & pop retail corner stores, upfront promotional/marketing costs.

Initial befit number one is. Because the jeweler is helping offset the Mom & pop corner stores, promotion, on Mondays, of one large coffee (and or) beverage of their choice.

And one bagel, donut and or pastry of their choice, for just .99 cents or X.Normally the retail cost for the rest of the week would be, anywhere $4.29-$4.79!

(Extremely important note:Just think how much extremely positive word of mouth and mouse buzz, among the nurses, (and or) the particular group being targeted, will continuously create. 😀 )

But also consider, since this promotional price, targets nurses and nurses aid, once they enter the retailers store, in order to take advantage of this special-weekly- promotional price.

More than likely, the vast majority of nurses and nurses aids, will grab additional items, which they’ll be paying the normal retail for. 😀

Implementing Effective Lead Generation Strategies Can Help Take Your Business And Or Service To Brand New Heights!

For ex; take a look at another creative way, the jeweler could inexpensively target local nurses and or nurses aids.(And or any particular-viable- target group of their choice.)

There has to be a place where nurses and nurses aids, who work for private agencies, and not necessarily hospitals, buy their uniforms and oraccessories.

And since those uniforms have to be periodically professionally cleaned, by local cleaners.The jeweler could approach-both- the independently owned, uniform supply company, as well as a few local cleaners.

And here’s their initial offer.The jeweler will gladly provide, every non directly competing vendors staff, who they successfully form some type of joint venture/cross promotional arrangement with, the opportunity to purchase up to $1,000 dollars -or X- worth jewelry, at the jewelers actual hard cost, plus any and all applicable taxes & fees.

The More You Help Non Directly Competing Vendors Grow Their Business The Larger Your Own Market Share Will Become!

So the jeweler initially approaches local dry cleaners in the immediate area, about offering 60% off to all nurses, nurses aids, secretaries, receptionist and local real estate agents and or brokers etc.

As long as they spend at least $10 dollars or X amount, (and join the dry cleaners opt in email/mobile marketing list), the dry cleaners will provide extremely time sensitive discount coupons, so the aforementioned targeted groups, save on a sliding scale, low of twenty percent, up to 60% off their total bill.

And on side (B.) of this particularly effective  coupon, (you guessed it!), the recipients can enter the jeweler (and or) whatever the particular retailers specialty is.

The recipients can enter their monthly free drawing. And thus start building their very own opt in email/mobile marketing list. 😀

Your Proven Lead Generation Methods Can Become A Whole New Untapped Profit Center For Your Business And Or Service!

The main point being, because the extremely marketing savvy jeweler, (and or) savvy retailer X, is either co- sponsoring and or (100%) financing these weekly special promotions, for another local, non directly competing vendor.

They are also simultaneously, building their own customer base and brand, for literally pennies on the dollar. 😀

And inexpensively and strategically, out promoting, their major local competitors!And this is just one of the sneaky little ways, some extremely marketing savvy entrepreneurs, (just like you!), steadily increase their overall market share, for literally pennies on the dollar! Any questions?

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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