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Why Your Small Business Should Take Advantage Of Under Used And Or Dead Assets!Part Six

You probably think, your particular, resourced challenged small business and or service, is truly the exception, when it comes to effectively utilizing,your current under used and or dead assets, right? 

Meaning unfortunately, you think, you couldn’t possibly have and or be sitting on, potential long term gross profits, simply by pro-actively taking more advantage, of certain grossly under used, and or dead assets.

After all, who in their right -profit seeking- mind, would be that short sighted, correct? And while you say that with a straight face, you’d be totally shocked and amazed, as you’re about to discover.

So What Dedicated Profit Seeking Small Business Owner And Or Service Provider Wouldn’t Wanna Know How To Consistently Profit Their Under Used And Or Dead Assets?

I’ll let you in on a little secret; you’ve gotta first, initially acknowledge certain current assets you already have, may not be fully providing, all the maximum profit potential, there truly capable of.

So it really does start and stop, with your current mind set and marketing perspective. Because you may feel, what more bankable benefits, can you (and or) your major competitors, possibly derive from your current online traffic, right?

I mean, they’ve come to your WordPress blog and or website, a few times, and they either joined one of your lists, shared some of you posts, and or purchased some of your extremely valuable products, services, and or they purchased, some of your extremely helpful affiliate products and or services, correct?

What else (if anything), can your visitors, especially a first time visitor possibly do, to help build your long term profits, you so skeptically ask?

Ever Notice How Savvy Entrepreneurs Are Constantly On The Lookout For Some Proven Ways To Systematically Increase Their Long Term Profits?

Case in point, here’s a really -brain dead- simple way (strategy), one of the multi six figure a year online earners, (I closely follow), constantly uses, which strategically converts, a percentage of his daily traffic, into subscribers and eventually, first time and long term repeat customers.

And the best part is, it takes less than ten minutes, to put this -set it and pretty much forget it – strategy in place, and it starts to work for you and I, over and over again. Because it’s a free plugin, you and I simply install, and periodically update it, and it does all the future heavy lifting for us!

You know how, sometimes when a visitor, (especially) a brand new first time visitor, clicks a link on our website and or blog, and they get the dreaded “404 Error” page thingy notice?

You know ‘what’ I’m talking about, right? Well, there’s a free plugin, you and I can install, called “404 to Start.” And basically, what this free plugin allows you and I (and or) your major competitors to do, is simply re-direct your traffic, which is -more than likely- about to leave your/our site, never to return again!

Instead, you can enter your desired URL (website) re-direct location, and direct your traffic elsewhere, and at least attempt to salvage something-potentially profitable- out of nothing!

I along with the multi six figure earner I follow, choose to re-direct this traffic to my lead capture page.And at least offer them the opportunity to solve some of their marketing challenges, by joining my list.

And now you have to opportunity to strategically follow up with them over time, in order to build some type of ongoing re pore with them.

Otherwise, the surefire alternative is, they are leaving your-our- site empty handed, and for whatever reasons, probably never ever returning! Bummer!

Hey, the plugin is free, and even if it only helps you convert a measly 5% per month, of your traffic, into subscribers, it definitely beats the alternative, does it not?

Don’t Ever Under Estimate The Long Term Potential Profit Making Possibilities Of Developing Really Good Lead Generation Strategies!

Here’s another very interesting, potential use, for your grossly under utilized, list building efforts. Let’s say you currently own a local, upscale, women-s boutique shop. And at least 85% of your current clientele, are local women, from all types of professional backgrounds, and the vast majority of whom, earn high five and six figure a year incomes.

Which means, they absolutely love showcasing, the very latest power pump heels!Which typically retail, for anywhere from $350 – $800 dollars a pair or more! And they’ll gladly drop an additional $350- $900 dollars, for that to die for designer handbag.

And that enchanting low cut dress, which easily retails for another $750 dollars! So you decide to offer a free monthly drawing, during your typically slow summer months, of early June through late September.And in order to really entice, (both) your on and offline audience, you offer as your 1st grand prize each month.

One of your most popular, $950 dollar designer handbags! And each month, you notify -both- your grand prize winner and all the other -99%- of your runner ups.

And you do so by your opt in email “Alert” and or mobile marketing messages.

As Long As Your Small Business And Or Service Isn’t Creatively Marketing Idea Challenged! (You’ll Definitely Be Okay In The Long Run!)

Hopefully, you’ve already read enough blog posts on this particular blog, to -at least- have a general idea, of the types of really cool, extremely time sensitive secondary prizes, the boutique store owner(s), can and definitely should offer, right?

Let’s hold off on off on that particular aspect for now. In order to focus on this. Since your store is located in a really nice, upscale neighborhood, in a extremely popular strip mall.

And since, an extremely popular, local, upscale jewelry store owner, is also located in the exact same strip mall. And because the two of you are non directly competing against one another. And since you both need and target, the exact same female clientele.

And the jewelers, idea customer, currently has a total lifetime customer value metric, of at least $15,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years.

Your Highly Developed Entrepreneurial Skill Can And Will Play A Major Role In Your Businesses Long Term Growth And Or Ultimate Demise!

Here’s the initial joint venture/cross promotional partner arrangement you propose. You’ll email “Alerts” to your subscribers, and include special, extremely time sensitive discount coupon mailers, for your subscribers to head over to the jewelers store, in order to save big, off certain discounted an or discontinued items etc.

And have the jeweler credit you with a twenty percent affiliate and or JV commission, for all the business you send them, via your arrangement.

However as this brain dead simply arrangement starts to proven itself, you could simply have the jeweler, pay your monthly commercial lease payment first, and then use the remainder, to ethically bribe your best customers!You see how this type of underground ninja marketing strategy, takes advantage of your under utilized list building skills! Say yes!

And are you starting to see how, your extremely marketing savvy small business and or service, can effectively utilize, some of your under used and or dead assets? Great! P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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