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Why Your Small Business Should Take Advantage Of Under Used And Or Dead Assets!Part Four

So after three installments, of this ongoing series,(hopefully) it’s safe to presume, you can much better appreciate,how your resourced challenged small business and or service, can definitely profit, from the strategic use of another non directly competitive vendors, under used and or dead assets, correct?

In fact, in more situations than you probably initially realized, this one critically under utilized strategy and or tactic, could easily help increase your, and or your major competitors bottom line, could it not? Agreed.

However, with that said, let’s delve even deeper under the hood of untapped marketing possibilities, and or untapped opportunities, to discover even more stones, which -clearly- have been left unturned.

So Is There Any Particular Valid Reason Why Your Savvy Small Business And Or Service Shouldn’t Consistently Profit From Under Used And Or Dead Assets?

Have you noticed, ‘what’ so often seems relatively obvious, is often not the case at all? Case in point; here’s a local bank, located in a fairly upscale neighborhood strip mall.

And for whatever reasons, over the last 30 months (give or take), they’ve found themselves sitting on at least 300, (or half) of their available 600 safety deposit boxes, are currently unrented.

And as you also previously discovered in the first three installments, a local husband & wife team, which owns two successful local jewelry outlets, who also friends of the vice president of marketing of the bank, offered to help their friend out.

And they propose doing so, by initially offering a giant seven foot teddy bear, a gourmet box of chocolates, and a dozen roses, to one grand prize winner, over the next 60- 90 days.By way of a free drawing of course.

And one of the secondary prizes, will be a free six month trial of a safety deposit box, for every customer who rents a safety deposit box, for at least six months.

Your Entrepreneurial Skills Can Dramatically Lower You Traditional Upfront Out Of Pocket Cost To Acquire Brand New First Time Customers And Or Clients!

And of course, the primary reason the extremely marketing savvy jeweler, is so eager to finance this type of free drawing, is because a percentage of the banks customers, are also the jewelers ideal customers as well.

And since the jewelers ideal customer, currently has a total lifetime customer value of $15,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years. The jeweler is only too glad, to inexpensively get in front of this particular audience.

Especially since, one of the other, extremely time sensitive secondary prizes, valued at X, is a VIP, brand new first time customer only, discount coupon, which entitles the holder, to save 30% off any purchase under $500 dollars, and 50% off any purchase between $501 and $1,000 dollars!However…

Ever Notice How Some Of Your Very Best Lead Generation Strategies Are Incredible Door Openers!

Here’s ‘what’s’ not so obvious, to your run of the mil, newbie marketer. What about the teddy bear manufacturer? Huh? Meaning, since they clearly want and need their fair share of long term repeat customers, and referrals, just like every body else, right?

Why can’t they go  directly to the various banks all over the place, and propose the exact same marketing strategies and or tactics?

They don’t need the jeweler to initiate this type of mega lead generating strategy, with not only banks, but once they initially test it out, see how it goes, and work out a few of the inevitable kinks here and there.

The teddy bear manufacturer could then also approach local credit unions, after all, they probably have their fair share of influential, local high income earning women, as customers as well, correct?

Then again, why couldn’t the credit union, be the initiator, and approach the teddy bear manufacturer, about offering the free seven foot teddy bear in a periodic free drawing.

And also offer the dozen roses and gourmet chocolates as well. And for all the runner ups, the credit union could -then- offer the ladies, an extremely time sensitive discount coupon, to the jeweler, so every first time customer, (especially the females!), could purchase a beautiful set of diamond studded earrings, which normally retail for $300 dollars a pair, for just $95 dollars (or X!)

As You Constantly Develop Better Lead Generation Strategies The Opportunities For Your Business To Grow Will Only Continue To Increase!

And if they bring a friend with them, whose over 18, (and not a current customer) and both join the jewelers opt in email/mobile marketing list, (right then and there), they both can purchase a $120 dollar charm bracelet, for just $40 (or X) dollars each!

(And you can just imagine, ‘what’ the ladies in both their professional and personal inner circles, will be dying to know! Right?)

Is it starting to become more and more obvious to you, what a potentially profitable, money making sales funnel process could be strategically created? For a whole lot less than it traditionally does.

And are you really starting to see and appreciate, all the potentially viable marketing options, currently available to you, and or your major competitors? Great, because in part five, you’ll also discover ‘how’ this ties in even further, to strategically leveraging, various dead, and or under used assets.

Are you starting to see how your resourced challenged small business and or service, could be potentially sitting on some type of untapped marketing goldmine? I sincerely hope so.

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  1. As always, a great article from you Mark. In the digital marketing/blogging niche, etc. this is similar to the concept of repurposing your old content or updating them to a new one. Then if you promote them again, you’ll gain new traffic, new readers, etc.
    Grant Merriel would love for you to read..Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Delegating Important Tasks – More Time More Profit: Helping Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Scale their BusinessMy Profile


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