What A Simple Kids Game Can Teach Savvy Entrepreneurs About Successful Marketing!

So are you currently working extremely hard, trying to-either- grow and or maintain your semi cash strapped small business and or service? Me too! 😀

And most extremely savvy entrepreneurs (such as yourself), would readily agree, trying to constantly and profitably grow your business, is not for kids per se, agreed?

On the other hand, would it totally surprise, shock and or amaze you, just how much you can and definitely should learn, about successful marketing and or promoting, simply by observing, a simple kids game? Let’s find out…

So What Are These Potentially Profitable Marketing Lessons Even Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Can Learn From A Simple Kids Game?

Believe it not, this is not a blog post, about the extremely valuable, financial and real world lessons, you can definitely still learn, simply by playing, a few rounds of “Monopoly!”

Because without a doubt, there are still tons of vitally important, real world financial lessons to be learned, as you travel around the “Monopoly” board.

Perhaps another time. We’ll just have to see how it goes. Anyway, have you ever, or did you ever, as a kid, or with your own kids.

Ever play on a teeter tooter? While it may not seem readily obvious just yet, but believe it or not, there are some potentially profitable marketing lessons, not only to be learned from doing so. But even more, as you learn to apply them, to your current business and or service.Say what? 😀

Nod your head entrepreneur, because it’s true.

Potentially Marketing Lessons Are Just Waiting To Be Discovered And Leveraged!

Consider this particular, all too common scenario. Two companies, company (A) and company (B), are both hosting, free 90 minute, introductory workshops, in the same town, on the same day.

And they’re both promoting/marketing, a rather pricey, how to make money using the Internet product.(Here we go again! 😀 )

Basically, after the free introductory workshop is all said and done, company (A), who’s asking $1,997 dollars for their two day offline workshop.

They offer an iron glad, 100%, no questions asked refund, as long as you do so, either by calling their direct, toll free, 24 hour hotline, and or sending an email along with your best contact phone number, within 30 days of your purchase.

And simply by doing so you get and receive, all of your money back, no questions asked!Not a bad policy, correct?

Consistently Implementing Some Proven Entrepreneurial Ideas Will Definitely Help You Take Your Business Or Service To The Very Next Level Or Two!

Watch, learn and apply, the proven marketing lessons, extremely marketing savvy company (B) applies, to the exact same target customer.

At the end of company (B’s),free 90 minute introductory presentation. Turns out they’re asking $1,997 dollars as well. However, they go several battlefield tested steps further.

While they too, also offer, an unconditional, 30 day,iron glad 100% satisfaction guarantee, and you also get, a no questions asked, full refund.

They also throw in, a combination of $2,300 dollars,(or X) dollars worth of free digital and or offline services. Which are yours to keep, even if you decide to ask for, all of your money back!Say what? 😀  That’s correct?

Some of you extremely seasoned marketers, recognize, this ultimate insiders marketing strategy, which often referred to as, “Risk Reversal.” (Or something similar.)

Your Polished Entrepreneurial Skills Can And Definitely Will Make All The Difference! (Given A Chance!)

Here’s the main point. Of the two potential entrepreneurs promotions, which companies offer, would you dare to guess, the vast majority of potential first time customers, are far more likely to, not only take advantage of?

But as soon as they do so, immediately spread the word on and off of social media? Bingo!

And of the two marketing savvy entrepreneurs, which companies approach,which one do you think, will probably, consistently build, the largest, opt in email/mobile marketing list(s.)

If you said company (B), you are correct-da-moon-doe! 😀

(Extremely important note:  Ladies & gentlemen do not get caught up in the actual numbers. They are merely being used, in order to convey the overall marketing strategies and or concepts!)

How Your Creative Entrepreneurial Skills Help You Profit Simply By Learning An Extremely Profitable Marketing Lesson From A Popular Kids Game!

Okay, so right about now, you’re scratching your head, and wondering out loud, what if anything, does teeter totter, have to do with your business and or service, consistently making more money, correct? 😀  Fair enough.

Simply this, just like in teeter totter,(have you noticed!), as one side goes down, the other side simultaneously does what entrepreneur? Right!

So here’s the semi hidden marketing lesson, for you and I to take to the bank, as often as you want!As you increase the (primarily), digital, problem solving,yours to keep free bonuses!

In your various on or offline offers, the overall ‘risk’, to either, your all important, first time and or repeat customers, goes way down, does it not? Yep!

Who Says Your Small Business Marketing Strategies Have To Be Sexy In Order to Be Extremely Profitable!

Which means, both your front and back end profit potential, simultaneously goes way up, does it not? Absolutely!

This is the potentially profitable marketing lessons, savvy entrepreneurs (such as yourself!), can and definitely should learn, from an incredibly popular, kids game! Any questions?

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