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Why Your Small Business Ad Budget Really Is Not The Problem!

Care to take a speculative guess, how many extremely dedicated small business owners, service providers, and or start up entrepreneurs, really are suffering, because of a consistent lack of reliable cash flow?

Rest assured, it’s a lot, and (sadly) their collective numbers, are constantly growing.

On the other hand, even though a great many of them, are kinda of starting behind the eye ball, (or so) it would initially seem.

A lot of them, unbeknownst to them just yet, are really suffering from a lack of creative marketing know how. Granted, you’re definitely fighting a monstrous up hill battle, if you’re trying to go directly head to head,  with extremely well capitalized corporate competitors.

But there is simply no logical reason to put your business at risk, to such a degree, unless you’re not fully aware, of all your potential marketing alternatives!Don’t you agree?

So If Your Small Business Advertising Budget Is Not Really The Problem! (What The Heck Is Going On Here?)

Since I just got this really cool, confirmation of my marketing strategies, from a first time visitor named Theo.

I’ll keep my demonstration of these battlefield tested strategies, revolving around the same major theme and players.

Which is, an upscale local women-s boutique shop owner, a local hair and nail salon owner, and an extremely marketing savvy, local jeweler.

You can read Theo-s really cool blog comment below.Thanks Theo!(Theodore Nwangene.)

I truly appreciate your sharing your awesome comment!

Mark, it’s my first time here and you just blew my mind away with your definitive post. Pretty awesome dish this is! ?

Actually, there so many realities that small business owners get faced with, and one of them is that the market is pretty demanding and requires that you have enough budget and cash to spend for initial and continuous advertisement.

The harsh truth is simple that your business will crash if you are not ready or don’t have the budget to keep spending. The spending is usually what helps you achieve results, but you also have to know how and where to push those monies into just so you could get a desirable result.

You have done a great job at educating us on this subject Mark. It’s definitely a thumbs up for me.” ?

Theo Pretty cool, right?

Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Learn How To Rely On A Whole Lot More Than Just Cold Hard Cash!(An You Should Too!)

Case in point; here are a couple of, low cost, potentially bank account filling marketing strategies, this semi cash strapped women-s boutique shop, can and definitely should implement right now, in order to start building their long term, gross front and back end profits.

And do so, by literally investing pennies on the dollar, plus create, some positive word of mouth and mouse buzz in the process. Sound good? Here you go.

Let’s quickly state ‘who’ the boutique store owner(s) primary target is, and why? They primarily target, local women, who routinely earn high five and six figure a year incomes.

And of course, they also, routinely socialize with, live next to, and or work for, or have employees, relatives or co-workers/associates, who do the same.

And since all of the above mentioned groups, fall into the boutiques ideal female customer profile, that’s why they are so aggressively marketed to.

Not to mention the fact, the boutique stores, current ideal female customer, has a total lifetime customer value metric, of at least $10,000 – $12,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years!

(And those figures don’t even take into account, any type of raises and or increases in disposable income,

these ladies are likely to receive over the next five or seven years, and beyond!)

Don’t Limit Your Natural Entrepreneurial Skills! (Instead Embellish Them!)

Just to be crystal clear up front. Obviously, any small business, service provider and or start up entrepreneur, who currently has ideal customer,patient and or client base, with a $10,000 – $12,000 dollar, total lifetime customer value metric.

Of course they can afford, or they certainly should be able to afford, paying for some type of outrageously expensive, traditional on or offline, advertising and or promotional campaign of some kind. Don’t you agree?

The real question is, with so many, far more potentially profitable, alternative marketing options readily available to them!Why would or should they?

For ex: Let’s take a look at few extremely low hanging fruit marketing alternatives, which are simply waiting to happen. And see how much more easily, they can systematically build-their- all important, opt in email/mobile marketing list!

And just how profitable, their long term, follow up sales funnel can really become!Sound like a plan or what?

Make Effective Lead Generation Strategies A Priority And Watch Your Long Term Profits Consistently Grow!

Sprinkle a little creative marketing juice on your semi conventional marketing plan(s), and watch what consistently starts to happen!

Case in point: Let’s have a look  at two potential, low cost, low hanging fruit marketing opportunities, and see where they  might ultimately lead.

 1.) Potential low hanging fruit marketing strategy # one: In order to help one of their, non directly competing vendors, who the boutique store owner(s), can definitely cross promote and or joint venture (JV) with.

The boutique store approaches, (both) a local hair, and a local nail salon owner, with the following proposal.

The boutique store owner, will sponsor,(100% finance), a monthly free drawing, where both owners, offer their extremely loyal customer bases, the chance to win $1,000 dollars worth of services, absolutely free! Say what?

If the neither salon owner, nor the hair salon owner currently has a state of the art, WordPress website, and paid email service provider. Then all their customers need to do, is simply fill out a two sided index card, and drop it in the rather large box, provided by the vendor/women-s boutique store owner.

Developing Really Effective Lead Generation Strategies Is Contagious!

Keep in mine, even though -both- the local hair and nail salon owners, both cater to the upscale, local female clientele.It’s very possible and extremely likely, neither one will have a state of the art, WordPress website. And or paid email service provider.

And if they don’t, it’s not necessarily a deal breaker! Here’s the other potential, low hanging fruit marketing strategy, the women-s boutique store owner, will inexpensively test, in order to see, which if any, consistently produces the most bang for their limited advertising/marketing buck!

They will purchase a giant, seven foot teddy bear!(The original lady killer!)

And in reality, the very first one, will actual belong to both owners of the salons!

But they’ll gladly, temporarily loan it to the boutique store owners,by placing it in the store, along with a huge, (can’t miss) sign, which reads, “Free Drawing!”

And over the course of three summer months, each month, one extremely lucky lady, will gladly fill out, one of the boutique store owner(s), best market tested, two sided index cards, for their chance to win ole teddy and company!

Extremely Savvy Small Business Owners And Service Providers Totally Get It! (The Sixty Four Thousand Dollar Question Is Do You?)

In the interest of time, you’ll discover the other low hanging fruit marketing strategies, in part two. Okay? But for now, are you starting to see, how, an extremely small advertising and or marketing budget, is not really the real problem? Say yes!

If so, your well on your way, to discovering, why your semi cash strapped small business, and or service, shouldn’t get too overly concerned, and caught in, not initially having, a big, conventional advertising and or promotional budget of any kind!

Because hopefully, as you can plainly see!That’s not the real problem here!Don’t you agree?

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