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Why Your Small Business Should Take Advantage Of Under Used And Or Dead Assets!PartTwo

So as you originally read, (and hopefully) re-read part one of this ongoing series,has it started to dawn on you in a major way, ‘how’ and why, your cash strapped and resource challenged small business,service and or entrepreneurial startup venture, should definitely be leveraging, other non directly competing vendors, under used and or (so called) dead assets?

No matter what form they happen to come in. I sincerely hope so. Because as you start to develop this particular mind set.

You will -quickly- start to realize, there are a ton of aspiring entrepreneurs, of all shapes and sizes, who may not even fully realize, and or appreciate, just how many totally under utilized, and or under performing tangible or intangible assets, they currently have access to.

Which the both of you, (meaning) one of their joint venture and or strategic cross promotional partners,can and definitely should be benefiting from.Hopefully this series, will set more of your natural, creative marketing juices in motion.

So Why Isn’t Your Profit Seeking Small Business And Or Service Currently Profiting From Your Own And Or Other Non Directly Competing Vendors Under Used And Or Dead Assets?

In part one, the hypothetical marketing example originally used, was a local bank, which had anywhere from 200-750, currently un-rented safety deposit boxes.

Bare in mind, (conceptually) speaking, this could just as easily apply to a local small business owner, which supplies P.O. boxes to (both) local small business owners,startup entrepreneurs, service providers and or regular individuals etc.

So for whatever reasons, this reputable local bank, has at least 250 un-rented safe deposit boxes currently on their hands. And to date, have not been very successful, getting (either) their current and or brand new first time customers, to rent one.

And because an extremely marketing savvy, (husband and wife) team, which owns two local retail jewelry stores, happen to be personal friends with the vice president of marketing for this particular branch.

And when their fiend explains the banks current dilemma, over a power lunch, the couple immediately has an inspirational light bulb moment.

Your Effective Lead Generation Strategies Can And Typically Do Lead To Tons Of Potential Long Term Marketing Opportunities And Or Possibilities!

As you recall in part one, the bank offered (both) their current customers, and any band new first time customers, who rented a safety deposit box, for at least one year, a $50 dollar universal gas card, as incentive for doing so, before the expiration date on the offer expired.

And remember, in reality, their exclusive JV/cross promotional partner, the husband and wife (upscale) jewelry store owners, are the ones financing these particular marketing strategies and tactics.

And their primary reasons for doing so is because, their ideal customers, has a total lifetime customer value of at least $15,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years. (Give or take.)

And without a doubt, a certain percentage of the bankers current and future customers, plus their personal and professional inner circles, are simply made to order for the jeweler.

And rather than continually go the outrageously expensive, traditional advertising route, instead they will divert at least $5- $10,000 dollars, and dedicate them to some totally unconventional marketing and or promotional methods.

Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Are Always On The Lookout For Ways To Create Some Long Term Marketing Opportunities!(And You Should Be Too!)

So let’s face it already, positive word of mouth and mouse buzz, is always a mighty good thing, is it not? for sure. That being the case.

Watch ‘how’ this extremely marketing savvy jewelry store owner, creates some extremely positive word of mouth and or mouth buzz, simply by ethically bribing, a few of the banks current or future customers, with a handful of totally unexpected goodies.

And they’ll  do so, using three rather basic, yet mouth watering ethical bribes, which are sure to get the conversations (on and offline) rolling!

1.) Additional ninja marketing strategy #one: Just in case it wasn’t extremely obvious. Most reputable local banks, have employees, do they not?

So the very first ninja marketing strategy, the jeweler will implement is, they’ll make sure all the employees, who are sincerely interested in purchasing some outstanding looking designer jewelry, in order to impress, their closest friends, relatives, neighbors, spouse, kids, in laws and or live in significant other etc.

Can purchase up to $1,500 dollars worth of extremely eye catching bling, at the jewelers whole sale hard cost, plus any and all applicable taxes and or fees etc.

And of course, they’ll allow their-high income earning- vice president friend of marketing,(and their spouse), and or live in significant other to purchase his & her Rolex watches, worth (at least) $2,500 dollars each, at their actual wholesale cost.

Can you social media and water cooler conversation explosion!

Your Advanced Entrepreneurial Skills And Instincts Will Help Guide You To The Mother Lode Of Marketing Possibilities!(And Or Opportunities!)

2.) Additional ninja marketing strategy # two: Next, unbeknownst to the first twenty women who rush in to rent their safety deposit box for at least one year or more.

The jewelers will provide the bankers employees in charge of renting the safe deposit boxes, twenty extremely time sensitive, VIP, brand new customer only discount coupons, which automatically allow these twenty extremely lucky ladies, to come to their store, before the 14 day expiration date rolls around.

And by doing so, they can purchase a $300 pair of absolutely beautiful diamond studded earrings, for just $100 dollars!

However, as soon as they join the one of the jewelers opt in email/mobile marketing list, plus bring a guest with them, whose 18 years of age, and not a current customers, they can make the exact same purchase for just $40 dollars!

Plus, their guest can purchase any one item and automatically save and save 25% off, or join the jewelers opt in email list, and purchase any one item of their choice, up to $1,500 dollars, at the jewelers actual wholesale cost.

Ever Notice How Some Really Effective Lead Generation Strategies Can Kick The Door Of Marketing Opportunities Wide Open!

3.) Additional ninja marketing strategy # three: This extremely marketing savvy (husband and wife) team jewelry store owner couple, will also allow the bank, to offer some extremely time sensitive, VIP, brand new first time customer only, discount coupons, to the presidents, CEO, CFO (Chief Financial Offer), Vice President of both sales marketing execs, of their largest corporate clients.

This way, these high income earners, who you know darn well, routinely socialize with other, locally influential, and extremely well connected high income earners, can continually spread the word, on and offline, about the extremely eye catching $3,500 dollars worth of bling, they just purchased from such and such jeweler, and only had to pay actually whole sale hard cost, on their very first purchase!

Are you finally starting to appreciate, ‘how’ some extremely small business owners, are able, to convert this battlefield tested marketing strategy, into massive long term gross profits? And start building an ongoing perpetual profit funnel.

I sincerely hope so,because part three will take your back end sales funnel to an even deeper level or two.So please stay  tuned until then.

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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