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Why Your Small Business Should Take Advantage Of Under Used And Or Dead Assets!Part Three

As you read the first two installments of this ongoing series, about how some extremely marketing savvy small business owners, service providers, and or startup entrepreneurs, routinely find some creative, non traditional ways, of benefiting from some grossly under under used, and or dead assets.

Are your creative marketing juices starting to flow? Hopefully more than usual.

Can you see ‘how’ you can and definitely should, be able to look at -both- your business/service, and or a non directly competing vendors business, and start to spot certain, under used and or dead assets you can strategically leverage.(If not, you know who to contact asap, right? )

Have the first two installments of this ongoing series, opened your creative marketing eyes, to the enormous untapped marketing opportunities and or possibilities?

What most profit seeking entrepreneurs would routinely see, merely as excess cash draining, dead inventory of some kind. You’re now starting to view as a springboard to greater, and greater untapped marketing opportunities and or possibilities.

So Why Doesn’t Your Resource Challenged Small Business Benefit Non Directly Competing Vendors Under Used And Or Dead Assets?

Before diving head long into even more underground ninja marketing strategies, first (if it’s okay), let’s go old school here for just a second. Because there is more than a very good chance, if this particular marketing opportunity is now vividly pointed out, it will be missed.

As you recall, the vice president of marketing, is close friends with a local, husband & wife owner of two local upscale jewelry outlets.

And during a recent power lunch, the enterprising couple discovered this local bank, located in an upscale neighborhood strip mall, was siting on at least 300 unsold safety deposit boxes.And had been doing so for a while.

And since a nice percentage of the banks best customers,also represent the ideal customer of the jeweler as well.It only made sense, for the jeweler and this bank, to form some type of strategic joint venture and or cross promotional partnership, don’t you agree?

Especially since the jewelers ideal customer, has a current total lifetime customer value, of at least $15,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years.

The Better You Develop Your Lead Generation Skills The Lower Amount Of A Traditional Advertising Budget You Will Need!(Especially In An Economic Pinch!)

Gentlemen, for just a second, put your very best-ninja- underground marketing hat on. Imagine a bank in an upscale neighborhood, where lots of highly influential, local women who own their own small businesses, services, and or they’re part owners, mid to high level managers and or executives in various entrepreneurial ventures.

They bank at this one particular branch, along with tons of other local highly influential women, who are high income earning professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, nurses, CPA’s, CFP’s, chiropractors, dentist, accountants, principals and everything else in between.

Now picture this, on Monday morning, they walk into this particular branch, and right in the center of the bank, along with a very attractive female assistant bank branch manager, sits a seven foot teddy bear!(Just begging to be taken home!)

Along with a big red neon sign which reads,  “Free Drawing!” Enter for your chance to win a dozen roses delivered to(either) your home and or place of business! Plus a gourmet box of chocolates, (compliments) of some local upscale bakery!

And this giant size teddy! This is a $438 (or X) dollar value! Absolutely no purchase necessary! See the person sitting at the desk in order to enter! Guys & gals are encouraged to enter! Have a great day!

This Is Where Your Highly Developed Entrepreneurial Skills Can And Definitely Will Give Your Business A Decided Edge!

And the attractive assistant branch manager and or female teller, who’s sitting at the desk right near the display, has on some absolutely beautiful, eye catching bling of her own. Compliments of the local jeweler!

A diamond studded necklace, which easily retails for $1,500 dollars and some equally stunning, diamond studded earrings, which would normally retail for at least $300 dollars a pair.

Because in reality, it’s the extremely marketing savvy jeweler, whose financing this entire marketing strategy. Meaning, it’s the jeweler whose buying the dozen roses, gourmet box of chocolates and paying for the giant seven foot teddy bear too.

Here’s why, they want the opportunity to inexpensively create some semi qualified leads.Because remember, the jewelers wants indirect access to these local women-s personal and professional inner circles.

And they’d love to do so for pennies on the dollar.Because these types of semi qualified prospects in their ongoing follow up process, can and eventually will lead to some positive outcomes.Don’t you agree?

Ever Notice How Some Of Your Most Effective Lead Generation Strategies Are Pretty Basic In Nature?

Now let’s run the numbers, this particular marketing strategy will run for 60 -90 days.Inexpensive testing will help the jeweler determine which length consistently produces the most profitable responses.

And let’s say the bank is open six days a week. But only three hours on Saturday-s.(9 am – 12 noon.)

And let’s further anticipate, on any given day, at least 80 women per day, M-F, enter the bank, see and instantly fall in love with the original seven foot lady killer!

And each Saturday, (like clock work) at least 15 local upscale influential women, enter this particular branch to conduct their personal and or commercial business.

Which means during your typical four week month, about 1,980 influential local women, see old teddy and the extremely time sensitive offer! So out of a total of 3,980 local influential women, about 60% of them, (or ) 2,376 women decide to enter this free drawing.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Know The Back End Of Their Sales Funnel Is Where he Big Money Is!

Of course only two will be each months first grand prize winners. And the other incredibly lucky 2,374 runner ups,  they’ll be offered two extremely valuable time sensitive secondary prizes, valued at X.

1.) Extremely time sensitive runner up secondary prize #one: They’ll win a $50 dollar universal gas card.

2.) Extremely time sensitive runner up secondary prize # two: The other extremely valuable secondary runner up prize, (the jeweler will gladly provide), will be an extremely time sensitive,VIP brand new customer only, discount coupon, which entitles the banks customers to save at least 40% (or X%) off their very first purchase, and up to 60% off any one purchase, up to $5,000 dollars or less!

This way, whenever they wear their newly acquired eye catching bling, not only will they constantly have a story -or two- to tell, but you can had better believe, their immediate-professional and personal- circle of influence, will definitely want to know each and every detail. Don’t you agree?

In part three, watch how this extremely marketing savvy small business, husband and wife team jewelry store owners, leverage the banks under used and or dead assets!

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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