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Small Business Marketing Tips:How To Put Your Distribution Business On Steroids!Part Two

So hopefully as you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, the right type of small business marketing tipscan and most definitely will, help you grow your business and or service.

Without spending the proverbial fortune, on dismally performing, outrageously expensive, traditional advertising campaigns.

Remember, any novice and or aspiring or cash strapped, and resourced challenged entrepreneur, can waste a ton of money on non productive, traditional advertising campaigns.

And these often, dismally performing, glitzy ad campaigns, can quickly drain your bank account, to the point where, you may not even be able to afford, to initially test, some possible marketing alternatives.

This is no way to try and run and or grow your business and or service, correct?

Who Else Wants To Discover Some Battlefield Tested Small Business Marketing Tips! (Which Will Definitely Help You Build Your Distribution Like It’s On Steroids!)

Quickly picking up where part one left off. Let’s say after several months, your exotic beverage distribution business,now has at least three, local, non directly competing businesses, who are officially cross promotional partners.

And they agree to allow your business to set up a demonstration booth inside their shop, and offer their customers or clients, free large sample cups, of some of your most popular beverages.

And you’ll do so, at least once every other week, both during the brutally hot summer, and bitterly cold winter months.

In exchange for this rather exclusive insider access, you agree to provide the owners of these businesses and or services, with monthly free, 10 lb. bags of the exotic beverages of their choice.

Let Your Entrepreneurial Skills Help Open Doors Previously Considered Unreachable!

Think about this incredibly simple marketing ploy for just a second.

On certain days of the gear, like Mothers, Valentines and or National Secretaries day etc.

Your booth, will be set up in their local business, and you’ll personally be serving, (primarily) their female customers, some of your most popular exotic beverages.

Plus, you’ll also provide these potential first time customers, with some extremely time sensitive, first time customer only discount coupons.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Constantly Look For Ways To Better Serve!

And as an additional, low cost, high impact viral marketing strategy. The first twenty five (or X) number of women, who spend over X amount of money, your distribution business, will gladly sell them  a 10 lb. bag, of the exotic beverage of their choice, at your actual cost.

So you know, between the large free sample they initially receive, and the 10 lb. bag of whatever, they get to purchase at your actual hard cost.

They’ll definitely be extremely active on social media, will they not?  😀  You better believe it.

Also, let’s say you’ve successfully negotiated a potentially lucrative cross promotional arrangement with a local florist.

Your Best Market Tested Small Business Marketing Strategies Have A Tendency To Snowball!

And -to date- the florist has a constantly growing opt in email/mobile marketing list, of 1,500 locals.

And they invite them to an in house, floral and bridal arrangement event.And 130 local women attend.Just for showing up, you provide them, with the opportunity, to purchase two 10 lb. bags, of the exotic beverage of their choice, at your actual hard costs.

And every time the florist delivers flowers, they also include, one of your very best, market tested, extremely time sensitive, first time only, customer discount coupons.

Plus, you’ll gladly provide -both- the floral shop owner and their employees, with lifetime, VIP status, so they can purchase their very first ten pound bag, at your hard cost and save 30% (or X %) off any additional purchases going forward.

Extremely Marketing Savvy Entrepreneurs Will Gladly Offer Front End Products And Or Services At Their Actual Hard Costs! (In Order To Access The Extremely Lucrative Back End Of Their Long Term Sales Funnel!)

But only as long as they remain an active email and or mobile subscriber. 😀 And of course the floral shop ( and or retail shop) owner, gets a free ten lb. bag of gourmet coffee, tea and or lemonade, for personal use,delivered each and every month, for as long as your cozy arrangement remains in place. 😀

And they’re highly encouraged, to send free 5 pound bags, to to their VIP customers and prospects, and you’ll gladly provide the beverages, at your hard cost, and all the recipients pay, is the 2nd day express, and or 1st class priority shipping and handling charges.

And you’ll systematically build an offline database of potential repeat customers, for literally pennies on the dollar.

And of course, they’ll definitely enthusiastically tell their friends, family members and or co-workers, will they not? Entrepreneur, are you truly starting to appreciate, how some really simple, small business marketing tips and or strategies, can definitely help you strategically grow your business and or service? Say yes! 😀

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