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How Your Small Business Can Definitely Profit From Working Smarter!

(Not Just Harder!)

So your resourced challenged and semi cash strapped small business and or service, has more than enough major competitors to worry about, right?

And unfortunately, some of them, are better financed than you currently are, correct?

Which also means, because their corporate pockets are a little deeper, and they also know and understand, ‘how to’ profit from both the front and back end of their particular sales funnels.

Primarily because they totally understand, their ideal customers, patients and or clients, total lifetime customer value metrics.

So maybe they’ll gladly settle for grossing a little, or a whole lot less on their front end, in order to set up grossing the lions share of their long term gross profits on the back end of their particular sales funnel.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time (nor the last), an extremely marketing savvy entrepreneur, profited from such an all too common marketing ploy.

And just doing that BTW, could constitute working smarter, and not necessarily harder.

So How Do Some Extremely Savvy Albeit Resourced Challenged Small Business Owners And Or Service Providers Systematically Go About Working Smarter Not Just Harder?

Of course there are any number of proven ways of inexpensively doing so. First, however, you definitely need to appreciate and fully recognize, how often the opportunity you (and or) your major competitors,have to permanently move your business and or service ahead, simply by strategically implementing some low cost proven tweaks, here and there.

Case in point, you often hear, you need to pro-actively drive targeted traffic to your WordPress website and or blog.Sound familiar?

Then, (just to show you) ‘how’ lucky you are, in terms of having so many extremely viable options at your immediate disposal.

You’re given this potentially overwhelming laundry list of marketing and or promotional possibilities,-by the respected- gurus, right. You’re told, you can; use various paid traffic methods, like Bing and or Yahoo PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising methods.

Or you should use paid banner ads, email swaps,or some market tested drop cards, paid Facebook ads, various types of business cards, T-shirts, strategic word of mouth and or mouse  generating strategies etc.It all gets  little dizzying at times, does it not? 

Your Lead Generation Efforts Will Be Far More effective Once You Figure Out Where To Devote The Lions Share Of Your Time And Resources!

Or you’re constantly encouraged to use different types of traffic exchanges, PPV (Pay Per View) ad campaigns, and or recognized local networking events etc.

But here’s the thing, which (if any), of these semi time consuming marketing/promotional activities, should you be actively devoting, the lions share (80%) of your extremely limited time to?

Because try as you and I may, you simply can’t be active, and successful, by attempting to be all places at once, on all of the ever expanding array of social media sites, correct?

Savvy Entrepreneurs Know Constantly Attempting To Work Smarter Not Harder Is The Real Key To Their Long Term Success Aspirations! (And Probably Yours Too!)

Case in point; as some of you already know, my expert small business and social media marketing coach and mentor, Gale Gardner of fame.

Gale-s blog, routinely draws tons of daily targeted eyeballs, which is primarily (aspiring) small business owners, service providers, and or startup entrepreneurs etc.

Which is exactly the same audience my blog targets. Which is why, I and so many others, constantly leap at the chance to guest post on her blog, as often as possible.

That being said, (take a look) at the two screenshot images just below, they represent where and how, the majority of my efforts, with regards to guest blogging on Gale-s site, where I should definitely be investing (at least) 80% or more of my time, effort and resources, on the various social media sites.


small business

How Your Small Business Can Definitely Profit From Working Smarter!



small business

How Your Small Business Can Definitely Profit From Working Smarter!

Your Natural Entrepreneurial Skills Can And Definitely Will Lead You To Long Term Success!

Did you notice, (both) guest blog post of mine, has currently generated a grand total of 37 total shares, on at least six major social media sites. However, in both cases, twitter and Facebook received the lions share of activity. In one particular case, twitter received 30 out of the 37 total shares.

Said another way, twitter received 30/37, or 81% of the social shares. And in the other blog post, twitter received 17 out of 37 total shares, or 45% of the total.

So of the six possible social sites for me to currently be active on, in order to effectively be working smarter. Which particular social media platform should I be devoting at least 80% or more, of my time and other extremely valuable resources to?

You got that right!So are you starting to appreciate, why and ‘how’, your resourced challenged small business and or service, definitely should be constantly working smarter, not just harder? Say yes! Great.

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  1. Congratulations on those results Mark! I have always been a fan of working smarter over harder so your post definitely rings true for me. It is so tempting to jump on the bandwagon for each new quick fix that comes out but as you point out the key is to be where your audience is. Thanks for the tips and inspiration!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..The Secret to Embracing Life’s Unexpected DetoursMy Profile


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