How Simple Email Automation Helps Increase Your Profits Fast!

Most semi cash strapped small business owners, service providers and or aspiring entrepreneurs, definitely want to save a few dollars, when and wherever they can, do they not?

And even if it means, they have to embrace, some form of proven email automation along the way, the vast majority of them, are prepared to get with the program, correct?

Sadly, it’s typically not because most aspiring startup entrepreneurs, are not open to sincerely trying to effectively utilize various forms of email automation.

More times than not, they’re just not totally sure, how to systematically go about it. 😀  After all, most really aren’t the real techie types are they?

Instead, they’re more use to relying on their extreme dedication and dogged determination to ultimately get them through.This next critical mind shift, helps them finally learn to leverage, various types of modern technology.Take a look and see for yourself.

So Who Else Wants To Know How Some State Of The Art Automation Definitely Helps You Make More Money Fast?

Case in point; lets say you run a fairly successful, single location, independently owned bakery.

Which is currently located in an extremely popular mini mall, which has six other stores on the property.

Including, a 24 hour laundry mat.Here’s one battlefield tested strategy, for your non franchised bakery, to strategically use some various form of email automation, to not only systematically lower your initial, upfront out of pocket cost.

As they relate to, your business constantly generating, some initial front end gross profits.

But far more importantly, after you have identified some paying customers, you can generate at least 250% more gross profit potential, on the back end of your ever expanding sales funnel.

Simple Automation May Just Be The Spring Board Your Semi Cash Strapped Small Business Or Service Needs!

Here’s what I mean, let’s say, you and or your manager(s),top associates and or employees, pass out, some single sided, 8.5 by 11 inch flyers, which can be cut out and turned into three different coupons, every non competing vendor in the mini mall.

Can then, pass out to both to their extremely valued customers and or employees,  as free, positive word of mouth and mouse generating bonus gifts, valued  at X.

And when these vendors customers, bring them into your bakery, in order to save X% off their total purchase.

This is when your professionally trained staff, makes them aware, of how they can save even more, simply by joining one of your primary, opt in email/mobile marketing list.

(Please see the screenshot image just below. The sample coupons featured, were created, inside of 15 minutes, using my paid email service provider platform of choice. This being Aweber.)


How Simple Email Automation Helps Increase Your Profits Fast!

Effective Lead Generation Strategies Will Help You Construct A Really Profitable Long Term Sales Funnel!

Please take notice, you will primarily be targeting, local small business owners, service providers and organizations, which currently have at least X number of members.

And once those members, initially join your opt in list, they automatically receive, a series of pre written and or unscheduled ‘broadcast’ email alerts.

And periodically in some of your follow up drip campaigns, will be an extremely time sensitive coupon.

And once they bring the coupon in.They have a chance, to either purchase a dozen of your goodies, one time and save X.

Isn’t It Time Your Resourced Challenged Small Business And Or Service Embraced And Benefited From Some Type Of Bank Account Filling Automation!

Or they can think long term, and  instead take advantage of your ‘lifetime’ offer,and pay just $7 dollars, (or X) and have their two sided index card laminated.

And begin saving X% off every purchase from now on. 😀 Simply because they decided to join your list.

Are you starting to appreciate, how some truly simple email automation strategies, definitely can help you, (not only), save money, but increase your long term gross profits too! Great. See you in just a little bit, in part two.

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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