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Why Your Small Business Should Take Advantage Of Under Used And Or Dead Assets!Part Five

Are you semi convinced, your current resourced challenged small business, startup entrepreneurial venture,and or service, doesn’t have any dead or under used assets?

Lots business owners, but especially resourced challenged small business owners and startup entrepreneurs, initially buy into this myth.

Granted, larger more established companies, may have more, potentially under used and or dead assets idly sitting around, waiting to be accessed, but rest assured, underneath it all, so do you.

It’s really a matter of developing the right marketing perspective.Because an under used asset, may mean pro-actively taking advantage of current situations, which aren’t being maximized.

Lots of times small business owners and or semi cash strapped service providers, overlook certain money making opportunities, which are readily available to them, (and or) their major competitors, but because they’re not super obvious, they simply don’t see them at first.

So How Does Your Semi Cash Strapped Small Business And Or Service Systematically Profit From Under Used And Or Dead Assets?

Here’s a prime example -or two-, of how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, readily profit and benefit from, some grossly under used and or -so called- dead assets.

Take your local independently owned auto body repair shop, which specializes in, repairing upscale foreign cars.Are you aware, certain, extremely marketing savvy, independently owned radio station owners, pay big bucks to discover which radio stations, their target audience, that being, expensive foreign car owners listen to the most.

So (right about now), you’re scratching your head, wondering, ‘what’ if any connection, there can possibly be, between a local independently owned auto body repair shop, and a local independently owned radio station right?

And what possible under used asset, the auto body repair shop owner(s), could be overlooking, which they can generate -either- ongoing revenue and or benefit from, right?Fair enough.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Develop The Ability To See The Overall Forest And Not Just The Trees!

Of course ‘what’ you’re about to discover, is incredibly brain dead simple! That’s why so many profit seeking entrepreneurs don’t initially see the potential profit generating opportunity, nor ‘how to’ continuously benefit from it.

So a quick look inside these luxury cars radio consoles, and or simply asking their customers, what their top two radio stations are, and guess what?

The extremely marketing savvy, independently owned radio station sales and or general manger, will gladly write them a check for anywhere from $75 to $125 dollars per potential lead! Say what? That’s correct.

They’ll gladly pay top dollar, so they can -finally- zero in on where their local target market, listens to the radio, 80% of the time or more.

Let’s say they service 15 luxury foreign cars in a typical month, and the radio station gladly writes them a check for $1,500 dollars. Not bad, right?

Once You Develop Your Lead Generation Skills You Now Have An Extremely Valuable Asset!

But what about this, as an extremely viable marketing alternative. What -if- instead of the radio station, (and or) independently owned, local newspaper, just offered to run the one of the auto body repair shops best ads, on their station, (even during) a few prime time slots, and just provide them with $1,800 -$2,000 dollars in ad credits!

And keep their money in their pocket. And they could simply swap their monthly unsold time slots, of 30 and or 60 second ads, by giving the auto repair shops those slots as fair market credit.

Plus, as a potential added sweetener, offer any of their best, most loyal repeat customers, and or their staff, VIP, extremely time sensitive,brand new first time customer only discount coupons, to the auto body repair shop.

The Sharper You Develop Your Entrepreneurial Skills The More Opportunities You’ll Start To Notice!

Let’s say over the course of a 52 week year, the radio station has at least 110 customers, (and not including these vendors staff!), who own at least one upscale foreign car.

And 70% of them (or) 77 first time customers, redeem their coupons and save 25-40% off their very first visit to the repair shop. And then 40% of the 77 (or) 30 customers, now convert to repeat long term customers.

And they’re starting to build quite a potentially profitable sales funnel, right?And hopefully they’re also building a highly responsive opt in email and or mobile marketing as well.

Multiply this one simple strategy, no counting any staff and or other traditional referrals, and the auto repair shop, may need to, (either) open a second shop, and or extend their primary hours of business, plus hire at least 3-5 more full and part time staff!So it’s all good, right?

Are you starting to appreciate, how some extremely marketing savvy small business owners, and or service providers, benefit from and or profit from, the strategic use of under used and or dead assets? Great! See you in just a little bit in part six, okay?

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